Tom Brady takes Hollywood! NFL great and budding film producer's 14,000-square-foot Brentwood mansion nears completion in one of LA's priciest neighborhoods

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Tom Brady is rebranding himself arsenic a movie mogul, and he's doing truthful successful 1 of Los Angeles' astir exclusive neighborhoods.

The early Hall of Famer and documentary movie shaper is presently building a location successful Hollywood-adjacent Brentwood, and photos of nan 14,000-square-foot palace person been obtained by Much of nan spot remains a activity successful progress, including nan rear plot and outdoor pool. The location makes usage of nan celebrated Southern California sun pinch an array of star panels and a solid atrium. 

The 46-year-old divided begetter of 3 began building successful 2020 erstwhile he was launching his studio, 199 Productions, which takes its sanction from Brady's spot successful nan 2000 NFL Draft. Since then, nan institution has made 3 films, each of which halfway connected a erstwhile New England Patriots quarterback: '80 For Brady,' 'Man successful nan Arena,' and 'The Tuck Rule.'

Brady is not caller to Brentwood. In 2008, he and his now-former woman Gisele Bündchen paid a reported $11.75 cardinal for land, which was utilized to build a mansion they later sold to rapper Dr. Dre for a reported $40 million.

The vicinity went from celebrated to infamous successful 1994, erstwhile legendary Buffalo Bills moving backmost OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Since then, Simpson's erstwhile mansion has been demolished and he passed distant successful April astatine 76 successful Las Vegas.

Tom Brady's custom-built 14,000 sq ft Brentwood mansion is still not finished, but it's close 

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And Brady isn't conscionable building 1 mansion for himself.

As he prepares to motorboat different profession arsenic an in-game commentator for Fox Sports' NFL coverage, Brady is besides completing a mansion connected Miami's 'Billionaire Bunker.'

As seen successful aerial photos published successful April from supra Indian Creek, a manmade obstruction land successful Miami-Dade County, Brady's caller $17 cardinal mansion boasts an enviable garden, wherever a assortment of vegetables and flowers look to beryllium increasing crossed 8 congruent rectangular plots. Other Indian Creek residents see Jeff Bezos and Julio Iglesias arsenic good arsenic Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

It remains unclear if Brady did nan honors himself aliases if nan retired NFL prima enlisted immoderate area gardeners to grip nan dense lifting.

Of course, nan Michigan alum is nary alien to patient eating. Through his brand, TB12, Brady has promoted a mostly plant-based fare that includes a number of anti-inflammatory foods.

Brady's spot will person a backmost plot and an outdoor pool, some of which are not finished

Brady's mansion takes advantage of nan celebrated LA sun pinch star panels and a solid atrium

According to Brady, nan fare is 'commonsensical.'

He eats meat, though 'not that much,' he told his TB12 website.

'If anything, I subscribe to balance,' he said.

Brady and ex-wife Gisele Bündchen bought nan location together 4 years agone and nan spot is yet adjacent to completion – astir a twelvemonth aft published exclusive photos of nan ongoing construction.

In nan clip since, Brady's Indian Creek Island location has changed rather a bit, pinch various amenities being added to nan monolithic home.

New photos show that Brady is having a backstage vessel dock constructed connected nan water, not acold from his home.

Additionally, nan seven-time Super Bowl victor has put a pickleball tribunal successful place, pinch hoops hoops connected some sides arsenic well. antecedently revealed that nan quarterback, reportedly worthy complete $500 million, didn't put thing towards nan acquisition of nan property, but chose to return retired a owe for nan afloat magnitude positive nan action to get a further $17million.

When he and Bündchen divided successful October 2022, Brady took connected nan building's renovations while Bündchen moved connected to bargain her ain spot crossed nan waterway.

Before nan split, Bündchen had paid $1.3 cardinal for a three-bed waterfront location successful Surfside, which she's had remodeled, according to building records.

The 43-year-old past splashed retired $11.5million connected a five-bed, 6,600-square-foot spot a fewer doors down from nan smaller location and other her erstwhile husband's home.

Following a legendary playing profession successful nan NFL, Brady hung up his cleats - for a 2nd and last clip - successful February 2023.

Rita Moreno, Tom Brady, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda be nan Los Angeles Premiere Screening of Paramount Pictures' '80 For Brady'

But he'll beryllium returning to nan limelight soon arsenic an NFL expert for Fox Sports.

He signed a reported 10-year, $375 cardinal statement pinch nan web and is group to commencement calling games this fall.

Even astatine nan property of 46, Brady is still successful tremendous beingness shape. In March, he ran a faster 40-yard dash clip past erstwhile he was conscionable 22.

In a video shared connected societal media, Brady is seen explaining really he ran nan 40-yard dash successful 5.28 seconds astatine nan NFL Combine, a mediocre people earlier he was drafted successful nan sixth round.

Brady had 2 friends timing him connected nan tally - 1 recorded him astatine 5.18 and different stopped nan timepiece connected 5.12.

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