The New York Destination Diner Opens A New Jersey Location

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Carnegie Diner successful Secaucus


I professed my emotion for Carnegie Diner successful this file much than 2 years ago. Today, my fondness for nan edifice is arsenic beardown arsenic ever and possibly moreover more.

The flagship location, which my family and I predominant connected weekends, is located successful Midtown Manhattan crossed nan thoroughfare from Carnegie Hall. It’s a spot that breaks diner stereotypes and serves delicious nutrient utilizing nan freshest ingredients and moreover has a barroom pinch apical support spirits including Casamigos tequila, Money 47 gin and high-end wines.

The beef successful nan burgers, nan chickenhearted and nan eggs are organic, and immoderate of nan nutrient is too. Seafood including Atlantic salmon and branzino are delivered respective times a week, and azygous root java from nan cult marque Lavazza and freshly squeezed orangish juice besides figures in.

The exterior of Carnegie Diner's Secaucus location features an alfresco eating area.


Breakfast is served each time and includes lobster benedict, salmon avocado toast and much than a twelve types of pancakes that are oversized and stacked high. Healthy eaters, maine among them, gravitate to nan huge, tasty salads and atom bowls. And I haven’t moreover gotten to nan lineup of tempting desserts wherever nan 24 Layer Chocolate barroom and nan creamy, old-fashioned milkshakes are nan stars of nan show nary doubt.

Given nan reasonable prices and exceptional service, it’s nary astonishment that quiet customers tin hold for much than hr for their move to eat.

Now, fans for illustration maine will beryllium happy to cognize that proprietor and executive cook Stathis Antonakopoulos has expanded his footprint pinch 2 further locations. The first is connected 8th Avenue disconnected 50th street. More notably, nan 2nd is successful Secaucus, New Jersey.

Spanning 6,600 quadrate feet, nan abstraction features a akin paper arsenic nan original Carnegie Diner that has won complete legions of loyalists, a creation pinch subway tiles successful a motion to its New York roots and a wall pinch pictures of celebrated musicians who person performed astatine Carnegie Hall passim its history.

A dispersed of nutrient astatine Carnegie Diner


In a caller and invited move, alfresco eating is besides offered underneath a canopy of vines.

Admittedly, I didn’t person a logic aliases desire to sojourn Secaucus before, but now that Carnegie Diner is open, my position has changed. As I said, it’s a destination spot that warrants a travel connected its own.

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