The real-life Transformer! Watch as a 3.5-ton robot transforms into a car within seconds

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If you grew up loving nan Transformers franchise, you whitethorn person dreamed of nan time exertion would bring your favourite robots to life.

Now, a Japanese engineering institution has turned that puerility imagination into a reality, pinch its 3.5-ton robot that transforms into a car wrong moments. 

The Archax, designed by Tsubame Industries, is simply a 15ft-tall piloted mech capable to spell from a opinionated 'robot mode' into a streamlined 'vehicle mode' pinch nan property of a button. 

Incredible footage shows a aviator climbing successful done nan cockpit hatch and manipulating nan robot's arms and hands earlier switching modes and driving off.  

Tsubame Industries has presently made 5 of nan elephantine robots and plans to waste them for $3 cardinal (£2.46m) each.  

The Archax robot, designed by Tsubame Industries, tin toggle shape from a robot into a car while nan aviator remains safely inside

The caller robot bears an uncanny resemblance to Bumblebee from nan Transformers movie franchise

Even though nan aviator is sealed wrong nan robot, they still person a 360-degree position of their surroundings done 9 outer cameras, which provender backmost to 4 screens which statement nan cockpit. 

From within, nan aviator uses 2 joysticks and pedals to power nan robot's movements, manipulating its arms successful robot mode aliases steering it successful conveyance mode. 

Once successful conveyance mode, nan battery-powered robot's 4 legs usage real-wheel thrust and front-wheel steering to scope not-quite blistering speeds of 10mph. 

On societal media, commenters were thrilled by nan robot's capabilities and design, which bears a beardown resemblance to robots from video games and anime. 

'Getting person to piloting Titanfall Mechs,' 1 commenter wrote successful reference to nan celebrated video crippled featuring piloted mech combat.

'Amazing activity to each nan engineers, designers, mechanics and everyone other progressive successful this beautiful portion of creation and machine,' they added. 

Another excited instrumentality quipped: 'Awesome, axenic awesomeness. This is what I unrecorded for, and I dream to acquisition this.'

The aviator climbs into nan cockpit hatch via a ladder connected nan beforehand of nan robot. Once inside, nan hatch will adjacent down them

Even though nan aviator is sealed wrong nan robot, they still person a 360-degree position of their surroundings done 9 outer cameras, which provender backmost to 4 screens which statement nan cockpit 

What is simply a mech? 

A mech, aliases mecha, mostly refers to a ample piloted robot aliases machine.

The word originates successful Japan, and originally referred to immoderate type of mechanical device. 

Mechs person go a communal trope successful some video games and film, wrong and extracurricular Japan. 

Popular examples see nan Japanese anime 'Mobile Suit Gundam', aliases nan 'Pacific Rim' films.

Mobile Suit Gundam popularized nan thought of nan mech arsenic a elephantine piloted robot

Others referenced nan Archax's Japanese design, pinch 1 commenter writing: 'Go Japan! Always knew you would create these magnificent machines!'

Another wrote: 'I ever knew if location will ever beryllium a existent mech suit, it will travel from a Japanese company. They cognize very good what is nan coolest.'

Ryoda Yoshida, CEO of Tsubame Industries, said that nan robot's improvement was straight motivated by a desire to harvester Japan's stills successful robotics and animation. 

'The first logic for creating it was that I wanted to make a caller vehicle,' Mr Yoshida told Reuters.

'In addition, Japan is really beardown successful nan animation, games, and robot industries, arsenic good arsenic successful automobiles.

'So I thought it would beryllium awesome if I could create a merchandise that compressed each these elements into 1 that says, "This is Japan."'

The institution adds: 'Through our robots, we dream to create an introduction constituent for children into manufacturing and link their skills to nan adjacent procreation of engineers.

'We will prosecute nan dream of puerility into reality pinch our coagulated method capabilities, and nan rider robot arsenic a product.'

Archax is intended to shape a wholly caller marketplace for luxury vehicles, taking ultra-luxury attraction and backstage jets arsenic nan benchmark for nan product.

The patient expects nan main customers to beryllium able people, some domestically and overseas. 

However, successful nan early nan institution hopes its robots will 1 time beryllium utilized successful nan abstraction manufacture and to thief pinch disaster relief. 

Archex transforms into conveyance mode pinch its 4 legs providing real-wheel thrust and front-wheel steering

Under nan powerfulness of its electrical motor, nan 15ft gangly robot is capable to deed speeds of 10 miles/hour

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