Travis Kelce felt 'sick to my stomach' after Kansas City Chiefs loss to Denver Broncos and said his own performance was 'EMBARRASSING': 'My teammates don't deserve that out of me'

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Following a capacity successful nan Mile High City that was miles beneath par, Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity Travis Kelce lamented past week's consequence against nan Denver Broncos.

In nan latest section of his 'New Heights' podcast that he puts retired play pinch his relative - Philadelphia Eagles halfway Jason Kelce - Travis expressed disappointment successful his team's 24-9 nonaccomplishment to nan Broncos successful frigid Colorado connected Sunday.

All that Kelce could statesman pinch was, 'F**k that's embarrassing man'. After all, this aforesaid Chiefs squad hit these Broncos astatine location conscionable weeks ago.

Kelce directed blasted internally toward nan offense's uncharacteristic struggles successful caller weeks.

'I don't deliberation I've been successful a business wherever we've stalled this overmuch arsenic an discourtesy passim nan year, decidedly astatine this constituent successful nan season,' Kelce admitted.

Travis Kelce did not clasp backmost successful his appraisal of nan Kansas City Chiefs' performances

He was honorable connected nan latest section of his New Heights podcast: 'F**k that's embarrassing'

'We sewage a batch of guys that usually fig retired really to get this point going, and it's conscionable frustrating, man.

'Not putting up touchdowns week aft week aft week is getting old. It's getting aged to watch, I cognize it, Chiefs kingdom, I cognize it is. 

'It's not for illustration what we've been successful nan past. In my mind, we've sewage nan champion violative mind successful nan game, we sewage nan champion quarterback, truthful it's unacceptable.'

Kansas City has consistently been 1 of nan champion offenses successful nan NFL for nan past 5 seasons.

Between nan 2018 and 2022 seasons, they've vanished successful nan apical 5 of some full discourtesy and scoring discourtesy 4 times. They've claimed nan apical spot successful full discourtesy 3 times and successful scoring discourtesy twice.

Cut to this season: wherever Kansas City is 4th successful full discourtesy - but a dismal 12th successful scoring offense, a people they haven't deed since 2016, agelong earlier Patrick Mahomes was nan Chiefs' starting quarterback.

Kansas City has only managed to put up 30 points doubly this season: first successful a 41-10 demolition of nan hapless Chicago Bears, past again successful a crippled against nan struggling Los Angeles Chargers.

It's uncommon that Mahomes and Kansas City are held beneath 20 points, but that's already happened 3 times: successful a triumph complete nan Jaguars and successful some games against Denver. 

Kansas City was held to nether 20 points for nan 3rd clip this play successful a 24-9 nonaccomplishment to Denver

Sunday was nan first clip successful 16 contests that nan Chiefs fell to nan Broncos - who haven't had nan smoothest thrust this season, punctuated by a 70-20 nonaccomplishment to nan Miami Dolphins successful Week 3.

Kelce believes this Denver squad went into nan crippled 'a small much hungry' and pinch 'a batch much energy' which is eating astatine him.

'Felt awkward during nan game, for illustration we couldn't get thing going,' Kelce said. 'You're talking astir that consciousness of urgency connected nan sideline, it didn't consciousness for illustration we had excessively overmuch of that.

'And erstwhile we yet had that consciousness of urgency, turned nan shot complete and get it ripped correct retired of our hearts.

'Our defense is playing their tail off, man. For america to support turning it over, putting them successful bad situations and past redeeming our tail, it's getting existent one-sided.'

Kelce didn't execute up to his accustomed standard, catching nan shot for 58 yards - his lowest full since coming backmost from an wounded successful Week 2. 

Kelce only had 58 receiving yards - his lowest full since returning from wounded successful Week 2

'That was a beautiful embarrassing game,' Kelce said. 'At slightest for myself, speaking, my coaches and my teammates don't merit that retired of me, for sure.'

Now nan team's attraction shifts to nan aforementioned Dolphins - a crippled that will require them to hop crossed nan pond to Frankfurt successful Germany.

'Don't deliberation we're not successful this point emotion nan urgency,' Kelce said. 'We conscionable sewage to spell retired location and freaking do it. It starts pinch not sidesplitting ourselves, man. Just daggers. 

'Just guys moving nan incorrect routes, guys not making blocks, guys dropping nan football. It's frustrating and it's a challenge. 

'It's a situation astatine this constituent successful nan play to get this point correct right now earlier it gets retired of power and it gets really bad.'

Now, Kelce and nan Chiefs move their attraction to playing nan Dolphins complete successful Germany

Much for illustration past week, Kelce's popular prima woman Taylor Swift will not beryllium successful attendance

He added: 'This is simply a constituent successful nan play that's either going to make america consciousness and beryllium nan squad we deliberation we are aliases it's going to get moreover tougher. … We sewage to get this point fixed correct now.'

Much for illustration past week successful Denver, Travis's superstar woman - Taylor Swift - will beryllium making nan travel to Germany to watch nan Chiefs play.

She's presently successful South America preparing for nan last section of her Eras Tour for nan twelvemonth 2023. 

The circuit will resume adjacent year, but not earlier she plays 3 three-night shows successful Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.

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