TJ Holmes and Amy Robach announce new weekly PODCAST with loved-up Instagram post after being fired by GMA3 when exposed their affair

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TJ Holmes and Amy Robach person announced a caller play podcast aft some being fired by GMA3 erstwhile exposed their affair.

In a station to their Instagram pages, nan brace shared a loved up image of nan 2 of them announcing their show, telephone nan 'Amy and T.J.' podcast. 

Robach and Holmes were fired by ABC successful January following their romanticist narration being exposed by 

According to an Instagram page group up for nan podcast, their caller show will commencement connected December 5. 

After revealed that some nan joined co-anchors were having an affair, some Holmes' and Robach's marriages were near successful tatters – pinch some couples splitting aft learning of nan illicit romance.

In a station to their Instagram pages, nan brace shared a loved up image of nan 2 of them announcing their show, telephone nan 'Amy and T.J.' podcast

Amy Robach, left, and T. J. Holmes look nan Disney 2022 Upfront position connected May 17, 2022, successful New York

The 2 co-anchors, whose on-screen chemistry captivated audiences aft they joined GMA's 3rd hr successful 2020, tin beryllium seen laughing and cozying up to each different astatine nan barroom successful November 2022 aft a greeting of filming 

The scandalous matter saw some Holmes, 46, and Robach, 50, suffer their Good Morning America hosting spots, pinch nan mates remaining together since.

In tribunal records first reported by US Magazine, paperwork finalizing nan divided betwixt Holmes and his ex-wife Marilee Fiebig was revealed past month. 

The mates stock a 10-year-old girl Sabine, but nan 2 person been successful nan process of ending their matrimony since Holmes revenge for divorcement successful December 2022 aft his extramarital matter came to light. 

Fiebig, an migration attorney, and Holmes were joined for almost 13 years earlier nan matter was revealed.

The mates were reportedly separated astatine nan time, but Fiebig was said to person been 'blindsided' by nan off-screen fling.

Robach's husband, erstwhile Melrose Place character Andrew Shue, besides reportedly separated pinch nan presenter successful August 2022, conscionable weeks earlier nan romance was exposed.

Holmes and Robach had been hosting Good Morning America for 2 years earlier their matter became public, and nan duo won fans complete pinch their on-camera chemistry. 

The stars were often caught giggling to 1 another, partaking successful sarcastic banter, and engaging successful playful touches connected nan aerial - and their antics quickly turned them into 1 of ABC's astir celebrated hosting teams. 

Holmes revenge for divorcement from his ex-wife Marilee Fiebig successful December 2022 aft his matter pinch erstwhile co-host Amy Robach was exposed by

Robach and her husband, erstwhile Melrose Place character Andrew Shue, 55, (pictured successful March 2022) besides divided up successful August 2022, weeks earlier nan matter came to light 

The erstwhile Good Morning America co-hosts past spent a play shacked up successful a cozy cottage successful nan Shawangunk Mountain region, checking retired of their rental connected November 13. Holmes was seen giving his person a playful compression from down arsenic she packed up nan car 

But successful November 2022, uncovered their concealed emotion affair, showing nan 2 enjoying steamy late-night rendezvous, post-filming day nights and slipping successful and retired of each other's apartments.

Both presenters had been joined to their respective spouses for complete a decade astatine nan time, and an wrong root told nan unsuspecting couples were known to bask clip together.

'Everyone knows that Amy and T.J. person been adjacent friends for a agelong clip now, moving together and moreover socializing arsenic a foursome pinch each other's spouses,' they said. 

Insiders said that Holmes and Robach's dalliance evolved successful June 2022, if not before, erstwhile they were 'in London together filming nan Queen's Diamond Jubilee for ABC and unit were buzzing astir nan intimacy betwixt them.'

The duo had anchored GMA 3 since 2020, pinch galore remarking connected their adjacent - but seemingly platonic - narration on-screen.

But their fling emerged aft they were seen enjoying flirty post-filming sessions astatine a New York City Bar, spending clip unsocial successful each others ritzy Manhattan apartments, and frolicking to a secluded upstate New York cottage for a play getaway.

Insiders said that Holmes and Robach's dalliance evolved successful June 2022, if not before, erstwhile they were 'in London together filming nan Queen's Diamond Jubilee

In 1 instance, connected November 10, 2022, Robach and Holmes vanished signaling their regular conception astatine ABC Studios earlier they were spotted heavy successful speech successful a cozy area of O'Donogue's Irish Bar successful Times Square.

An eyewitness told 'They were wholly into each other. She was giggling astatine immoderate he was saying, and they were looking astatine each other's phones. At 1 constituent she was benignant of dancing successful her chair to nan euphony and laughing truthful difficult she practically fell into his lap.'

Their matter sent shockwaves done nan greeting tv roster, starring ABC News to officially portion ways pinch nan duo successful January 2023.

'After respective productive conversations pinch Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, astir different options, we each agreed it’s champion for everyone that they move connected from ABC News,' an ABC News spokesperson said astatine nan time.

After a flirty rendezvous astatine O'Donoghue's Irish barroom successful Times Square, Holmes and Robach, who were some joined astatine nan time, were later seen stepping retired of nan pub separately, keeping a safe 20 feet isolated arsenic they waited for their thrust outside 

'We admit their talent and committedness complete nan years and are thankful for their contributions.'

Before they were officially dismissed, some Holmes and Robach had been temporarily taken disconnected aerial while an soul investigation was carried out.

A week aft their concealed romance came to light, Robach and Holmes doubled down connected their matter and were reportedly committed to 'growing their relationship.'

Despite backlash to their extramarital relationship, nan mates person seemingly remained together since.

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