The Hotelier Who Innovated Rooftop Restaurants Has A New Mission

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If you person dined al fresco connected apical of a skyscraper, it's mostly because of 1 man's vision and tenacity.

Tasked pinch turning a Bangkok building pinch serviced apartments into a luxury hotel, Deepak Ohri quickly realized that successful nan early 2000s, metropolis edifice rates were little than 1 would salary for a fancy dinner. Yet nan edifice segment was chiefly constricted to Thai nutrient and small other visitors aliases able locals recovered of interest.

His scheme to move nan rooftop floors into outdoor eating was wide derided. What happens erstwhile it rains?

After turning rooftops astir nan world into good eating restaurants and making Bangkok a culinary ... [+] capital, Deepak Ohri plans to erstwhile again shingle up nan hospitality world pinch a caller group of ultra-luxury edifice hotels.

Deepak Ohri

Needless to say, he proved nan naysayers wrong. Rooftops astir nan world person gone from wasted abstraction for aerial conditioning units to premier existent property for outdoor high-end bars and restaurants.

Still faced pinch nan situation of debased room rates successful nan superior and title from well-known world luxury brands, Ohri turned his sights connected making nan metropolis a destination for world haute cuisine.

His efforts – some show (a one-night only One Million Baht Dinner was covered by CNN, Time and The New York Times), constituent (multiple award-winning restaurants and bars and nan #1 edifice ranking successful Bangkok from Travel +Leisure) and determination helped bring Michelin to nan Kingdom.

He subsequently was rewarded pinch a brace of two-star ratings from nan eponymous reddish guideline for his 2 apical restaurants successful its latest edition.

Most importantly, his initiatives drove profits. In some instances, his restaurants and bars generated tabs that acold exceeded room rates. Within months of opening Chef's Table successful 2019, checks ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 were bringing successful 10 times nan mean regular room complaint for nan city's luxury hotels.

Every evening, guests staying astatine competitors queue up successful nan lobby of lebua astatine State Tower. They hold to caput up to its much than a twelve restaurants and bars immoderate 60 floors supra them. They travel backmost down having parted a bully chunk of money.

Ohri says, alternatively of focusing connected thread counts aliases who made nan chandelier, his occurrence is built connected creating unsocial experiences guests wanted to share.

But if that was different a decade ago, nan words experience and storytelling have go standards for property releases.

"I started nan storytelling part. Everybody has travel to nan storytelling part. I've changed nan cogwheel to story-living part, and location are very fewer brands which are surviving their stories," he says.

The cardinal is creating an affectional enslaved betwixt nan customer and nan provider.

But what, wherever and how?

The what will beryllium a bid of hotels pinch nary much than 20 rooms, apt each suites and villas.

The wherever will beryllium successful highly desirable locations, from nan vineyards od Napa, Bordeaux and Barolo to java plantations and different places wherever location is simply a well-known connection.

Design and architecture will play a salient role. Food and beverage, Ohri's beardown suit, will beryllium nan star, wherever his expertise to enlistee apical chefs will travel successful handy.

He promises innovations everywhere.

"We are going to do thing that's ne'er been done pinch nan minibar," he says.

At nan properties located adjacent vineyards, location will beryllium a vino club. But you won't beryllium capable to conscionable propulsion retired your achromatic paper to summation access.

"To join, you will request to deposit 3 uncommon bottles from your collection," Ohri says.

The new, yet-to-be-named institution and its hotels, which will each person a unsocial identity, will disrupt nan ultra-luxury space, he predicts.

The thread tying them together will beryllium nan sanction of nan restaurants – Attitude, though each will person a different culinary focus.

"In luxury, erstwhile group bargain thing aliases walk money, they are possessing thing that they want to talk about," Ohri says.

Initial financing is coming from respective family offices successful Asia and Europe and imaginable locations successful Napa are already being studied.

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