The secret conversations of the Premier League REVEALED: Forensic lip reader lifts the lid on the flashpoint between Edson Alvarez and Gabriel and David Moyes' frustrations... and just what DID one Aston Villa fan say to Rasmus Hojlund?

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In different thrilling play of Premier League action, nan agony and ecstasy of nan world's premier shot title was connected afloat display.

Excitement has frankincense acold being nan sanction of nan crippled and nan 2023-24 play is connected people to group a caller grounds for full goals successful Premier League history.

Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool each picked up wins to fortify their title ambitions, pinch each 3 showing nary signs of slowing down their complaint towards nan apical spot arsenic we attack nan last 3rd of nan campaign.

Meanwhile, nan conflict of nan chasing battalion continues pinch Manchester United securing what could beryllium to beryllium a important 3 points successful nan title for Champions League shot arsenic they near it precocious to conclusion Aston Villa. 

Elsewhere successful nan array nan title for points is conscionable arsenic fierce, pinch Sheffield United defeating Luton to support a glimmer of dream live that they tin make nan astir improbable of pushes for Premier League safety.

To summation a deeper penetration into nan emotions progressive successful apical formation shot Mail Sport have enlisted forensic lip-reader Jeremy Freeman to connection his study connected what was said successful immoderate of nan weekend's astir animated incidents.

Mail Sport enlisted an master articulator scholar to shed ray connected immoderate of this weekend's astir contentious incidents

Forest's heated punishment protest

After narrowly escaping relegation past season, Nottingham Forest once again find themselves dicing pinch decease astatine nan incorrect extremity of nan table.

Steve Cooper's sacking successful December was followed by back-to-back wins for Nuno Espirito Santo, but that caller head bounce could yet beryllium negated by a imaginable points punishment for breaking nan league's financial rules. 

The Tricky Trees are now slipping backmost into their aged ways connected nan transportation and recovered themselves winless successful 3 up of Newcastle's sojourn to nan City Ground.

Bruno Guimaraes gave nan visitors nan cleanable start, but Forest fought backmost doubly to caput into nan interval level.

In nan second-half Taiwo Awoniyi was brought down by Martin Dubravka, pinch erstwhile referee Mark Clattenburg telling Mail Sport it was 'impossible' for nan striker to enactment connected his feet.

Nottingham Forest felt they deserved a punishment erstwhile Taiwo Awoniyi was brought down by Martin Dubravka

The club's chair lit up successful vexation arsenic they appealed to nan officials to constituent to nan spot

Rui Pedro Silva could later beryllium seen protesting his innocence aft being shown a yellowish card

However referee Anthony Taylor did not constituent to spot, starring to furious protests connected nan Forest chair captured connected nan broadcast that were only exacerbated aft nan referee cautioned Santo's assistant, Rui Pedro Silva.

In his study of nan clip, Freeman noted nan No 2 saying: 'Hey? Hey? [indecipherable] That is nothing. I was sitting connected nan bench, I was sitting connected nan bench, man, of course, sitting connected nan b****y bench.'

Things would spell from bad to worse for nan hosts successful short order, pinch Guimaraes again popping up to fire Newcastle to victory and unafraid nan 3 points.

Alvarez and Gabriel clash

After triumph complete Liverpool kept their title ambitions alive, Arsenal travelled to nan London Stadium connected Sunday intent connected reaffirming their position arsenic genuine contenders.

Mikel Arteta's broadside wasted small clip getting down to business astatine nan London Stadium.

With nan crippled still level successful nan early stages Alphonse Areola attempted to kickstart a antagonistic for nan Hammers by launching a propulsion towards Edson Alvarez connected nan near flank.

The summertime signing's first touch flattered to deceive however, and he was forced into a rash situation to contradict an onrushing Bukayo Saka possession.

Edson Alvarez made a rash situation connected Bukayo Saka successful nan early stages of West Ham's conclusion by Arsenal

The Mexico world appeared to insist that Saka had not been wounded successful nan tackle

Alvarez past engaged successful a heated back-and-forth pinch Arsenal defender Gabriel

With nan England world near writhing connected nan pitch, Alvarez was shown a yellowish card, and, according to Freeman was not expecting his caution.

'No, no, nah, no, he didn't hurt…(referee past brandishes yellow)…what?'

Gabriel past progressive himself by squaring up to Alvarez pinch nan brace exchanging heated words.

'F**k off, you soiled c***t,' Freeman believes Gabriel to person told nan West Ham defender - pinch nan 2nd expletive matching nan articulator patterns and nan discourse of nan situation.

Alvarez retorts: 'F**k disconnected Magalhaes (Gabriel's surname), really tin you...' earlier nan camera cuts away.  

The Brazilian would yet person nan past laugh, joining Saka connected nan scoresheet successful a 6-0 thumping arsenic they handed nan Hammers their joint-heaviest location conclusion successful Premier League history.

Moyes vents arsenic his broadside sinks

For arsenic jubilant an day arsenic Sunday was for nan Gunners it was arsenic as devastating for David Moyes.

The Scotsman's 2nd spell successful complaint astatine nan eastbound London nine has been punctuated by moments of triumph followed by sinking despair, and unluckily for Moyes caller results person fallen squarely successful nan second category.

Such was nan disappointment of nan defeat, contract hold talks for nan head person been paused, pinch nan nine now winless successful their past 7 games successful each competitions.

David Moyes could beryllium seen expressing his vexation pursuing his side's hapless performance

Hammers leader has seen statement hold talks pinch nan nine paused amid their dismal form

Freeman's study of nan erstwhile Everton boss's words captures nan vexation of a head watching his squad wholly blown retired of nan water.

In nan 84th minute, nan cameras trim to an exasperated Moyes, who tin beryllium seen muttering to himself aft Jakub Kiwior is penalised for a foul connected Mohammed Kudus: 'For f*** sake, it's astir time, really galore times, it's not [indecipherable}... count really galore fouls'.

Hojlund riles up Villa Park

While West Ham's momentum has crushed to a halt successful caller weeks, Manchester United person very overmuch been successful nan ascendency.

Erik 10 Hag has spent overmuch of nan run to this constituent trying to reignite nan occurrence of his maiden word successful Manchester and pinch a youthful spine astatine its halfway it looks to yet beryllium underway.

Against Aston Villa, United faced 1 of their superior rivals for a Champions League spot and proved they tin get a consequence astatine a captious juncture of nan campaign.

Rasmus Hojlund continued his good shape successful beforehand of extremity pinch a 5th successful arsenic galore games, earlier Douglas Luiz equalised for nan hosts and apt ruffled a fewer feathers pinch an exuberant extremity celebration.

Rasmus Hojlund was substituted successful stoppage clip arsenic Manchester United defeated Aston Villa

Douglas Luiz angrily exchanged words pinch nan guardant arsenic he took his clip leaving nan pitch

A Villa instrumentality past aimed a obscenity-filled tirade astatine Hojlund arsenic he made his measurement to nan bench

How fitting past that nan brace would travel together successful stoppage clip aft substitute Scott McTominay had fired United backmost into nan lead pinch a header successful nan closing minutes of normal time.

As Hojlund walked disconnected nan transportation aft being replaced by Jonny Evans, nan young guardant enraged nan Villa Park faithful by gesturing astatine them to calm down and reminding them of nan score.

Luiz past confronted nan Dane, pinch Freeman noting he said: 'You s***, travel on, you know, you push off, conscionable spell off,' as he attempted to hasten his departure.

A much fiery remark was still to travel however, pinch a instrumentality wearing a club-branded hoodie aiming a expletive-laden diatribe astatine nan 21-year-old and appearing to mention to nan him arsenic a 'n***e'.

'You f*****, f*** off, you f****** n***e,' he could beryllium seen shouting astatine nan Dane.