Travis Kelce tipped to become an ACTOR after his NFL days are over by Chiefs hero Nick Lowery - who studied theater at college: 'His personality - I can just see it'

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  • Nick Lowery was initially a theatre awesome successful his years studying astatine Dartmouth
  • The erstwhile kicker believes Travis Kelce has a early successful acting aft football 
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By Daniel Matthews For Dailymail.Com

Published: 10:42 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 10:42 EDT, 1 November 2023

Kansas City prima Travis Kelce will move into acting erstwhile he is done pinch nan NFL. That's according to Chiefs leader Nick Lowery, who studied theatre astatine assemblage earlier embarking connected a shot career.

Kelce has developed into 1 of nan NFL's biggest personalities complete caller years, peculiarly since he began making love popular sensation Taylor Swift.

The Chiefs tight extremity is nan look of respective commercials and was moreover dubbed 'Mr Pfizer' by Aaron Rodgers aft starring successful an advertisment to beforehand nan coronavirus vaccine.

Lowery was initially a theatre awesome during his days astatine Dartmouth and nan Chiefs Hall of Fame kicker believes Kelce will travel him into nan world of performing.

'His personality, he's going to spell into acting, I mean I tin conscionable spot it,' Lowery told Michele Tafoya.

Chiefs prima Travis Kelce appears successful respective commercials including for Kelce's Krunch Cereal

Former Kansas City kicker Nick Lowery believes Kelce will move into acting aft football

Lowery, who spent 13 years pinch nan Chiefs and besides played for nan Patriots and Jets, besides offered his thoughts connected Kelce's narration pinch Swift. 

'If anybody could grip it, it's Travis Kelce,' he said connected nan romance which has taken complete nan NFL successful caller weeks.

'If he was 26 aliases 27, he's 33, she's 33, this ain't their first rodeo. He's won 2 Super Bowls, he's hosted Saturday Night Live , he's connected almost arsenic galore arsenic Taylor, possibly more.'

Swift has been a regular successful nan stands astatine Chiefs games recently. But nan vocalist was absent arsenic Kelce and Co fell to nan Denver Broncos past weekend. 

'He does look to play arsenic good aliases amended erstwhile she's successful nan stadium,' Lowery added.

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