The rise of the FRENCH taco: How fast-food trend which started near Lyon in 2000s is now taking London - and the world - by storm (and it's got very little to do with Mexican food)

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It is nan latest nutrient inclination to return societal media by storm, pinch scores of TikTokers now documenting its emergence successful British cities.

The French taco has been a deed connected nan different broadside of nan Channel for much than 2 decades, but only now is it launching a situation to nan UK's array of well-established fast-food options.

Not to beryllium confused pinch nan Mexican delicacy, nan French taco is simply a gooey dainty that is sending young influencers wild, rushing to walk connected their recommendations from outlets successful London and Manchester. 

Among those hoping to elbow their measurement into nan crowded takeaway marketplace are brothers Zack and Momo Nasro, who tally Moozak's disconnected nan capital's engaged Kensington High Street.

Speaking from down a antagonistic successful Medz Corner, Zack, 27, insists business has been bustling since they group up 2 months ago.

But what really is simply a French taco and why is it proving truthful popular?  

Zack Nasro, 27, of Moozak's successful Medz Corner, Kensington High Street, has large plans to grow his edifice crossed nan globe

A adjacent up of 1 of Moozak's French tacos which is loaded pinch nutrient and oozy homemade food sauce

'The champion measurement to explicate it is it's a substance betwixt a burger and a Shawarma,' Zack told MailOnline. 

One of nan astir celebrated items connected Moozak's menu, Zack says, is nan lamb typical which sees saucy minced legal nutrient mixed pinch crispy chicken, fries, mozzarella, crispy onions, and an oozy homemade food condiment each wrapped and grilled successful a tortilla. 

Despite its name, nan snack is vastly different to nan accepted Mexican taco.

In fact, it is successful nan suburbs of Lyon successful nan early 2000s, according to immoderate theories, erstwhile nan French taco was first invented. 

Zack sewage his first sensation successful Morocco aged 19 and was hooked from nan first bite. He decided to make 1 tweak to nan recipe; little condiment arsenic 'no 1 wants to eat covered successful mess'.

'That's nan point that differentiates america from others. The measurement they do it successful France is to overload pinch food and mayonnaise. 

'With america we effort to trim nan amount of food and sauces. A personification doesn't want it messy.'

Describing nan taste, he says: 'It's for illustration an detonation of flavours and astatine first you spell into a spot of daze and past each nan flavours each commencement kicking successful 1 by 1 and you consciousness each one.'

Zack wants to unfastened a caller outlet each six months and past aft he's conquered London and nan UK pinch his relative by his broadside he plans to spell worldwide. 

Moozak's isn't nan only French taco edifice pinch large plans arsenic much and much commencement to popular up crossed nan capital. 

The beforehand antagonistic astatine Moozak's showing disconnected immoderate of nan dishes connected offer. Customers tin prime their ain fillings and sauces, aliases alternatively determine to spell for 1 of nan typical boxes

Zack (left) alongside his relative Momo, 26, down nan counter. They want to unfastened a caller edifice each six months and dream to spot their concatenation popular up crossed nan world

Hop connected nan Piccadilly Line from Earl's Court and an hour's conduit thrust northbound sits The Taco House successful Green Lane, Harringay. 

Around £100,000 was spent by proprietor Saleem Rantell, 26, connected renovating nan building to create a Japanese-inspired edifice wherever group tin climb a ladder and beryllium supra different diners.

It's 1 of nan main talking points erstwhile group visit, alongside nan food.

Like Moozak's, Saleem sees himself sitting alongside nan likes of Taco Bell successful nan crowded fast-food marketplace and has plans to franchise nan business.

'A batch of group successful nan UK weren't acquainted pinch it [French tacos] but they find erstwhile they effort it they go obsessed,' he says. 

'I deliberation it's a operation of a fewer things. First, we import each of our sauces and they haven't tasted thing for illustration it successful nan UK earlier pinch nan operation of our homemade food sauce.

'It's for illustration everything successful 1 meal... an detonation of flavours successful 1 meal.'

Saleem is nan brainchild down nan business he group up 2 years agone pinch nan thief of nan financial backing from his silent business partner. 

The Taco House successful Harringay launched 2 years agone and proprietor Saleem Rantell, 26, has eyes connected competing pinch nan likes of Taco Bell 

All of nan Moroccan and Algerian sauces are imported and nan operation pinch nan homemade food condiment is for illustration thing anyone has ever knowledgeable before, says Saleem 

Saleem spent £100,000 to wholly renovate nan edifice into Japanese-inspired seating wherever diners climb ladders to beryllium supra different people

That includes each nan names of nan dishes connected nan menu, from nan Paris-inspired Eiffel Taco (cordon bleu, minced beef, turkey rashers, achromatic olives and Moroccan sauce), to nan Philly Cheese Taco (diced steak, minced beef, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, peppers, and Algerian sauce). 

'We've had affirmative feedback and nan amount is rather filling and we often person group return portion of it location successful a takeaway box,' he says.

'The Moroccan and Algerian sauces person unsocial flavours; not excessively spicy and not excessively tangy.'

As for Taco Bell, Saleem has nan concatenation firmly successful his sights and believes The Taco House has much than capable to rival nan Mexican-American restaurant. 

Food lovers person been raving astir nan French taco connected societal media pinch videos popping up connected TikTok from Manchester to London of them waxing lyrical aft taking their first bite. 

One of those was from London Foodee who was near successful awe of nan 'mouthwatering feast' astatine The Taco House and described it arsenic a 'must cheque retired destination for nutrient enthusiasts'.

'These guys person perfected nan creation of crafting French tacos, a delightful twist connected nan classical Mexican dish. Imagine a warm, grilled flour tortilla enveloping a operation of French fries, food sauce, sauce, and a assortment of delectable filling,' he wrote.

Saleem has seen different restaurants leapfrogging onto nan caller trend, not that he's excessively bothered.

'More and much places are trading French tacos now,' he says. 'I deliberation I've seen 3 aliases 4 restaurants incorporated it connected nan paper because it's rather elemental to make and it's very filling... if it's made right.'