The Incredible Women Making Strides in Science

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At WIRED, 1 of our goals is to beryllium your guideline to nan technologies that style our world and nan group down them. From entrepreneurs and activists to clinicians and researchers, WIRED intends to radiance a ray connected nan group who activity tirelessly connected nan subject that will use each of us. Unfortunately, arsenic pinch each profession, those pinch nan opportunity to guidelines successful nan limelight are often little defined by nan effect and value of their activity and much by their individual identifiers, specified arsenic their gender, ethnicity, aliases socioeconomic background.

In this special, month-long series, WIRED will item 10 unthinkable women, immoderate of whom are changing nan measurement we deliberation astir nan beingness and humanity’s spot successful it, aliases inventing next-generation familial screening tech that tin thief doctors drawback illnesses early capable to prevention lives. And it’s important that each of these superb scientists are women: There are not only less women successful science, but women successful subject are besides consistently underpaid and under-recognized; if they’re women of colour aliases immigrants, moreover much so. According to UNESCO, women correspond astir 33 percent of researchers globally, and only 4 percent of Nobel Prizes successful subject person ever been awarded to women. Only 11 percent of elder investigation roles successful Europe are held by women.

And it’s not conscionable nan technological organization that suffers erstwhile women are not included. The subject suffers arsenic well. Without divers scientists, we cannot expect to person divers data. Women are not a minority, but we unrecorded successful a world designed and optimized for men. Our wellness and lives dangle connected being included successful nan studies and investigation that will alteration nan world for nan betterment of each humans.

To radiance a ray connected nan scientists who are truthful often overlooked, WIRED will bring you experts astatine nan tops of their fields, including group for illustration Ann McKee, nan neuropathologist and neurologist who is nan aesculapian community’s leading authority connected traumatic encephalon injuries for illustration CTE, aliases chronic traumatic encephalopathy—a information that has plagued interaction sports for decades. We’ll besides speak pinch Paula Johnson, who will explicate really she went from being uninterested successful medicine to becoming a fierce advocator for women’s health, and yet the first Black female president of Wellesley College.

But let’s look beyond nan assemblage and to nan stars. Jessie Christiansen, task intelligence connected NASA’s Exoplanet Archive, will enlist your thief successful uncovering much worlds successful nan cosmos that whitethorn uncover clues astir really our ain world formed, aliases that mightiness support life. And Nergis Mavalvala will stock what it was for illustration to beryllium connected nan squad that first detected gravitational waves—and truthful changed our knowing of modern physics.

WIRED has ever been astir compelling storytelling that helps you understand our world. We don’t conscionable study a story. We excavation into nan group that dress up nan story. For this series, we look not only astatine nan latest advances successful astronomy, medicine, psychology, and healthcare, but besides astatine nan scientists down them.

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