Travis Kelce reveals inside story of Taylor Swift Eras Tour Wembley appearance - and says he wanted to go out at a DIFFERENT part of the show!

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By Jack Bezants

Published: 07:47 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:55 EDT, 3 July 2024

Travis Kelce has lifted nan lid connected nan discussions pinch his woman Taylor Swift that led to his daze quality successful her Eras show successful London. 

Kelce stunned 90,000 fans by stepping retired connected shape astatine Wembley stadium arsenic a backing dancer for Swift arsenic she performed 'I Can Do It With a Broken Heart'.

And now, connected Wednesday's New Heights episode, nan Super Bowl victor has revealed really nan infinitesimal came about. 

'It's very dissimilar me, I don't emotion going connected stages,' Kelce said sarcastically arsenic his relative Jason grilled him connected nan moment.

'I initially mentioned it to Tay but was for illustration 'How funny would it beryllium if I rolled retired connected 1 of nan bikes for nan 1989 era' and she started laughing and was for illustration "Would you earnestly beryllium up for doing thing for illustration that?"'

Travis Kelce made a daze quality astatine Taylor Swift's Eras show successful London successful June 

'I was conscionable for illustration what? I would emotion to do that, are you kidding me? I've seen nan show enough, mightiness arsenic good put maine to activity here.

'Sure capable she recovered nan cleanable portion of nan show for maine to travel in. No motorcycle successful lawsuit I ran into personification other aliases deed 1 of nan dancers. It was nan safest option.

'It's specified a fun, playful portion of nan show. It was nan cleanable clip for maine to up location and person immoderate fun, pinch her and nan crowd. It was awesome. It was a blast, I had truthful overmuch fun. It was an grant being connected stage.

'I've ever been a instrumentality of dancers. I'm a large instrumentality of backup dancers being around, they support things alive. I'm a squad guy.'

As portion of his performance, Kelce had to transportation Swift towards nan backmost of nan shape - and he said it was that portion wherever he felt nan astir nervous. 

'The 1 point I told myself is "do not driblet nan baby". Do not driblet Taylor connected your measurement complete this couch. The aureate rule,' he said, arsenic Jason laughed, earlier comparing carrying her to holding nan shot successful a game.

'Coach (Eric) Bieniemy utilized to opportunity "that shot has our dreams, goals and aspirations - you do not driblet that ball. Shout retired to EB.'

His relative Jason had been pinch Travis for 1 of nan 3 London shows Swift performed at, but missed his brother's daze quality arsenic he was heading backmost to nan United States.

'You killed it,' Jason said. 'I wish I could person been location for that. I conscionable enjoyed watching nan joyousness everyone was having connected nan stage. It was truthful cool to watch it happen.'


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