This is for Dad: Shocking moment furious son fires six shots at his father's alleged killer in Brazilian court before pistol-whipping him

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Horror footage shows nan infinitesimal a man attempted to termination his father's alleged murderer during his proceedings by shooting astatine him six times earlier bashing him pinch nan butt of his gun.

Surveillance video from wrong nan tribunal room successful São José do Belmonte, Brazil, shows nan judges and assemblage members moving for their lives after Cristiano Alves Terto, 27, opened fire.

In an effort to weapon down Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano de Moura, would-be slayer Terto stands up astatine nan backmost of nan room and ominously reaches into his pocket.

He stalks past nan assemblage while a female grabs onto his limb successful an evident effort to extremity him.

But he pulls distant from her grip and dashes down nan broadside of nan seating area earlier launching his onslaught connected Moura.

Cristiano Alves Terto, 27, was attending nan proceedings of his father's alleged slayer successful a tribunal successful São José do Belmonte, Brazil, earlier pulling retired a gun

He allegedly fired six shots towards Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano de Moura arsenic nan assemblage fled successful a panic

It remains unclear whether Moura was deed and injured by immoderate of nan six shots

Reaching complete nan array and pointing successful nan guidance of his nan man accused of murdering his father, Terto pulls nan trigger but Moura manages to stumble back, and seemingly escapes nan strike.

As he runs for shelter down nan magistrate's table and ducks for cover, furious Terto follows him while firing shots towards nan unarmed man.

The assemblage members are seen fleeing nan segment while Terto continues his rampage.

Moura past jumps crossed nan array to hide down a agelong table but this doesn't extremity nan gun-wielding man from carrying connected his attack.

Terto raises his limb successful nan aerial and swings his limb down onto wherever Moura is squatting successful an effort to bash him pinch nan revolver.

He does it a 2nd clip and seemingly misses arsenic successful a fresh of rage, he runs astir nan array earlier 2 group effort to clasp him back.

But to nary avail - Terto tin beryllium seen successful nan area of nan footage breaking free earlier opening to springiness Moura blows to nan caput pinch nan butt of his gun. 

The onslaught took spot successful November past twelvemonth but nan footage was only released connected Tuesday.

Terto was arrested nan time pursuing nan incident and nan 38-caliber revolver utilized was besides seized, according to the Pernambuco Military Police.

He was past sent to situation connected remand connected November 30. 

Terto past swings his limb to bash Moura connected nan caput pinch nan butt of his weapon arsenic he hides down a table

CCTV footage shows really judges and assemblage members ran aliases cowered successful fearfulness arsenic nan play unfolded

Moura was dashed to infirmary pursuing nan incident and Terto was arrested nan pursuing day

Following nan incident, Moura was dashed to a section infirmary earlier being transferred to a larger installation successful Serra Talhada for curen for his injuries.

Reports connected nan incident conflicted betwixt saying each shots fired by Terto were missed, and that Moura was deed by six bullets.

It is presently unconfirmed whether Moura was injured by immoderate of nan shots - but he has presently been discharged.

The onslaught comes aft Moura had allegedly shot his Terto's dad, Francisco Alves, connected October 5, 2012.

According to his confession, he was looking for a donkey that had strayed from his spot successful Lagoa Alexandre.

When he recovered Alves connected his farm, he asked him if he'd seen it, only for Alves to allegedly reply: 'Get disconnected my property, you filthy small thief.'

A blazing statement erupted betwixt nan two, erstwhile Alves allegedly grabbed a woody instrumentality and walked towards him.

Moura past fired a gunshot into nan aerial successful a bid to scare him off, but Alves reportedly continued moving towards him.

He past fired a 2nd changeable into nan crushed as Alves continued drafting closer.

So he fired a 3rd shot, which deed him successful nan abdomen.

Alves was taken to a section infirmary earlier being transferred to a larger installation successful Arcoverde, wherever he died 18 days aft nan shooting.

Moura past fled to Salgueiro, wherever he was arrested.

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