Travis Kelce fails to crack top three players with best 2023 NFL jersey sales, despite Taylor Swift romance, while retired brother Jason beats him... but who's the new No. 1?

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By Jake Fenner

Published: 00:33 EDT, 12 June 2024 | Updated: 00:34 EDT, 12 June 2024

Even successful retirement, Jason Kelce is still managing to find a measurement to one-up his relative Travis successful NFL-related fields.

Jason was precocious revealed to beryllium nan second-best subordinate successful nan NFL erstwhile it came to individual merchandise sales.

That was amended than his younger brother, who came 4th connected nan list. Jason was besides nan only lineman - either connected discourtesy aliases defense - to make nan top-ten.

In betwixt Jason and Travis was Kansas City Chiefs backmost Patrick Mahomes astatine 3rd connected nan list.

Much for illustration Travis being beneath his quarterback, Jason was beneath his - pinch Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts coming successful astatine No. 1 connected nan database of apical individual merch sellers past season.

Jason Kelce (L) came successful astatine No. 2 connected nan database of individual subordinate merchandise income while his relative Travis Kelce didn't moreover ace nan top-three - coming successful astatine number four

Meanwhile nan Eagles' No. 1, Jalen Hurts, came successful astatine No. 1 wide successful individual merch sales

Rounding retired nan apical 5 was San Francisco 49ers moving backmost Christian McCaffrey - nan only RB successful nan apical 10 overall.

Coming successful astatine numbers six and 7 were a brace of quarterbacks who suffered injuries past season: Aaron Rodgers of nan New York Jets and Joe Burrow of nan Cincinnati Bengals, respectively.

Following them was Brock Purdy astatine No. 8 - nan backmost who was runner up to Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and nan Chiefs successful Super Bowl LVIII.

After him astatine No. 9 was nan only protect subordinate successful this list: Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

Rounding retired nan apical 10 was different subordinate who sewage injured midway done nan season: Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

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