TIM HOWARD: I will fly to Spain myself and talk Jurgen Klopp into coaching the USMNT... but this golden generation is to blame for Copa America calamity

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I americium consenting to thief my state successful immoderate measurement I can. Proud to serve. So if I was successful complaint of US Soccer correct now, I'd beryllium connected my measurement to nan airport.

Why? Because I judge I could make a very compelling statement to Jurgen Klopp to return complete nan US Men’s National Team.

After nan disappointment of Copa America, aft nan United States mislaid to Uruguay and exited astatine nan group stages, I will personally alert to Spain. I mean it.

I cognize Klopp has only been retired a fewer weeks and I cognize he wants a break. But if we sat astir his villa successful Spain, I deliberation I could lure him complete here. 100 percent.

The money is surely there. So my transportation would beryllium simple: he has a young group of players who tin play progressive, front-foot shot - precisely for illustration his Liverpool teams. And successful 2 years’ clip he tin spell to nan biggest World Cup successful history.

Jurgen Klopp is enjoying a break successful Spain aft leaving Liverpool astatine nan extremity of past season

Gregg Berhalter is facing calls to spell aft nan USMNT collapsed retired of Copa America connected Monday

DailyMail.com columnist Tim Howard 

Plus, it’s world soccer, truthful there’s nary request to beryllium connected nan training crushed each day. He doesn’t moreover person to interest astir qualification.

What do you think, Matt? That’s what I would do if I was moving US Soccer, anyway.

If they determine that Gregg Berhalter cannot past this Copa America campaign, if they determine different head must lead nan USMNT into a location World Cup successful 2026, past they person to spell for nan jackpot.

It’s a risk, of course. No uncertainty immoderate coaches will look astatine nan US and spot a payday and a comfy life. So you can’t conscionable spell for immoderate big-name boss. You request personification pinch precocious expectations, a clear imagination and a clear path. Someone who is demanding of themselves arsenic good arsenic their team. Someone for illustration Jurgen Klopp.

Why not? US Soccer needs large alteration aft this Copa America. Every action has to beryllium connected nan table. Everything needs to beryllium looked at. Because this is simply a immense missed opportunity for our squad and for shot successful our country.

These are nan champion footballers that America has ever produced but they are slow surrendering nan tag of aureate generation. They haven't had a signature triumph and they're not going to get it earlier nan World Cup.

Klopp was precocious spotted watching tennis astatine nan Mallorca Championships successful Palma

Christian Pulisic and his squad were sent packing aft 2 consecutive group-stage defeats

No uncertainty Berhalter will enarthrosis nan responsibility. That's conscionable nan measurement sports works. But let’s beryllium clear: a batch of nan blasted lies pinch nan players.

I cognize that astir apt puts maine successful nan minority. But I was portion of nan nationalist squad for 15 years and location were times erstwhile we played for a head who wasn't very good. What did we do? We banded together and - successful spite of that head - we fought, we won large games and we punched supra our weight.

We knew nan head was sugarcoating our situation. It became astir pride. Guys didn’t look for excuses, they thought: to hellhole pinch nan manager, this is astir our state and my starting job.

So, arsenic players, we would enactment together aft a meal. We would caput to nan barroom aliases sound connected each other's doors precocious astatine nighttime and say: let's fig this out. The head didn’t cognize this was going connected and, being frank, he didn't merit to beryllium privy to these conversations.

A batch of times it conscionable came down to conflict and directness. I cognize group don't want to perceive that - not now Pep Guardiola has won truthful overmuch playing specified beautiful shot – but sometimes you person to rotation your sleeves up, wound down connected your mouthpiece, and spell toed to toed pinch an opponent.

US Soccer sporting head Matt Crocker (R) has promised different 'comprehensive review' 

This existent US squad is not lacking erstwhile it comes to skill. But location needs to beryllium a mentality shift.

Only past tin they triumph these large games. Only past tin they spell to nan adjacent level.

Do you cognize what I wanted to perceive past night? ‘This is connected us. We were not successful a difficult group. We should person precocious and we didn’t.’ Instead, pinch this group, nan messages are ever positive.

When you stumble, nan extracurricular world doesn't want to perceive astir processes. They want to perceive astir results. That doesn't mean you propulsion group nether nan bus. Sometimes you conscionable person to say: that wasn’t bully enough.

The aforesaid applies wrong nan camp. I dream location are immoderate difficult conversations going connected this week. You person to person them. But I can’t thief but wonder, pinch this group, are nan difficult questions being asked? Among nan players. And to nan manager.

I'm a very subordinate person, I will autumn into line, I will beryllium your ft worker and travel your plan. But astatine a definite point, I person estimation and an ego and a characteristic that says: this isn't bully enough. So let’s talk.

Howard was portion of United States teams who punched supra their weight and won large games

I was location erstwhile Berhalter took complete - we had grounded to suffice for nan 2018 World Cup, he brought caller ideas and challenged nan players. He did a really bully job.

But location were a batch of issues by nan 2022 World Cup. US shot held a reappraisal and rehired him. Now - whether they for illustration it aliases not – they are astatine different crossroads and nan World Cup is connected nan horizon. 

US Soccer sporting head Matt Crocker has promised different 'comprehensive review' after 'our tourney capacity fell short of our expectations.' Now they person to contemplate a determination they were hoping to avoid. You can’t alteration nan players. Nor should you pinch this group.

They are nan correct property and location is simply a bully equilibrium to nan team. But opportunities to beryllium they are our aureate procreation are moving out.

I person sympathy pinch Gregg. But it is very difficult for a head to lead complete much than 1 World Cup rhythm - nan messages get stale.

So possibly it is clip for US Soccer to look elsewhere. I’ll battalion my swimming trunks and caput to Spain. Just springiness maine nan call.

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