The Knights turn the White House Golden! Las Vegas' hockey team gift President Biden a jersey and stick as they celebrate their Stanley Cup triumph in Washington DC

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  • The Golden Knights won nan Stanley Cup Finals against nan Florida Panthers 
  • President Biden honored nan Golden Knights' ownership, staff, fans and players
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By Leocciano Callao For Dailymail.Com and Associated Press

Published: 15:16 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 15:19 EST, 13 November 2023

President Joe Biden honored nan Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights successful a ceremonial astatine nan White House connected Monday, marking nan return of an NHL tradition.

The Golden Knights are nan first squad to sojourn Biden astatine nan White House since nan Tampa Bay Lightning successful 2022, erstwhile they celebrated their back-to-back titles won during nan pandemic successful 2020 and '21. 

The 2022 champion Colorado Avalanche were incapable to make a sojourn activity past play because of scheduling conflicts.

The Golden Knights' sojourn came arsenic President Biden deals pinch nan ongoing Israel-Hamas warfare and earlier he heads to San Francisco for a gathering later this week pinch Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Golden Knights talented President Biden a lucky instrumentality and golden location jersey pinch his past sanction and nan number 46 embedded successful nan backmost arsenic tokens for their visit. 

President Joe Biden welcomed Stanley Cup winners Vegas Golden Knights to nan White House

The Golden Knights talented President Biden pinch a civilization golden location jersey and a lucky stick

President Biden congratulated NHL commissioner Gary Bettman for his 30th twelvemonth successful position earlier addressing Golden Knights proprietor Bill Foley.

'Team proprietor Bill Foley and nan full statement you built connected an crystal rink successful nan mediate of nan desert,' Biden joked. 'Who says you can't get thing done?'

President Biden went connected to congratulate coach Bruce Cassidy, Golden Knights fans and players pinch a typical mention for skipper Mark Stone. 

'Mark's my benignant of guy,' said President Biden.

'Two backmost surgeries successful a year, misses nan 2nd half of nan season, returns for Game 1 of nan Playoffs and scores a chapeau instrumentality successful Game 5 to triumph nan Stanley Cup.'

Golden Knights skipper Mark Stone scored a chapeau instrumentality successful Game 5 to bring location nan Stanley Cup

The Golden Knights appeared successful nan Stanley Cup Finals pursuing their inaugural play successful 2017 but mislaid to nan Washington Capitals successful 5 games.

In their 7 years arsenic an organization, nan Golden Knights made 5 playoff appearances, including 4 trips to nan Western convention finals.

In 2023, nan Knights captured their first Stanley Cup by beating nan Florida Panthers successful 5 games. Left winger Jonathan Marchessault was named nan finals MVP. 

'You're proving Vegas sports is 1 of nan champion shows successful town,' said Biden.

The Golden Knights are nan 2nd Las Vegas-based squad to triumph a title this twelvemonth aft nan Las Vegas Aces captured their 2nd consecutive WNBA title. 

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