Tottenham have made a superb start, Arsenal are also unbeaten, Liverpool look back to their best and Emery's Villa are the surprise contenders... but can anyone stop Man City from winning ANOTHER Premier League title?

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This is nan first Premier League play successful which 3 Premier League teams person 24 points aliases much aft flying starts from Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Spurs are sitting beautiful astatine nan top, 2 points clear of Arsenal, while defending champions Man City look to beryllium starting to footwear into gear. 

Just down those three, Liverpool's caller look midfield has helped them amended by 9 points compared to this constituent past season.

Unai Emery's Aston Villa person continued their shape from past play and are fifth, a constituent adrift of Liverpool, and person been tipped arsenic imaginable astonishment challengers to nan accustomed suspects.

But City's dominance, winning 4 retired nan past 5 convention titles, often calls these contenders' hopes into question.

Here, Mail Sport assesses nan existent apical five's title chances astatine this shape of nan season. 

Tottenham Hotspur

Ange Postecoglou, caller disconnected a home treble pinch Celtic, has taken an eighth-place Spurs squad pinch nary Harry Kane to their champion top-flight commencement since nan 1960-61 play - nan past clip they won nan convention title.

Summer signings Guglielmo Vicario, Micky Van de Ven, Destiny Udogie, Brennan Johnson and James Maddison person each deed nan crushed moving – nan second a campaigner for signing of nan summer, while Yves Bissouma, Pepe Matar Sarr and Son Heung-min person each enjoyed revivals.

James Maddison has been nan standout performer successful Tottenham's superb commencement to nan season

Ange Postecoglou has had a dream opening to life astatine Spurs arsenic his broadside beryllium apical of nan table

Despite being nan only top-five squad to play each 3 promoted sides, they besides boast wins against Liverpool and Manchester United and a tie successful nan northbound London derby.

Spurs are a fastener for Champions League shot - pinch only 1 broadside not finishing successful nan apical 4 aft a commencement this bully - and pinch nary European shot this season, tin attraction connected retaining their lead astatine nan apical of nan table.

But they don't person nan acquisition of past year's challengers Arsenal and Manchester City and no-one expected contiguous convention success, truthful it will not beryllium a astonishment if a title situation isn't sustained.


Manchester City

Talk of a title title has been encouraged by City being 2 points worse disconnected than this clip past play pursuing consecutive defeats by Wolves and Arsenal.

Yet Pep Guardiola's broadside person been defensively sound, pinch nan lowest open-play xG against (5.12) and still person Erling Haaland, who pinch 47 Premier League goals is closing successful connected being nan fastest subordinate to scope 50.

They proceed to power games, having nan astir passing sequences pinch 10 passes aliases much and 64 build-up attacks, a convention high.

Erling Haaland has each nan attributes to occurrence Manchester City to yet different Premier League title

A driblet successful shape tin raise questions of winning fatigue, pursuing a treble past year, but Manchester City person already played 4 of past year's apical six pinch wins against Newcastle, Brighton and Manchester United.

Arguably their champion player, Kevin De Bruyne, has only played 22 minutes this season, whilst Stones and Rodri person missed games too. 

At afloat spot they are still nan champion squad successful England and astir will fancy them to correspond that by lifting their 5th Premier League successful six years. They are judge to return immoderate stopping.



Arsenal's illness towards nan extremity of past play was a immense disappointment for Gunners fans - but it has astatine slightest added acquisition to nan young side's armoury. 

Statistically, they are 2nd champion successful categories specified arsenic shots conceded, build-up attacks and unfastened play xG against, but erstwhile you're chasing nan likes of Man City, second champion isn't enough.

Eddie Nketiah scored a hat-trick arsenic Arsenal's promising commencement continued successful a 5-0 triumph complete Sheffield United

Mikel Arteta's broadside will person learnt from nan acquisition of failing to triumph nan convention past year

This is thing they person travel to understand and managed to move astir this play arsenic they hit City successful nan convention for nan first clip since 2015 successful a tense 1-0 triumph astatine nan Emirates earlier this month.

Despite Jurrien Timber's ACL injury, Arsenal's extent has, crucially, improved this play to prolong a situation alongside Champions League title – their substitutes person nan astir extremity involvements of immoderate broadside this play (10).

With this added depth, nan information of past year's heartbreak and nan added activity of Declan Rice, Arsenal person each nan ingredients to situation City overmuch person this clip astir but could conscionable autumn short.



Liverpool and their new-look midfield are remarkably 9 points amended disconnected than astatine this shape past season.

Dominik Szoboszlai has been key, taking nan astir touches, creating nan astir chances and winning possession astir often successful nan last 3rd retired of each Liverpool's players, while nan eager Darwin Nunez has had different twelvemonth to refine his crippled pursuing his £85million presence from Benfica.

Anfield remains a very reliable spot to visit, pinch Liverpool winning 5 retired of 5 location games and are still yet to play each 3 promoted sides.

Jurgen Klopp will beryllium delighted with Dominik Szoboszlai's opening to his Liverpool career

Last season, Liverpool vanished 22 points down eventual champions Manchester City and it's adjacent to logic that won't beryllium repeated based disconnected nan opening 10 games.

Jurgen Klopp's men person successfully taken connected City earlier and usually get basking towards nan extremity of nan season, truthful if they tin enactment wrong scope of nan challengers, they could equine a run.

But pinch this galore caller faces, Champions League shot returning to Anfield will beryllium nan priority.


Aston Villa

If Emery had started astatine nan opening of past season, his 71 points complete 35 games would person had Villa 3rd pinch 3 games to go. Undoubtedly extraordinary, but still not title challenging.

This season's highest scorers person been aided by summertime signing Moussa Diaby, pinch 3 goals and assists, arsenic good arsenic Ollie Watkins, who is averaging 0.51 open-play xG per 90.

However, they are worryingly mid-table successful unfastened play xG against and their precocious statement was picked disconnected by Newcastle and Liverpool, successful 2 of nan hardest Premier League distant days.

Ollie Watkins has been superb goalscoring shape for Aston Villa, who are presently fifth

Unai Emery has won wide plaudits for nan measurement his Villa broadside person played this season

Winning 12 location games successful a row, a cleanable 5 retired 5 this season, will ever move you favourably up nan array but Champions League and Europa League spots are still hotly contested pinch Newcastle and Brighton still successful nan mix.

Nevertheless, nan Villains are already making immense in-roads and will play Tottenham, Manchester City and Arsenal successful their adjacent six hoping to proceed an Emery-fuelled meteoric rise.

While their commencement has been hugely promising, Villa do person European shot to contend with, which whitethorn put a strain connected their squad, and they whitethorn struggle to equine a concerted effort for nan apical four.

Manchester United will desperately beryllium hoping for improvements and pinch Newcastle successful nan mix, a top-six decorativeness would beryllium a immense achievement. 



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