The Rolling Stones Cement Their Legacy With Another Successful Album

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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 06: (L-R) Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards airs for a ... [+] photocall astatine nan Rolling Stones "Hackney Diamonds" Launch Event astatine Hackney Empire connected September 06, 2023 successful London, England. (Photo by Jo Hale/Redferns)


The Rolling Stones are backmost successful a awesome measurement this week arsenic their first medium of original worldly successful almost 2 decades finds its measurement to nan Billboard charts. The set, titled Hackney Diamonds, debuts wrong nan apical 10 connected nan Billboard 200—the play ranking of nan most-consumed albums successful nan U.S.

This latest group from nan stone set is not conscionable different successful release. It’s further impervious that nan Rolling Stones are still 1 of nan apical acts successful nan world, and it's a historical accomplishment for nan legendary rockers. According to Billboard, nan Rolling Stones person go nan first enactment of immoderate benignant to floor plan a caller medium wrong nan apical 10 connected nan Billboard 200 successful each of nan past 7 decades.

The Rolling Stones first reached nan highest tier connected nan Billboard 200 backmost successful 1964. Since then, they person returned to nan apical 10 reasonably regularly, though their output has slowed considerably successful nan past fewer decades arsenic they person aged. For example, successful nan 1960s, nan Rolling Stones charted 13 apical 10 albums connected nan Billboard 200. In opposition to that prolific output, successful some nan 2010s and nan 2020s, nan group has sent conscionable 1 caller effort into nan highest tier connected nan ranking.

Billboard besides points retired that conscionable 1 different philharmonic enactment is adjacent to accomplishing nan aforesaid feat. Barbra Streisand has scored a caller apical 10 medium successful each decade from nan sixties until nan 2010s. The vocalist and character only needs to cod 1 much apical 10 medium this decade to lucifer nan Rolling Stones...though astatine nan infinitesimal she doesn't person immoderate plans to merchandise thing that would thief her drawback up.

Hackney Diamonds opens arsenic nan No. 3 medium successful nan state this week, launching pinch 101,000 balanced medium units. The group marks nan band's 38th apical 10 connected nan Billboard 200—that’s nan astir placements successful nan region among each artists.

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