Travis Kelce vows to 'get this f***ing train rolling' for the Chiefs in the Germany NFL game vs. Dolphins this weekend, after surprise Broncos loss: 'I just want to go out there and get a f***ing win'

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  • Travis Kelce grounded to support up his superb shape erstwhile Chiefs mislaid to nan Broncos
  • The tight extremity is hopeless to put that correct successful nan NFL Germany crippled connected Sunday
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:18 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 13:19 EDT, 1 November 2023

Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce collapsed his soundlessness Wednesday aft days of taking nan brunt of nan blasted for his team’s embarrassing nonaccomplishment to nan Denver Broncos connected Sunday.

‘I'm fresh to f***ing move connected from past week,’ Kelce said during his New Heights podcast connected Wednesday. ‘I’m excited to f***in' get this train rolling.’

‘We’re going into a immense crippled adjacent week against nan Dolphins successful Germany. A batch of commotion, a batch of other added, benignant of Super Bowl-like media. To attraction successful connected nan occupation astatine manus is going to beryllium truthful f***ing critical,’ Kelce continued.

Kelce, amid his rising personage position acknowledgment to his romance pinch woman Taylor Swift, was a premier target aft Kansas City mislaid for nan first clip since 2015 to Denver, only mustering 9 points successful nan game.

Last Friday night, he was seen astatine nan World Series successful Texas and was besides spotted early Saturday greeting partying and singing Swift’s “Love Story” astatine a bar.

Travis Kelce is eager to get nan Chiefs backmost to winning ways aft conclusion by nan Broncos 

Kelce admitted he struggled to nutrient his champion shape arsenic his squad fell to a nonaccomplishment connected Sunday 

Next up, Kelce and nan Chiefs caput to Germany to play against nan Miami Dolphins 

‘This is simply a constituent successful nan play that’s either going to make america consciousness and beryllium nan squad we deliberation we are, aliases it is going to get tougher,’ Kelce said.

‘Because correct now, we are tied successful nan convention pinch a 6-2 grounds for nan No. 1 spot and we sewage reliable divisional opponents. We still sewage nan (Las Vegas) Raiders doubly and nan (Los Angeles) Chargers 1 much time,’ Kelce stated.

‘We sewage to get this point fixed correct now, capable talking astir it,’ Kelce continued.

Righting nan vessel won’t beryllium easy arsenic Kansas City faces Miami successful Frankfurt, Germany connected Sunday. Kelce said nan squad will alert retired to Europe connected Thursday overnight, arriving Friday.

The Dolphins person 1 of nan champion offenses successful nan NFL and scored 61 much points against nan Broncos than nan Chiefs did.

‘I don't really consciousness pitchy lag that much. I’m besides a feline wherever if you aftermath maine up astatine 1 successful nan greeting aliases 2 successful nan morning, from a bully f***in heavy sleep, I will f***kin play you correct now wherever,’ Kelce said.

‘I don’t springiness a damn what clip it is; I don't attraction if I haven't slept successful 3 days. I emotion this f***ing game. I emotion going retired location and balling,’ Kelce continued.

‘I could attraction little if we sewage location Sunday morning, sewage location 5 days up of time. I conscionable want to spell retired location and get a f***ing win,’ Kelce stated.

Kelce’s relative and podcast co-host, Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason Kelce, asked his relative if he was excited for nan trip. Travis Kelce said it wasn’t nan correct clip to inquire him that question, but he was antecedently excited to play successful Germany.

If attraction for Kelce is simply a problem, being connected a different continent from Swift and nan World Series is simply a bully measurement to put nan blinders on.

‘Looking backmost astatine each nan years that we’ve had, there’s ever been a infinitesimal wherever things get existent challenging aliases nan things that you’ve been harping connected yet drawback up to you,’ Kelce said.

‘And you yet hole them, aliases you don’t,’ Kelce stated. ‘And I deliberation this is 1 of those moments passim nan year.’

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