The View's Ana Navarro reveals she's 'fallen way off the wagon' from 'too much partying' - after confirming her Miami house party was SHUT DOWN by the police

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Ana Navarro had a sojourn from nan constabulary aft she threw a 'raucous' location statement successful Miami past week - and now the View regular has admitted she has been doing 'way excessively overmuch partying'.

Ana, 51, posted a gym selfie and joked that her legs felt for illustration 'overcooked pasta' arsenic she waved goodbye to her caller hedonistic spell and attempted to resume her wellness and fittingness regime.

Dressed successful a grey T-shirt and pinch her hairsbreadth pulled back, nan TV prima captioned nan image: 'I’d fallen waaaay disconnected nan wagon. Like nan wagon ran complete maine and conscionable kept going, benignant of falling off.

'Way excessively overmuch recreation and partying. But I climbed backmost connected today. Barely. My legs consciousness for illustration overcooked pasta, correct now. I’m gonna spell laic down pinch my canine for a bit. That’s all. Oh and I conjecture I should person started pinch "good morning, peeps!"'

Ana Navarro shared a gym selfie connected Wednesday greeting arsenic she admitted she had 'fallen disconnected nan wagon' pinch wellness and fitness 

The 51-year-old told her Instagram followers that she has been doing 'way excessively overmuch recreation and partying' lately

Ana threw a 'raucous' statement astatine her Miami location for vocalist Carlos Vives past week - and nan cops were called 

Encouragement was forthcoming from her 739,000 followers who were speedy to show her she was 'amazing' and that getting 'back on' is 'all that matters'.

One instrumentality wrote: 'One of nan reasons we emotion you truthful much… ever keeping it real!' 

Another told her she looks 'beautiful', adding 'you sewage this', while a 3rd told her: 'Getting backmost connected is each that matters!!'

A 4th personification said: 'You look beautiful… The important portion is not disconnected nan wagon, nan important portion is getting backmost on.' 

Ana's Wednesday workout comes aft she admitted to The View's executive shaper Brian Teta that nan constabulary attempted to unopen down her caller plot party.

The governmental strategist revealed that she threw an epic get together to observe Colombian vocalist Carlos Vives' 30 years successful nan euphony industry, pinch vocalist Gloria Estefan among nan guests.

She told The View's Behind nan Table podcast: 'I threw a meal successful [Carlos'] honor, and we had music, and it was successful my backyard. What happens erstwhile you've sewage each these group who tin sing? They each commencement singing, and we had loudspeakers. It was a full-fledged concert.'

The festivities deed a roadblock erstwhile nan constabulary arrived - but, keen to proceed nan party, Ana admitted to tempting an serviceman pinch a drink. 

'I offered nan bull a cocktail. He declined,' she said. 'And past I said to him, "Listen, I'm sorry. Take maine to jail, but I'm not astir to unopen down a statement pinch Carlos Vivas…and each these people".'

A 2nd serviceman past turned up and forced Ana to trim nan noise.

The brunette appeared to beryllium having nan champion clip arsenic she enjoyed a creation pinch Carlos

Ana confirmed that constabulary turned up astatine her lavish Miami location owed to nan sound - and she offered 1 serviceman a cocktail

Ana antecedently admitted she really likes 'tequila and staying successful furniture pinch my poodle' erstwhile asked astir her wellness and fittingness regime

'So, nan statement continues, and past a 2nd bull showed up astir an hr later, truthful past astatine immoderate point, we moved nan statement into nan house, and it went connected for a while longer. The past group near astir 2 successful nan morning,' she said.

Ana gave fans a glimpse of nan epic statement erstwhile she shared immoderate photos connected Instagram, arsenic good arsenic a video that showed 66-year-old Gloria dancing connected nan patio.

The View panelist posted an exterior changeable of nan stunning location she shares pinch her hubby of 4 years, Al Cárdenas, and their pet pooch ChaCha arsenic she told her fans: 'Throwing a bully statement doesn’t person to beryllium expensive.'

Ana intelligibly knows really to person a bully clip and ensured that her guests were treated to bully food, bully music, and nary uncertainty plentifulness of cocktails. 

The TV prima has made nary concealed of nan truth that she enjoys a margarita from time-to-time, but has besides spoken retired astir her caller weight nonaccomplishment journey and immoderate lifestyle changes she made successful bid to shed immoderate pounds.

Ana, who was progressive pinch 2008 statesmanlike run of precocious Sen. John McCain, told her followers successful June that she has 'struggled pinch my weight my full life,' adding that 'the pandemic and menopause made it worse'.

She antecedently said that her mother's 2021 decease arsenic consequence of kidney illness brought connected by diabetes, spurred her to get proactive successful her quest for amended health.

'Last August, I went to a wellness spa successful Mexico called @rancholapuerta pinch 2 of my friends since people school,' she said earlier this year.

The TV prima pictured successful August 2023 during her sun-soaked picnic to Turkey and Greece

Ana has antecedently opened up astir her weight nonaccomplishment travel and manner changes

Ana, pictured present successful March 2022, admitted that her mother's decease successful 2021 spurred her to get proactive successful her quest for amended health

'We had each turned 50 and wanted to beryllium healthier. I spent clip location learning to navigator and eat healthier, reprogramming nan measurement I deliberation of my lifestyle, and being much active. We did each sorts of workout classes for hours a day.'

Ana explained that erstwhile she and her friends returned to Miami, they 'were wished to proceed immoderate of our patient habits' and confirmed that she 'also sought master help' successful nan shape of a nutritionist, Pilates coach, pickleball coach and aesculapian supervision.

In nan Instagram comment, she admitted: 'It’s been a complete manner alteration - isolated from for nan damn rosé and margaritas, which I can’t springiness up. It is simply a regular struggle for me. I still really for illustration tequila and staying successful furniture pinch my poodle.'

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