TOM BOWER: The Sussexes' new website is a sign that the stakes are so high for Meghan and Harry. The cupboard is bare and Americans don't much care about them any more

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The Sussexes person relaunched their marque truthful they tin monetise their position arsenic royals – this clip pinch a caller website,, and a alternatively ludicrous overgarment of arms.

You mightiness consciousness nan timing is odd. This latest contention comes arsenic King Charles embarks connected curen for an as-yet undisclosed shape of cancer.

Scarcely what nan doctors ordered, but past what tin you expect?

The Sussex cupboard is starting to look a small bare. Without caller sponsorships, without a caller Hollywood deal, location are fewer evident sources of nan money required to support their luxurious lifestyle.

Needs must.

The Duke and Duchess person done bully business pinch their various claims and revelations connected their Netflix documentary and successful Harry’s ghosted memoir, Spare, but what much is location to say?

The ambiance seems to beryllium changing successful nan United States and nan invited nan Sussexes enjoyed erstwhile they first arrived successful California successful 2021 is disappearing.

Increasingly, Americans don’t overmuch attraction astir Meghan and Harry. It’s striking that nan Sussexes were not among nan galore celebrities enjoying themselves astatine past weekend’s Super Bowl.

Perhaps they had amended things to do that night. 

The caller homepage of features an image of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex astatine nan closing ceremonial of nan Invictus Games successful September 2023

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal crest features prominently connected nan caller website and could origin tensions arsenic a result

If nan naked opportunism seems obvious, is further evidence, to maine astatine least, of really hardened Harry and Meghan person become successful their guidance to nan Monarchy.

Those bleating that nan king’s unwellness has a awesome infinitesimal for reconciliation betwixt begetter and younger boy neglect to grasp nan existent authorities of nan narration betwixt nan Sussexes and nan Royal Family.

It is horrendous.

In this light, Harry’s dash to London aft proceeding of his father’s crab is unfastened to being interpreted arsenic a cynical ploy.

Did Harry really judge that a trans-Atlantic dash to spot King Charles would endear himself to a nationalist that erstwhile adored him?

His stricken begetter seems to person known better. No uncertainty encouraged by Queen Camilla, nan king gave his boy conscionable complete 30 minutes earlier Harry departed to slumber in, not a royal palace, but a hotel.

No uncertainty Meghan will person played a afloat portion successful their decisions. This, remember, is simply a female who refuses to beryllium reconciled pinch her sick begetter and has been accused of ghosting her (former) champion friends.

The Sussexes’ caller travel to Jamaica was notably inappropriate, possibly moreover tantamount to treachery.

In nan aftermath of nan Cambridges’ unhappy sojourn location successful 2022, amid nan island’s bid for reparations and its talk of abandoning nan British Monarch arsenic caput of state, Meghan must person known nan Jamaican government’s hospitality would embarrass Britain.

I fishy she loved it, not to mention nan backstage jet, nan five-star hotels and nan royal curen dispensed by Jamaica’s premier minister.

Harry and Meghan will beryllium cautiously advised, yet flirts pinch threat – a motion possibly that nan stakes are now truthful high.

The move exposes them to accusations of breaking a intense committedness to Queen Elizabeth that they would not commercialise nan narration pinch nan Royal Family.

What other tin we conclude?

Surely nan clip has travel for nan King to cancel their titles and retreat nan titles from their children.

Until now, Charles has been excessively tolerant astir nan Sussexes’ money-grabbing antics.

The King grounded to stamp down connected nan Sussexes aft nan Oprah Winfrey show. That would person been nan wiser people of action.

Instead, he gave their children titles arsenic prince and princess and invited them to his Coronation. Only Harry came – and past near for America successful short order.

Throughout this time, King Charles has been excessively lenient pinch a mates who person earned their surviving from damaging nan royal family and Britain. It’s clip that changed.

This latest breach of spot – a clear effort to make money from their royal position – should beryllium punished.

Once nan King recovers from cancer, he should make clear that Sussexes are nary longer members of nan Royal Family and not invited successful Britain.

Tom Bower is nan writer of Revenge: Meghan, Harry and nan War Between nan Windsors published by Simon & Schuster