Too much Netflix! Out-of-sorts Tyson Fury distracted himself with his tell-all documentary and his new book to lead to his struggles back in the ring, says Charlotte Daly on Mail Sport's new boxing podcast THE HOOK

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Mail Sport's Charlotte Daly believes Tyson Fury's distractions distant from nan ringing caused him to massively underperform successful his crossover conflict pinch Francis Ngannou connected Saturday night.

Fury entered nan title arsenic nan dense favourite arsenic he faced a man who had ne'er boxed professionally before, but he was knocked down successful nan 3rd round by nan erstwhile UFC heavyweight champion, and was fortunate to triumph a razor-thin divided decision, in nan eyes of galore fans.

Ngannou has received plentifulness of in installments successful nan aftermath of his show against nan WBC heavyweight king, but fans and pundits person besides been wondering why Fury looked truthful acold beneath his champion passim nan fight.

Daly feels Fury's packed schedule distant from nan ringing that has included filming a Netflix documentary pinch his family, gathering fans up and down nan state and promoting his caller book caused him to return his oculus disconnected nan ball, and he almost paid nan eventual price.  

'For Fury, unfortunately, he looked a small spot physically and mentally drained going into nan ring,' Daly said connected Mail Sport's caller boxing podcast, The Hook.

Tyson Fury has been filming a Netflix documentary pinch his woman Paris (left) and nan remainder of his family successful caller months

The documentary has fixed a behind-the-scenes look astatine mundane life for nan Fury family

Tyson Fury was knocked down by Francis Ngannou successful their fight, and only conscionable hit nan erstwhile UFC heavyweight champion connected Saturday night

'I deliberation nan truth that his life benignant of hasn't been his ain for nan past mates of months, for illustration I person nary uncertainty he took Francis seriously, I don't deliberation he underestimated him astatine immoderate point. 

'But erstwhile you're obliged to fulfil each these commitments for illustration Netflix documentaries and for illustration these shows wherever he's going to talk to his fans and audiences, his book, that's mentally draining. 

'At nan extremity of nan day, boxing is his occupation and these are secondary, that I deliberation if you're gearing up towards a conflict something's sewage to give, and unluckily it felt for illustration nan point that gave this clip was nan conflict alternatively than those different obligations that he had.'

While Daly felt Fury showed Ngannou nan respect he deserved, her co-host Alex McCarthy was little convinced, and claimed complacency crept in.

Mail Sport's Charlotte Daly believes distractions for illustration nan Netflix documentary led to Fury underperforming against Ngannou

Daly besides thinks Fury travelling up and down nan state to meet fans and beforehand his book did not thief his preparations for Ngannou

He pointed to nan truth that Fury's undisputed conflict pinch Oleksandr Usyk was pencilled successful for conscionable 8 weeks aft nan Ngannou conflict arsenic impervious that Fury was looking up alternatively than focusing connected nan task successful hand.

'I felt that he thought he could rotation successful this conflict arsenic almost portion of his training campy for Usyk,' he said.

'I thought nan turnaround from a precocious October to December 23rd for an undisputed world title conflict was fantasy. None of america believed that was going to happen.

'Especially erstwhile you look astatine nan likes of Joshua and Tyson Fury, they've been fighting erstwhile a year, if that, for nan past 3 aliases 4 years. No measurement did I judge that was going to beryllium happening wrong a fewer months.

'But I deliberation if Fury felt that he won convincingly for illustration he assumed that he would, and, to beryllium adjacent to him, galore group did arsenic well, past he would conscionable skate correct connected done and transportation connected pinch his training campy to Usyk.

'So, he was astir apt only successful nan early stages of what he would person been doing heading into Francis Ngannou. He surely didn't look for illustration he was razor crisp aliases heavy into a camp.

Alex McCarthy feels Fury took his oculus disconnected nan shot and was already looking up to fighting Oleksandr Usyk

'Whether that was because he was into nan early embers of a training camp, aliases arsenic you said it was nan conditions connected nan night, that will person to beryllium debated and we astir apt won't cognize unless Fury decides to stock it pinch us.'

Fury was heavy marked up pursuing nan fight, and sported a large bruise astir 1 of his eyes.

As a result, his conflict pinch Usyk is now apt to beryllium pushed back, pinch February appearing to beryllium nan caller targeted date.

Meanwhile, Ngannou has options aplenty aft shocking nan world, pinch promoter Eddie Hearn calling for a conflict pinch Anthony Joshua and claiming nan Brit would triumph wrong 3 rounds.

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