Tom Brady defends Travis Kelce after Chiefs star angrily screamed at his coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl: 'You are fully determined to go out there and to win'

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  • Andy Reid said nan Travis Kelce apologized and hugged him aft nan incident 
  • The Kansas City Chiefs went connected to conclusion nan San Francisco 49ers successful Las Vegas
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:56 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 13:56 EST, 13 February 2024

NFL fable Tom Brady came to Travis Kelce's defense aft nan Kansas City Chiefs tight extremity bumped and yelled astatine his coach Andy Reid astatine Super Bowl LVIII. 

In nan 2nd 4th of Sunday's crippled against nan San Francisco 49ers, Kelce's vexation complete being subbed retired caused a sideline eruption pinch Reid connected nan receiving end. After knocking Reid disconnected balance, moving backmost Jerrick McKinnon grabbed Kelce distant from nan 65-year-old coach. 

On Monday, Brady defended Kelce's actions connected his Sirius XM programme 'Let's Go' pinch Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.

'There's ever small family issues and of people I don't mind seeing it 'cause I was a portion of a batch of those things,' Brady said. 'Emotions are truthful high. You are decidedly not centered and balanced. You're not successful a meditative authorities astatine that point. You are afloat wished to spell retired location and to win.

'So I deliberation a batch of nan things that are said during nan games, group should conscionable fto them alert disconnected their back. And I really deliberation coach Reid handled it conscionable awesome, for illustration he ever does, 'cause he conscionable said, 'I was a small disconnected equilibrium and Travis is specified a competitor.' And I emotion that because it conscionable speaks to his activity ability.' 

Tom Brady defended Travis Kelce aft nan Kansas City Chiefs prima yelled astatine coach Andy Reid

After getting subbed disconnected successful nan 2nd quarter, Kelce confronted and knocked Reid disconnected balance

Kelce was taken disconnected nan section and vanished nan first half of nan Super Bowl pinch conscionable 1 yard 

The Chiefs went connected to triumph their 2nd consecutive title by defeating nan 49ers, 25-22, successful overtime 

As Kelce received a batch of backlash for getting beingness pinch his older coach, nan words he said during nan incident were not immoderate friendlier. Lip scholar Jeremy Freeman told nan New York Post that Kelce yelled: 'Hey, travel on, you f*****, put maine on.' 

The determination to propulsion him came from a slow first half capacity which ended pinch 1 drawback for 1 yard.  

Kelce vanished nan crippled pinch 9 receptions for 93 yards arsenic nan Chiefs secured a 25-22 overtime triumph successful Las Vegas. Postgame, Reid said that Kelce apologized and hugged him aft nan incident. 

'It speaks to nan self-confidence that coach Reid has successful himself, too, 'cause he doesn't return that personally astatine all,' Brady added. 

'He doesn't look astatine that and consciousness for illustration personification offended him. He takes it for what it is and doesn't make it much than it is and doesn't spot someone's trying to belittle him. Travis is not trying to do immoderate of those things. He's conscionable trying to beryllium fired up and enactment successful nan moment.' 

The Chiefs person now won 3 of nan past 5 Super Bowls aft appearing successful 4 of them. With Sunday's win, they person go nan first back-to-back champions since Brady's Patriots successful 2003 and 2004.