Travis Kelce 'files five new trademarks' amid fledgling romance with Taylor Swift

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Kansas City Chiefs prima Travis Kelce has revenge for 5 caller trademarks amid his blossoming romance pinch Taylor Swift, according to a report. 

The Super Bowl-winning tight end, 34, has revenge for trademarks connected phrases, including his ain name, according to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben. 

In summation to his name, nan NFL subordinate is reportedly besides looking to trademark his Instagram handle, 'Killlatrav,' his signature catchphrase, 'Alright Nah,' a reference to his jersey number, 'Flight 87,' and 'Kelce's Krunch.'

According to Gerben, nan filings are said to declare that Kelce will usage nan trademarks for a assortment of purposes, including pins, posters, bobbleheads, clothing and moreover a cereal. 

The 'Killatrav' filing states that its intended intent is for jewelry, including explanation pins. 

Kansas City Chiefs prima Travis Kelce has revenge for 5 caller trademarks, according to a report

The move comes amid his high-profile narration pinch popular prima Taylor Swift (right)

Among nan caller filings is 'Kelce Krunch,' nan sanction of nan tight end's constricted version cereal 

Both his societal media grip and 'Alright Nah' catchphrase were well-known and associated pinch Kelce by NFL fans, pinch nan second popularized by his predominant usage of it during his 'New Heights' podcast pinch his brother, Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason Kelce. 

Kelce launched his constricted version 'Kelce Krunch' cereal past twelvemonth aft signing a multi-year endorsement woody with grocery shop concatenation Hy-Vee, successful 2021, pinch immoderate of nan proceeds going to his foundation. 

The last trademark  'Flight 87' is simply a motion to his jersey number, which besides features successful Kelce's different endeavors, including his foundation, '87 & Running.' Its filing besides states its intended intent is jewelry. 

All 5 of nan trademark applications were revenge connected October 30 and are awaiting examination.  

The evident caller business ventures travel aft his caller high-profile narration pinch popular prima Swift, 33, has rocked nan NFL - and nan world. 

The couple's budding romance has dominated headlines complete nan past period aft nan Love Story songstress began cheering connected her shot beau astatine Chiefs games. 

The 12-time Grammy Award victor has been spotted supporting her boyfriend from nan stands astatine 4 of his games this season, sitting alongside his mom, Donna, and dad, Ed, astatine times. 

She first made an quality astatine Arrowhead for nan reigning Super Bowl champions' rout of nan Chicago Bears successful Week 3 earlier rocking up to MetLife Stadium pinch her personage entourage of Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, to watch nan Chiefs narrowly hit nan New York Jets. 

Taylor and Travis' whirlwind romance has rocked nan NFL and dominated headlines 

The popular princess has attended 4 of Kansas City's games this play to cheer connected her beau  

The popular superstar has since cemented her newfound 'WAG' position by creating a celebratory handshake pinch Chiefs backmost Patrick Mahomes's wife, Brittney, which they pulled retired during nan crippled against nan Chargers connected October 22 aft besides watching connected arsenic her fellow and co. triumphed complete divisional rivals, nan Denver Broncos, connected October 12. 

However, Swift did not show her look astatine nan rematch against nan Broncos connected Sunday and nan Chiefs, who had been connected a six-game winning streak, mislaid successful her absence connected a frigid acold time successful Mile High city. 

It is improbable Swift will be immoderate much of nan Chiefs games earlier she hits nan roadworthy again for her Eras Tour. 

Kansas City faces nan Miami Dolphins successful Germany this Sunday, while Swift returns to her blockbuster world circuit successful Buenos Aires, Argentina connected November 9.  

Throughout his pro shot life, Kelce has made a full of $77.03million from his various contracts pinch nan Chiefs - per Spotrac.

And nan two-time Super Bowl victor has proven to beryllium rather nan entrepreneur disconnected nan section too. 

Not only does Kelce person nan successful New Heights podcast pinch Eagles halfway and brother, Jason, but he has considerably expanded his repertoire.

The Ohio autochthonal has his ain manner line, Tru Kolors, a motion to his initials. According to its website, it is simply a sportswear marque inspired by vintage clothing.

The songstress has been spotted successful a suite pinch backmost Patrick Mahomes's wife, Brittney

Kelce is now looking up to a tally of games without his woman Taylor Swift successful attendance

'I for illustration to show disconnected who I americium done what I wear,' Kelce says connected nan site. 'I deliberation colors are a unsocial measurement to link group and an astonishing measurement to definitive yourself.'

Kelce besides hosted his ain euphony show successful nan week of nan 2023 Draft, besides held successful Kansas City.

The 'Kelce Jam' show included performances from Rick Ross, Machine Gun Kelly and of course, a brew chug from Kelce disconnected a replica Lombardi Trophy.

He besides enjoyed nan spotlight during nan offseason, hosting Saturday Night Live pursuing nan Chiefs triumph successful Super Bowl LVII. 

He was nan 35th jock to big SNL down Charles Barkley, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Peyton Manning, among others.

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