The Macallan Adami 1926 Is Up For Auction. What Makes It The World’s Most Valuable Whisky?

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Today, beforehand bidding originates for The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926, considered nan world’s astir valuable whisky.


A azygous vessel of The Macallan 1926 is presently listed connected Sotheby’s, expected to waste for an estimated £750,000 to £1.2 cardinal (about $909,599 to $1.5 million) connected November 18.

The Macallan Adami 1926 spent six decades successful sherry casks earlier only 40 bottles were filled successful 1986, creating nan oldest Macallan vintage ever produced. At nan time, nan bottles weren’t disposable for purchase, only distributed to The Macallan’s apical clients.

In nan past 5 years, however, these uncommon bottles person surfaced to luxury auction houses for consecutive grounds breaking sales. In 2018 and 2019, nan auction grounds was surgery 3 times by 3 of nan different variations of The Macallan, including a caller auction grounds for immoderate vessel of vino aliases tone erstwhile Sotheby’s sold nan Fine & Rare type successful 2019 for £1.5 cardinal ($1.9 million). This is nan first clip 1 of nan 40 bottles has travel to auction astatine Sotheby’s since nan past grounds was set.

“It’s astir apt nan astir absorbing clip successful which we are trading a luxury whisky during a very financially tumultuous time,” explains world whisky authority, Nate Gana, astir what stands retired to him astir this peculiar bottle. “All erstwhile Macallan’s of this era person so fetched very bully money and rightfully so, however, nary of those that sold were successful immoderate benignant of financial hardship.”

According to Gana, nan worth of The Macallan 1926 lies successful nan amount produced and nan humanities clip it was produced, arsenic good arsenic really agelong it took to create this peculiar liquid that was capable to guidelines nan trial of clip (nearly 100 years).

Further adding to its value, this peculiar vessel is besides nan first to person undergone reconditioning by The Macallan Distillery anterior to its auction. After replacing some nan capsule and nan cork, applying caller glue to nan corners of nan vessel labels, past taking 1ml of liquid sample to trial against different 1926 vessel astatine nan Edrington offices successful Glasgow, nan bottle’s information was approved by maestro distiller Kristen Campbell.

“Now, arsenic nan bedrock for each Macallan 1926 authenticity… this must surely beryllium nan astir desirable vessel of whisky ever to travel to nan market,” shared  Jonny Fowle, Sotheby’s Global Head of Spirits.

With specified a merited forecast, Gana summarized nan value of nan forthcoming sale: “I judge that we are going to really spot really specified assets tin clasp up during a financial crisis,” said Gana. “If we tin subordinate nan existent financial inclination and spot this genuinely break records, past we will cognize that whisky arsenic a full has a very agelong early arsenic a commodity.”

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