Tim Minchin is brutally attacked after mum's death: 'Making it public cheapens it'

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By Kylie Stevens For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 15:40 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 15:51 EST, 13 November 2023

A erstwhile apical authorities curate has been branded arsenic heartless aft she slammed Aussie singer-songwriter Tim Minchin for opening up astir his mum's decease astatine his concert.

The celebrated musician/comedian stunned nan assemblage astatine a show successful Sydney past Friday nighttime erstwhile he revealed his beloved mum Ros had been diagnosed pinch terminal humor cancer 3 years earlier.

He shared stories astir his mum and played respective songs he had written astir her earlier revealing perceive nan extremity of nan show that she had died a time earlier aged 74.

Hours aft a grieving Minchin returned to nan shape for his last Sydney show, erstwhile Senator Amanda Vanstone weighed into nan calamity connected Monday nighttime and accused Minchin 'cheapening' his mum's death.

Australian entertainer Tim Minchin announced astatine a show past week that his mother Ros has mislaid three-year conflict pinch humor cancer

'Losing a genitor is hard. Whatever property and nevertheless expected. But to maine it’s a backstage grief. Making it nationalist seems to cheapen it, make it marketable,' Vanstone tweeted.

The late-night tweet quickly sparked a barrage of outrage.

'Imagine disrespecting someone’s correct to grieve successful a measurement of their choosing. That’s cheap: ,' 1 fumed.

Another added: 'Shut down your relationship you heartless crone - but past you've ever been that. However, you've ne'er been inexpensive - pinch our money.'

A 3rd wrote: 'It brings those who person mislaid their genitor together to stock their grief. As personification who mislaid their mum to crab astatine a young age, this sharing is what gets maine and galore others through. You’re entitled to privacy. He’s entitled to stock and not beryllium branded arsenic opportunistic.'

There was besides outpouring of support for Minchin.

'Tim’s Sunday show was spectacular successful each way. He was sharing his condolences which for a man was inspiring. Turn your encephalon connected earlier you type adjacent time. Tim, you are a existent prima and human. We each support you,' connected wrote.

Another instrumentality wrote: ' What an appalling personification you are Amanda Vanstone for that comment! Everyone reacts to condolences otherwise successful times of grief! Tim Minchin intelligibly felt obligated to proceed his performance owed to summons sales/audience. If you had a shred of decency you'd return station down!'

Former curate Amanda Vanstone weighed into Tim Minchin's family calamity connected Monday 

Amanda Vanstone (pictured) is simply a erstwhile Howard authorities curate and senator

Vanstone served arsenic a national legislator for South Australia from 1984 to 2007, and held respective ministerial portfolios successful nan John Howard government. She's besides a erstwhile Australian ambassador for Italy.

Minchin told his assemblage connected Friday nighttime he decided to spell up pinch nan show contempt nan family calamity earlier an affectional capacity to White Wine successful nan Sun.

He ended nan show by asking nan assemblage to subordinate successful nan last opus for nan night, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah arsenic nan venue plunged into darkness.

Minchin received rave reviews for his shows aft deciding to proceed his nationwide circuit and shared a glowing tribute connected his Instagram connected Monday night.

'Tim Minchin's show past nighttime was perfectly beautiful. One of nan champion shows I've ever seen,' nan reappraisal stated. 

Minchin now heads to Hobart, wherever nan first 2 of his 4 shows are already sold out. 

Tim Minchin has been inundated pinch rave reviews arsenic he continues his nationalist circuit while mourning nan nonaccomplishment of his mum

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