This Harry Gesner-Designed Modern Gothic Home Lists For $14 Million

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This Harry Gesner-designed location is listed for $14 million.

Nils Timm

Renowned Malibu designer Harry Gesner, called nan “Maverick of Malibu,” was known for his striking, gravity-defying homes inspired by nan melodramatic California landscape, nan ocean, and his clip spent surfing.

The self-taught architect, who passed distant astatine nan property of 97 successful 2022, was an adventurous surfer, skier, archaeologist, cartoonist, and was profoundly inspired by quality successful each forms. His astir celebrated location to this time is nan Wave House successful Malibu, which he designed successful 1957. He was ne'er an accredited architect, arsenic he taught himself successful nan field, but his creations are immoderate of nan astir notable passim L.A.

The surviving room.

Nils Timm

Ravenseye, 1 of his homes successful Malibu, has returned to nan market for $14 million. Built successful 1997, Ravenseye is built pinch modern Gothic-style creation pinch Gothic arches, vaulted ceilings, and solid walls that framework nan water views. In fact, it somewhat resembles nan style of a surfboard pinch surfboard-inspired frames and woody flying buttresses. The 4,170-square-foot, three-bedroom, and three-bathroom location is group connected 1 hilltop acre and, erstwhile you measurement inside, feels for illustration a protected sanctuary from nan extracurricular world.

Gesner primitively built nan location for playwright Jerome Lawrence aft Lawrence mislaid his erstwhile location to nan Old Topanga occurrence successful 1993. To forestall this from happening again, nan location was built to beryllium fireproof and earthquake-resistant and is made pinch durable materials, for illustration steel-wire panels sprayed pinch concrete.

The superior suite.

Nils Timm

Lawrence commissioned Gesner to build nan original location but ran retired of money earlier it was completed. Lawrence passed distant successful 2004, and nan existent owner/seller brought Gesner backmost successful 2008 to decorativeness his imagination for nan original location and reconstruct galore cardinal features that fell into disrepair, including nan windows, beforehand door, and fireplace.

The kitchen.

Nils Timm

The bosom of nan location is nan main surviving area, pinch 30-foot-high wood-beamed ceilings, a fireplace, Gothic arches, exposed beams, chromatic flooring, and monolithic windows. There are uninterrupted water views some time and night. By night, nan location seems to glow acknowledgment to nan civilization ray fixtures that illuminate nan space.

On nan 2nd level is nan superior suite and bathroom, which has a curved, stone-lined terrace pinch a solid pavilion that runs nan magnitude of nan bedroom. It has a backstage sitting area, fireplace, and an en suite bath pinch dual vanities. Outside connected nan main level are respective seating areas, a excavation and basking tub, section space, and deck.

The backyard.

Nils Timm

Grand structural woody columns that hoist nan location successful spot curve complete nan seating areas successful nan back. The spot besides hosts a beautifully restored 1957 Airstream trailer, which is included successful nan sale.

“When group travel in, they don’t want to leave,” says listing supplier Marcy Roth of Douglas Elliman, who is co-listing nan location pinch Fredrik Eklund. “It conscionable has a really relaxed vibe, and each you tin do is look astatine nan ocean.”

The vintage 1957 Airstream connected property.

Nils Timm

Legend has it that nan Rolling Stones jammed wherever nan soft presently is during 1 of Lawrence’s raucous parties backmost successful nan day. The location is considered 1 of Malibu’s astir architecturally important properties.