This Year’s World Series Is Least-Watched Ever—How It Compares To Years Before

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The first 3 games of nan World Series betwixt nan Arizona Diamondbacks and nan Texas Rangers person been nan least-watched ever for an MLB title arsenic 2 comparatively unpopular teams spot their games trumped successful viewership by nan shot season.

Marcus Semien, No. 2 of nan Texas Rangers, bats against nan Arizona Diamondbacks during Game 4 of ... [+] nan World Series.

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Key Facts

The first game, which aired Friday and went into other innings, was watched by an mean of 9.17 cardinal group connected Fox, Nielsen information shows, nan lowest rated crippled 1 successful nan history of nan World Series.

The 2nd crippled a time later, which drew importantly little viewers astatine 8.15 million, was nan least-watched World Series crippled ever—until crippled 3.

The 3rd crippled successful nan series, which marked the first time nan World Series and NFL were some connected web TV connected a Monday nighttime since 1996, averaged 8.13 cardinal connected Fox, according to nan Associated Press—ratings for crippled 4 connected Tuesday haven’t been released.

The competing shot game, nan Raiders against nan Lions, was watched by 15.2 cardinal group full crossed cablegram and broadcast networks, according to ESPN, pinch 8.36 cardinal of those watching connected ABC alone.

Games 2 and 3 were viewed by less group than Game 7 of nan National League Championship Series betwixt nan Diamondbacks and nan Phillies, which drew 8.9 cardinal viewers connected nan cablegram TBS network, according to Nielsen data.

Last year's bid had an 11.76 cardinal mean viewership, according to ESPN, nan 2021 bid had an mean viewership of 11.75 cardinal and nan 2020 series, which included nan antecedently least-watched crippled ever, averaged 8.34 cardinal viewers.

Viewership for nan World Series has been falling since nan 1980s—the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Kansas City Royals bid successful 1980 was nan most-watched ever pinch an mean viewership of 42.3 cardinal and nan Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals bid successful 2004, 1 of nan most-watched successful nan past 2 decades, had an mean viewership of 25.4 million.

Surprising Fact

Last Sunday's episodes of 60 Minutes connected CBS drew much viewers than immoderate of nan World Series games truthful far. The section featured Vice President Kamala Harris, Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili, vocalist Christone "Kingfish" Ingram and character Morgan Freeman. 60 Minutes is typically 1 of nan astir watched non-sports programs, including during shot season, erstwhile CBS airs NFL games instantly beforehand.

Key Background

Industry experts predicted this year's World Series viewership would beryllium low. Neither squad comes from immoderate of nan biggest markets successful tv (New York, Chicago aliases Los Angeles), shot has seen a steady decline successful fame complete nan past decade erstwhile compared to shot and hoops and this year's matchup wasn’t 1 fans were peculiarly excited astir from nan get-go. This year’s World Series represents nan MLB's 3rd all-wild paper matchup ever, meaning neither of nan top-ranked teams (the Orioles and Rays successful nan American League and nan Braves and Phillies successful nan National League) made nan championship. The Rangers and Diamondbacks World Series matchup had 1,750 to 1 likelihood erstwhile betting connected nan play opened past fall, nan Associated Press reported.

What To Watch For

The teams will resume nan bid successful Arizona connected Wednesday astatine 8 p.m. ET connected Fox. The Rangers lead nan Diamondbacks 3-1 successful nan series.


Last week besides marked nan commencement of nan NBA's regular season. The most-watched hoops crippled of nan week was nan Lakers v. Nuggets play opener connected TNT, which drew 2.8 cardinal viewers. The Suns v. Warriors matchup, besides connected opening day, was watched by 2.7 cardinal group and nan Celtics v. Knicks crippled nan adjacent time had 2.5 cardinal viewers.

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