The locum GP won't see you now! Freelance doctors who charge up to £850 a shift can't get any work... while you wait weeks for an appointment

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  • A canvass of 533 locum GPs revealed that 55% recovered it difficult to get a shift 
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By Emily Craig Deputy Health Editor For Mailonline

Published: 11:28 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 11:29 EST, 13 February 2024

More than half of freelance doctors person struggled to find activity successful nan past year, a study suggests.

A canvass of much than 500 locum GPs successful England, who complaint up to £850 a day, revealed that 55 per cent had recovered it difficult to get a displacement successful practices.

Eight successful 10 complained that request for their services had fallen — contempt swathes of Brits being hopeless to spot their GP. 

Locum doctors blamed financial pressures connected surgeries and nan usage of lesser-trained medics to capable their role.

Campaigners coming warned that GPs person now go and 'endangered species' and deed retired astatine practices for replacing doctors pinch 'less qualified staff'.

A canvass of much than 500 locum GPs successful England, who complaint up to £850 a day, revealed that 55 per cent had recovered it difficult to get a displacement successful practices

GP Online quizzed 533 locum family doctors successful England, pinch 14 per cent reporting request for their services remained static. Only 5 per cent said it had increased.

Nearly 9 successful 10 believed employment opportunities for locum GPs successful their area had dropped off.

More than half blamed nan downturn connected practices struggling to spend locums. Eight successful 10 said surgeries were turning to different unit roles and truthful reducing their usage of locums. 

Three successful 10 (29 per cent) blamed accrued title from different locum GPs.

One anonymous GP who responded to nan canvass said practices person been 'pushed' to employment different types of staff, specified arsenic pharmacists, expert associates (PAs) and physiotherapists, done nan further roles reimbursement strategy (ARRS). 

The ARRS strategy was introduced successful 2019 and lets superior attraction networks, groups of GP surgeries operating successful nan aforesaid area, prosecute for different roles specified arsenic podiatrists and occupational therapists and declare reimbursement for their salaries. 

It is expected to boost diligent entree but immoderate experts person called for nan rate to alternatively beryllium allocated to employment locum GPs full-time. 

There person been concerns successful peculiar complete nan usage of PAs to capable GP workforce gaps. 

PAs work nether nan supervision of a expert and require 2 years of postgraduate study but nary general aesculapian training.

Another GP who responded to nan study complained that they utilized to person 'four aliases five' practices requesting their activity arsenic soon arsenic they posted readiness but activity now comes successful 'dribs and drabs', meaning they are booked little and person to recreation further.

One family expert said they are now applying for activity extracurricular of nan NHS complete fears they can't support up pinch their owe and different bills. 

Dennis Reed, caput of Silver Voices, a run group for nan over-60s, told MailOnline: 'Only a mates of years agone it was lucrative to beryllium a locum GP arsenic location were truthful galore gaps to beryllium filled. 

'Now practices are reducing nan number of GPs and replacing doctors pinch expert associates and different little qualified staff. 

'A sorry authorities of affairs pinch nan GP becoming an endangered species.'

Just 4 successful 10 group successful England (42.6 per cent) saw their GP connected nan aforesaid time they contacted their believe successful November, latest NHS information shows.

A 5th (18.8 per cent) waited 2 to 7 days, while 20.9 per cent were forced to hold 8 to 21 days. One successful 20 had to hold much than a month.

In October, agencies which coordinate pinch sites crossed nan state and link them pinch locums asked doctors to see reducing their expected hourly complaint to summation their chance of getting hired. 

Average locum time rates successful England ranged from £600 to £850 successful 2023, a 2 per cent emergence successful a year, according to information complied by Management successful Practice.

In erstwhile years, hopeless practices person offered locums up to £1,000 a time to capable staffing shortages. 

One GP told Pulse that period that locum activity has 'literally vanished overnight' and that they were forced to interaction a kindness for financial assistance.