Top Louisville police officials 'believe Scottie Scheffler's charges are excessive and should be REDUCED' following World No. 1's dramatic PGA Championship arrest

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Scottie Scheffler's apprehension has raised immoderate concerns among nan Louisville Metro Police Department, according to a report. 

The World No. 1 was arrested successful nan early hours of past Friday greeting earlier his 2nd information of nan US PGA Championship astatine Valhalla successful Kentucky, pinch shocking images showing him handcuffed arsenic he was taken to jailhouse for not pursuing constabulary orders during a pedestrian fatality investigation.

The 27-year-old was booked connected 4 charges, including second-degree battle of a constabulary officer, which is simply a felony.

However, apical brass wrong nan Louisville constabulary department, which is group to clasp a property convention connected nan apprehension astatine 11:30am ET Thursday, are said to person privately voiced concerns astir nan charges. 

In particular, they fearfulness nan felony complaint against nan two-time Masters champion is 'excessive', according to CNN. 

A mugshot of world nary 1 Scottie Scheffler pursuing his apprehension by Louisville constabulary connected Friday

During a caller meeting, aggregate constabulary officials reportedly discussed nan charges against nan PGA Tour prima pinch nan group agreeing that nan felony complaint 'seems excessive fixed nan specifications of nan case,' a root told nan outlet. 

It is believed to beryllium nan first denotation from nan powers that beryllium wrong nan constabulary unit judge nan charges should beryllium reduced. 

Scheffler was initially scheduled to beryllium arraigned connected Tuesday but nan proceeding has been pushed backmost until June 3. 

The constabulary section is slated to clasp a property convention Thursday morning, erstwhile footage of nan apprehension is expected to beryllium released. Meanwhile, Scheffler tees it up for nan first information of nan Charles Schwab Challenge astatine 1:45pm ET astatine Colonial successful his location authorities of Texas. 

'The soul investigation is still ongoing,' a Louisville Police Department connection publication Tuesday, from Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel.

'Any argumentation violations that are revealed done nan people of nan investigation will beryllium appropriately addressed according to LMPD's disciplinary protocol. The section intends to supply an further update connected nan investigation connected Thursday, May 23, 2024.' 

Scheffler was accused of failing to extremity for constabulary arsenic he attempted to gain introduction astatine a constituent erstwhile they were managing postulation successful nan aftermath of a fatal collision betwixt a autobus and a personnel of nan tournament's information staff, John Mills.

The constabulary study said Scheffler grounded to comply pinch instructions and past drove distant from an officer, Bryan Gillis, causing him to beryllium dragged on by nan two-time Masters winner's car. 

The Masters champion is alleged to person driven distant from serviceman Bryan Gillis (pictured)

Fans quickly donned 'Free Scottie' t-shirts astatine Valhalla aft nan crazy events of Friday morning

Hours later, Scheffler was backmost retired connected nan course, and birdied 2 of his first 3 holes

He was taken to a Louisville jailhouse and booked successful Jefferson County connected 4 charges; felony second-degree battle connected a constabulary officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, disregarding signals from officers directing traffic. 

In a connection past week, Scheffler said nan incident was a 'big misunderstanding', while his lawyer Steve Romines said he plans to plead not guilty. 

Scheffler was released from jailhouse and made it to nan people successful clip to play his 2nd information and miraculously changeable a five-under 66. 

However, he fell retired of contention for nan tourney pinch a 73 connected Saturday - his first information complete par since past August. He closed pinch a 65, tying for eighth place.

ESPN's Bob Wischusen, who does play-by-play commentary connected nan New York Jets during nan NFL season, provided caller specifications connected nan incident earlier this week.

Wischusen was successful nan van pinch Jeff Darlington, who first reported connected nan apprehension and whose video of Scheffler being led distant into a constabulary car has amassed complete 20 cardinal views connected societal media.

Talking to, Wischusen claimed Gillis was 'pretty, you know, enthusiastic' arsenic he walked up to Scheffler's conveyance and beamed his flashlight into nan golfer's face.

Wischusen past claimed Gillis screamed astatine Scheffler, saying words to nan effect of: 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, who are you? Where are you going? Get backmost successful line. You're not allowed to travel done here.' 

Scheffler has a estimation arsenic a devout Christian, and a family man who has conscionable started a family

Gillis was 'scolding' Scheffler for passing nan conveyance Wischusen and nan ESPN unit were successful and it was unclear whether he was a constabulary serviceman aliases tourney information because of their yellowish reflective jackets.

After Scheffler drove forward, nan business past escalated and Gillis 'got very angry pursuing nan car.'

Wischusen claimed nan serviceman was 'kind of moving alongside chasing nan car, and possibly he tripped and fell. 

He added: 'I mean, location was benignant of an outcropping aliases median, you know, by nan beforehand gate. And support successful mind, it was raining. It was 6 o'clock successful nan morning. It was dark.'

Asked astir nan claims of Gillis 'attaching' himself to nan car, Wischusen said: 'I could spot him stumble, but I did not person a very clear position of precisely really you want to categorize his interaction pinch nan car.'

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