Tiger Woods is spotted at his Mexico course ahead of PGA Tour event amid speculation he could make his highly-anticipated return at the Hero World Challenge next month as he continues recovery from ankle surgery in April

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  • The section for Woods' Hero World Challenge was announced pinch an unfastened slot 
  • Woods underwent room successful April aft suffering a reaggravated plantar fasciitis
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:39 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 14:42 EDT, 1 November 2023

Tiger Woods was spotted astatine his play people in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico up of nan PGA Tour's extremity location this week.  

The 47-year-old, sporting a pinkish Nike shirt, a achromatic play cap, pants and shoes, was seen riding successful a play cart, astatine the World Wide Technology Championship venue Tuesday afternoon. 

El Cardonal astatine Diamente, which was designed by Woods himself and completed successful 2014, hosts nan 2023 World Wide Technology Championship opening connected November 2. 

Woods is playing big while recovering from a room successful April. And while nan golfing legend and his campy are yet to springiness a timeline for his recovery, speculations proceed to originate regarding his return.  

On October 7, fans were teased pinch a video of nan 15-time awesome victor hitting a wedge changeable to a par-3 spread successful Pebble Beach. 

Tiger Woods was spotted astatine his play course, successful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico earlier this week 

Woods was forced to retreat from The Masters successful April owed to reaggravated plantar fasciitis

Speculations escalated further erstwhile Woods announced his Hero World Challenge group to statesman connected November 30 successful nan Bahamas. When nan 20-man section for nan tourney was announced, nan lineup was 1 subordinate short. This near fans to wonderment if Woods will capable nan spot travel precocious November. 

Woods was forced to retreat from The Masters successful April aft 3 rounds and hasn't played professionally since. Before nan tournament, Woods admitted to his golfing days being numbered owed to injuries. 

'I don't cognize really galore much I person successful me,' nan five-time Masters victor said during a property conference. 'Just to beryllium capable to admit nan clip and cherish nan memories. 

'I'm very fortunate to person nan leg. Mobility and endurance - going guardant it will ne'er beryllium nan same. I can't hole and play arsenic galore tournaments arsenic I'd for illustration but that's good and I'm good pinch it.' 

Later successful April, Woods besides underwent a subtalar fusion process to assistance post-traumatic arthritis from a talus fracture he suffered successful a 2021 car accident. 

Aside from nan imaginable return astatine nan Hero World Challenge, Woods and his boy Charlie person competed successful nan past three PNC Championships. The father-and-son tandem could make different quality astatine Orlando's Ritz-Carlton Golf Club successful December arsenic they are yet to triumph nan competition, contempt coming close. 

Woods and his boy Charlie could besides compete astatine nan PNC Championship successful December 

It is nan first twelvemonth that Woods' El Cardonal is hosting nan WWT Championship aft its erstwhile venue of 16 years was taken disconnected nan PGA Tour's schedule. 

The Tour removed El Camaleon successful Mayakoba from nan circuit aft LIV Golf utilized nan people for its play opener successful February. 

The World Wide Technology Championship astatine Mayakoba made play history successful 2007 erstwhile it became nan first PGA Tour arena to beryllium contested extracurricular of nan United States aliases Canada.

The PGA Tour's statement pinch Mayakoba, which was designed by LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman, ended aft 2022.

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