Top surgeon warns that a pedicure can cause diabetes patients to LOSE A LEG if they don't follow these vital tips for a safe treatment

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By Eve Simmons Health And Wellness Editor Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:03 EDT, 24 October 2023 | Updated: 17:09 EDT, 24 October 2023

One of nan US' top diabetes medics has warned of nan imaginable harms of pedicures to nan 37 cardinal Americans who person nan chronic condition.

Diabetes, which increases nan consequence of bosom attacks, strokes and dementia, is characterized by precocious humor sugars - which harm nerves successful nan little limbs.

The nervus problems prevent wounds successful nan area from treatment properly - making them a fertile crushed for infection. 

Foot treatments for illustration pedicures are peculiarly risky, owed to nan likelihood of getting trim aliases wounded by crisp instruments designed to soft tegument and nails. 

'A insignificant nick during a pedicure aliases excessive unit during a limb massage could perchance spiral into superior complications,' Dr David Armstrong, Professor of Surgery astatine nan Keck School of Medicine of nan University of Southern California, told 

Pedicures are risky for diabetics because nan tiniest trim could lead to a disasterous infection

 Complications see infections and ulcers which, he says, 'in sedate scenarios whitethorn necessitate amputation'.

Some 154,000 amputations hap each twelvemonth successful nan United States - nan mostly of which are preventable, according to nan American Diabetes Association.

The consequence of limb nonaccomplishment is massively reduced pinch bully humor sweetener control, by measurement of medicine aliases important weight loss.

Some medics opportunity pedicures are unsafe for diabetics - and patients should debar them altogether. 

Some 154,000 amputations are carried retired successful diabetics each year, and astir are preventable

But Dr Armstrong, who is nan President of nan American Limb Preservation Society, says ft pampering is not disconnected nan cards. 

Patients tin person nan curen truthful agelong arsenic they 'consult pinch their podiatrist aliases healthcare provider' beforehand - and adhere to his database of 'precautionary measures that guarantee a safe experience'. 

If diabetics do this, nan wide consequence of complications from pedicures is 'low'.

Four rules to make your pedicure safe, according to a ft doctor.

People pinch glucosuria are astatine consequence of superior infections, should they beryllium struck by an accidental trim connected nan foot. Here are 4 captious pre-pedicure tips by apical surgeon, Dr David Armstrong.

Top ft surgeon Dr David Armstrong gives his 4 captious tips for a little risky pedicure

  1. Avoid pedicures if you person progressive infections, unfastened sores aliases cuts connected nan feet.
  2. Never shave your legs successful nan 2 days earlier having a pedicure, arsenic accidental cuts could service arsenic introduction points for infection.
  3.  Always inquire that ft baths and devices are decently sterilized, aliases bring your ain kit.
  4.  Visit a salon alternatively than attempting to DIY a pedicure. You're much apt to get injured if you transportation retired nan curen yourself.

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