The Grinch who Stole a Christmas tree! Shocking moment SUV driver snatches freshly-cut $250 evergreen from top of family's car in crime-ridden Bay Area

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  • A character thief stole a Christmas character disconnected a car successful California successful nan mediate of nan day
  • Video shows nan Grinch cutting nan ropes and throwing nan character into his ain car
  • The Bay Area has seen a emergence successful robbery and centrifugal conveyance theft this year 

By Rachel Bowman For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:51 EST, 4 December 2023 | Updated: 22:59 EST, 4 December 2023

Video shows a existent life Grinch stealing a Christmas character from nan tile of a car successful wide daylight successful California's crime-ridden Bay Area.

The theft happened astatine a shopping halfway successful San Mateo connected Friday, soon aft nan family purchased nan character for $250, reported KTUV.

Footage shows nan achromatic Infiniti SUV backing up adjacent to nan unsuspecting conveyance pinch nan character tied connected top.

Then nan Grinch is seen cutting nan ropes holding nan character down and rolling it disconnected nan achromatic SUV.

The thief throws it into nan backmost of his car and drives disconnected pinch nan freshly-cut evergreen.

Shocking video shows a existent life Grinch successful nan achromatic SUV pulling up to nan achromatic SUV and stealing nan Christmas character disconnected nan roof

The thief cuts nan statement holding nan character down to nan car successful wide daylight successful a San Mateo shopping center

He past throws nan freshly-cut evergreen into his conveyance and drives disconnected pinch it. Police are still looking for nan suspect

San Mateo Police told KGO nan lawsuit is 'unique' and 'Grinchy because location are group pinch bully hearts retired location who are much than consenting to thief retired those who can't spend a character this clip of year.'

Authorities said they are still searching for nan suspect, but nan Christmas character batch gave nan family a caller character to dress up for their shocking loss. 

The Bay Area has been riddled pinch crime and theft. As of Sunday, nan latest information from nan San Francisco Police Department shows robbery is up 13.7 percent this twelvemonth and centrifugal conveyance theft is 6.5 percent.

Dozens of stores and business person closed successful nan Golden Gate metropolis owed to nan emergence successful crime, supplier usage and expanding bum population.

Last month, a life-long San Francisco resident filmed her locomotion to activity through nan drug-ravaged streets that person made nan metropolis an world awesome for squalor and despair.

'The worry we acquisition conscionable walking to activity regular successful nan Tenderloin is unbelievable,' she wrote.

'There are truthful galore concerns and protections successful spot for supplier users and bum group but what astir nan moving people that person to believe that they make it to and from activity successful this environment.'

'These are existent dangers faced each azygous time conscionable to beryllium capable to supply for your family.'

Economist telephone nan situation 'doom loop,' referring to a city's diminution erstwhile taxation incomes autumn arsenic residents and businesses leave, causing revenues to diminution successful a downward spiral that is difficult to reverse.

Even homeless pirates person been marauding onto houseboats successful nan San Francisco Bay.

A caller CBRE analysis found San Francisco has a market-wide agency vacancy complaint of 34 percent.

A analysis found nan metropolis stands to lose $200M-a-year as awesome businesses time off nan city. Starbucks closed 7 stores successful nan Golden Gate metropolis and Microsoft vacated its astir 50,000 quadrate ft office.