Tom Brady urges Bills QB Josh Allen to run the ball less to 'maximize his potential' and 'play for another 10 to 12 years' because his style of play is 'putting himself in harm's way'

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  • Buffalo Bills backmost Josh Allen appeared connected Brady's Let's Go! podcast 
  • Brady advised Allen connected really to 'maximize his potential' and debar injury 
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:49 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 16:49 EDT, 31 October 2023

Tom Brady revealed he wants to spot Buffalo Bills backmost Josh Allen play up to a twelve much years.

The early Hall of Famer gave nan 27-year-old proposal connected really to execute that —run nan shot less.

'I deliberation sometimes he gets utilized to and he wants to tally it because he knows he tin summation yards. There's a batch of assurance successful it,' Brady said arsenic portion of his Let’s Go! podcast.

'But nan only problem is, from my standpoint, you're putting yourself successful harm's way. And erstwhile you put yourself successful harm's way, it doesn't return overmuch for personification to onshore connected you to group you back,' Brady continued.

Brady undoubtedly has acquisition not moving nan shot complete agelong periods successful nan NFL. He ne'er eclipsed much than 110 rushing yards successful a azygous season, which he accomplished during his 3rd twelvemonth successful nan convention successful 2002.

Tom Brady (left) advised Josh Allen (right) connected really to play for different 10 to 12 years 

Through 8 games of nan 2023 season, Allen has 189 rushing yards, which is connected gait to beryllium his lowest full ever.

'I would emotion to spot Josh prevention those for very typical moments and typical occasions to tally nan shot alternatively than to tally nan shot six minutes into nan crippled connected a second-and-6,' Brady continued.

'Not that he shouldn't run, but erstwhile he does run, f***king descent and make judge nary 1 hits you because I don't ever want to spot him get wounded and I want to spot him retired location playing because he's specified a f***king stud,' Brady said.

'I want to spot him play different 10 to 12 years and really spot really he tin maximize his potential,' Brady finished.

Running and putting his assemblage connected nan statement person go a immense portion of Allen’s style of play and person helped nan Bills connected respective occasions complete nan years.

Yet, Allen, who appeared connected nan section arsenic a guest, didn’t disagree pinch Brady pinch immoderate added context.

Running and putting his assemblage connected nan statement person go a immense portion of Allen’s style of play

NFL fable Brady never eclipsed much than 110 rushing yards successful a azygous season

'He is right, I'm not saying that he's wrong, but you tin get wounded successful nan pouch conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin extracurricular nan pocket. That's nan only caveat that I person for that,' Allen said.

'You gotta spell triumph a shot crippled and sometimes that calls upon maine doing thing for illustration putting my assemblage connected nan statement for my teammates because of really overmuch I do emotion my teammates and really overmuch I spot them moving their tails disconnected too,' Allen continued.

'That's wherever nan flip for maine is truthful difficult to move disconnected because I conscionable attraction truthful overmuch astir winning shot games and sometimes it does origin nan consequence to beryllium a small spot higher than possibly moreover nan reward,' Allen retorted.

Allen is acold from a one-trick pony and mightiness not request his legs to do harm nan older he gets. However, changing thing that drastic will return much than a proposal from Brady.

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