The Saudis Are Finding Carbon-Friendly Ways To Power Industry

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The  Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia is building a star manufacturing and exertion ... [+] installation successful nan Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.


Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is pursuing a greenish inaugural to make half its energy pinch renewables by 2030 and works 10 cardinal trees. The purpose is to trim 278 cardinal tons of CO2 by nan decade’s extremity and deed nett zero by 2060. The Kingdom wants to beryllium a location power powerhouse — a hub for manufacturing, high-tech, and climate-friendly exports.

With that, nan Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia is building a star manufacturing and exertion installation successful nan Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. At full capacity, nan mill will nutrient capable renewable power annually to make 5,000 tons of star steam, offsetting 4 cardinal MMBtus of earthy state and reducing CO2 by 200,000 tons each year.

“Saudi Arabia is diversifying its system distant from lipid and state and shifting to renewables,” Rod MacGregor, main executive and laminitis of GlassPoint told maine successful a Zoom Interview. “Solar lasts longer than lipid and gas. But this is besides astir manufacturing and jobs. Moreover, we are helping decarbonize nan business assemblage and trim nan ambiance effect connected hard-to-abate industries regionally.”

GlassPoint is making star components for nan Kingdom. Its caller location manufacturing installation will proviso some nan Saudis and adjacent countries pinch star parts. For example, it makes mirrors to ore aliases attraction sunlight. It is directed onto a tube pinch water, which boils and creates nan steam that companies usage to substance their operations.

According to nan International Energy Agency, 29% of nan energy assemblage is decarbonizing — a number that is trending up. But only 10% of business process power is doing so.

Electricity is 20% of power worldwide. Industrial usage comprises 26%, while proscription and building usage comprise 30% and 23%, respectively. We tin electrify astir everything — from homes to cars. But nan business assemblage is different: Unless we decarbonize industrial process heat, we won’t make our 2050 carbon-neutrality goals.

Traditionally, manufacture burns state to boil h2o to make steam. Or it burns ember to power a boiler, some of which usage a batch of substance and create excessively galore emissions. Solar-generated steam is cheaper and results successful nary pollution. Focusing nan sunlight is 100 times brighter and produces incredibly precocious temperatures, making low-cost steam.

Building A Track To Decarbonization

Solar-Generated Steam. Mirrors ore nan sunlight to create power and boil h2o to make steam. ... [+]


Unlike star panels, nan extremity is to bespeak sunlight — not sorb it to make an electrical current.

“Boilers are 93% efficient, turning power into steam,” says MacGregor. “We move 66% of sunlight into steam. However, this is not a meaningful comparison because nan sunshine is free and nan substance is not.”

But why not usage greenish energy to make power for business use? It costs a batch much to nutrient energy than it does to make solar-generated heat. It tin activity for cars, but it is difficult for dense industry, says MacGregor.

The astir important obstacle nan solar-generated power manufacture faces is uncovering nan abstraction to operate. Transmission lines let energy to move hundreds of miles, but steam tin only spell astir six miles. Industrial users must, therefore, beryllium adjacent to nan exertion facilities. Beyond space, tons of sunshine is simply a necessity.

“When we started 10 years ago, nary 1 wanted to decarbonize,” MacGregor says. “Now, everyone is connected nan way to decarbonization. In California, we are cheaper than earthy gas, and successful Australia, we are cheaper than coal.”

To this end, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment is partnering pinch GlassPoint to grow its ambiance defense crossed nan Middle East. Critics telephone it “greenwashing.” But it is leveraging its lipid and state wealthiness to create 21st Century occupation opportunities and to trim emissions — akin to what nan United Arab Emirates is doing.

Furthermore, nan business supports nan ministry’s Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative, while it represents advancement towards achieving nan Saudi Vision 30 – a 10-year scheme to diversify nan country’s economy, society, and culture. Its Saudi Green Initiative intends to create a greener future.

“Saudi Arabia is committed to starring nan region successful economical improvement arsenic good arsenic sustainability,” said Khalid Al-Falih, nan Saudi Minister of Investment, noting that nan collaboration pinch GlassPoint helps fortify its economy, proviso chains, and high-tech mastery.

Oil and state person constricted lives, forcing nan Saudis to rethink their power strategies. If nan Kingdom tin find innovate ways to powerfulness its home industries and amended value of life, truthful tin different countries — an basal undertaking for nan world organization to meet its ambiance goals.

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