The Grand Tour: Show in chaos as Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond set to 'walk away' after 20 years working together - but series 'could continue'

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Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are group to time off The Grand Tour, bringing an extremity to a 20-year-long partnership.

The erstwhile Top Gear presenters person decided to move connected from nan show 7 years aft it was launched connected Amazon's Prime Video, it is claimed.

An insider told nan Sun that nan 'surprising' determination 'very overmuch marks nan extremity of an era for nan 3 presenters', who person worked together since 2003.

They added that though nan show is 1 of nan streaming platform's astir watched shows 'the guys person made nary bones astir nan truth they’re each advancing successful years and they person tons of different projects to pursue.'

The root told nan publication that nan broadcasters 'felt for illustration nan clip was correct and wanted to spell retired connected a precocious erstwhile nan show remained popular'.

Despite their departures MailOnline understands nan show itself mightiness yet continue, pinch Prime Video exploring options connected really to move guardant without nan trio - though it is believed nan trio are not against caller presenters being hired.

Jeremy Clarkson (right), Richard Hammond (centre) and James May (left) filmed during an section of The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick

The trio being filmed connected a title way during The Grand Tour's eastbound Europe typical - Eurocrash

The group successful a promotional photograph for BBC's Top Gear, which they presented from 2003 to 2015

Fans of nan show will still person immoderate much helpings of The Grand Tour to look guardant to - 2 typical episodes which will travel Clarkson, May and Hammond to Mauritania and Zimbabwe are group to beryllium released adjacent year.

The trio besides person different projects successful nan pipeline - Clarkson precocious filmed a 3rd play of Clarkson's Farm and a 4th is successful nan pipeline, while May has different group of Our Man In... travelogues to beryllium released.

Earlier this week Clarkson besides shared a wellness update aft revealing he was astatine a 'double risk' of getting dementia. He claimed he had been told by his expert he needs proceeding immunodeficiency aft terrible proceeding loss, thing that has adjacent links pinch nan onset of dementia.

By moving connected from nan programme it would bring together an highly successful relation betwixt Clarkson, aged 63, May, aged 60, and Hammond,  aged 52, stretching backmost 20 years.

The group had changeable to superstardom aft taking complete BBC's Top Gear, turning it from a niche car programme into 1 of nan corporation's hottest properties and trading spin-offs astir nan world.

They dramatically near nan programme successful 2015 aft Clarkson was sacked by nan transmission pursuing a bust-up pinch producers, earlier returning connected The Grand Tour successful 2016.

Since past they person hosted 44 episodes of nan series, which has taken them astir nan world connected specials to Cambodia and Vietnam, Reunion and Madagascar, Scandinavia, and eastbound Europe.

It comes weeks aft their erstwhile bosses astatine nan BBC announced Top Gear, which turned nan trio into superstars, was being axed successful nan aftermath of a horrific clang involving presenter Andrew Flintoff.

The show's accumulation has been halted since big Flintoff, 45, was taken to infirmary successful December 2022 aft being severely wounded successful an mishap astatine nan Top Gear trial way astatine Dunsfold Aerodrome successful Surrey.

Following nan crash, nan BBC announced that it would region accumulation connected nan show, co-presented by Take Me Out big Paddy McGuinness and automotive journalist Chris Harris, arsenic it was felt it would beryllium 'inappropriate', adding location would beryllium a wellness and information review.

McGuinness later thanked fans 'for nan love' successful a 'goodbye' message.

And aft nan BBC's announcement to 'rest' nan show for nan foreseeable future, Paddy posted a assemblage of images connected Instagram starting pinch a image of nan trio successful achromatic Top Gear outfits. 

He wrote nan caption: 'We were ever going to beryllium b*****s but we were your b******s.

'Thanks for each nan emotion complete nan years folks, it was very overmuch appreciated.'

Paddy McGuinness posted this image connected Instagram of nan trio successful achromatic Top Gear outfits

Top Gear big Paddy McGuinness has thanked fans 'for nan love' aft nan BBC said nan deed bid will beryllium disconnected aerial for nan 'foreseeable future'

Paddy McGuinness posted a bid of images connected his Instagram page arsenic he thanked fans 'for nan love'

The images were captioned 'We were ever going to beryllium b*****s but we were your b******s'

Flintoff is understood to person negotiated a £9million colony pinch nan BBC for 2 years' nonaccomplishment of net arsenic a consequence of nan crash.

And sources person told The Telegraph that nan corp would not beryllium capable to unafraid security screen for nan benignant of stunts featured successful past series.

'The security costs are done nan roof,' an insider told nan newspaper. 'They were already beautiful high, but aft nan payout…no-one is going to want to do that, unless they're charging much than nan BBC tin pay.'

MailOnline understands that security costs were not a facet successful nan BBC's determination to region nan show.

In a connection earlier this week, nan BBC said: 'Given nan exceptional circumstances, nan BBC has decided to remainder nan UK show for nan foreseeable future.

'The BBC remains committed to Freddie, Chris and Paddy who person been astatine nan bosom of nan show's renaissance since 2019, and we're excited astir caller projects being developed pinch each of them.

'We will person much to opportunity successful nan adjacent early connected this. We cognize resting nan show will beryllium disappointing news for fans, but it is nan correct point to do.

'All different Top Gear activity remains unaffected by this hiatus including world formats, digital, magazines and licensing.'