Thierry Henry reveals his theory behind Jurgen Klopp's shock Liverpool departure... as Reds boss shared that he was 'running out of energy' after his nine-year stint at Anfield

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  • Thierry Henry has revealed why he thinks Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool
  • Klopp's decision to time off Liverpool astatine nan extremity of nan play shocked football 
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By Jeorge Bird For Mailonline

Published: 12:48 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 12:58 EST, 13 February 2024

Arsenal fable Thierry Henry has revealed his mentation arsenic to why Jurgen Klopp decided to time off Liverpool.

Klopp shocked shot pinch his announcement connected January 26 that he will beryllium stepping down arsenic Liverpool head astatine nan extremity of nan season.

Since taking complaint of Liverpool successful 2015, Klopp has won nan Premier League, nan Champions League, nan FA Cup and nan League Cup.

However, nan 56-year-old feels that nan conclusion of nan existent run is nan correct clip for him to depart Anfield.

Henry believes that Klopp has made nan correct determination successful choosing to time off Liverpool.

Thierry Henry has revealed his mentation down Jurgen Klopp's determination to time off Liverpool

Henry reacted to Klopp's determination to time off Liverpool astatine nan extremity of nan existent campaign

Henry believes that nan unit and workload astatine Liverpool is 1 of nan cardinal reasons why Klopp is departing. 

Speaking on CBS Sports, Henry said: 'Pep was astatine Barcelona, took a sabbatical year. Klopp is astatine Liverpool, is stopping. Xavi is astatine Barcelona, he is besides stopping. Three awesome clubs.

'That's a dream occupation usually and they are stopping. That tells you a story. The pressure, everybody has a voice, societal media and whatnot. It is reliable to beryllium a head and nary 1 cares astir you. You're going to person to return attraction of yourself astatine 1 point.

'I understand that it's very bully for fans and everybody involved, journalists, but do not deliberation only astir yourself and reasoning that nan Premier League will miss Klopp, that Liverpool will miss Klopp. We cognize that, we cognize that is true.

'But he was missing his family, he was missing his ain time, he was missing his sanity. So bully for him. When I sewage nan news, I was like: 'Good for you.'

Explaining his determination to guidelines down, Klopp stated that he was 'running retired of energy'.

He said: 'It is that I am, really tin I opportunity it, moving retired of energy. I person nary problem now, obviously, I knew it already for longer that I will person to denote it astatine 1 point, but I americium perfectly good now. I cognize that I cannot do nan occupation again and again and again and again. 

Klopp will beryllium looking to unafraid further silverware earlier leaving Liverpool.

Henry feels that nan unit of nan Liverpool occupation is simply a cardinal logic down Klopp's departure

The Reds are presently apical of nan Premier League, 2 points up of Manchester City and Arsenal, though City person a crippled successful hand.

Liverpool will return connected Chelsea successful nan Carabao Cup last later this period and person progressed to nan information of 16 successful nan Europa League. 

In addition, Liverpool are done to nan 5th information of nan FA Cup, wherever they will big Southampton.