The first EVER UFC event in 2024, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk's undisputed showdown plus the Asian Cup in 2027... the major events in line to take place in Saudi Arabia as it looks set to secure the 2034 World Cup

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Saudi Arabia looks destined to big nan 2034 World Cup aft its only rival Australia pulled retired of nan running - adding yet different jewel to its already sparkling crown. 

The Kingdom is unchallenged successful its bid to shape nan world's astir prestigious tournament, pinch different countries missing nan October 31 deadline to definitive general liking successful becoming host. They would past person to array a signed bidding statement by November 30.

With nary suitors looking likely, nan Saudis tin look guardant to welcoming immoderate of nan biggest stars successful world shot to nan country, which has already staged a immense number of awesome sporting events already.

Boxing is becoming a immense tie successful Saudi Arabia and immoderate of nan biggest bouts are being staged location - specified arsenic Tyson Fury's crossover showdown against MMA prima Francis Ngannou, said to person pocketed £50million and £10m each from competing successful nan fight.

But what different awesome events are being lined up successful Saudi Arabia? Mail Sport breaks down everything other you tin expect to spot successful nan Middle East. 

Saudi Arabia - led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - looks group to unafraid nan 2034 World Cup, but nan Kingdom has lined up a big of different sporting events


Fury has only conscionable vanished fighting successful Saudi Arabia aft his closely-fought triumph complete Ngannou successful Riyadh, but he is group to return to nan state adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile he is afloat recovered from fighting nan Cameroonian. 

The Gypsy King has signed a statement to conflict Oleksandr Usyk successful Saudi, pinch nan conflict primitively schduled for December 23.

But aft Fury unexpectedly suffered a bruising title against Ngannou - which saw him knocked down successful nan 3rd information - he will now request to return much clip earlier putting himself up for specified an important clash, which will spot nan victor crowned arsenic undisputed world champion. 

The conflict is now apt to return spot successful February. 

His promoter Frank Warren said: 'Tyson can't beryllium going into a campy aft a reliable conflict for illustration that. That's 8 weeks away.

Tyson Fury has signed a statement to look Oleksandr Usyk successful an undisputed showdown group to beryllium held successful Saudi adjacent year

'He needs astatine slightest a spot of clip to get himself, his body, backmost into shape. Let it heal. Then get into a camp. It will beryllium connected early adjacent year.'

Anthony Joshua, meanwhile, was scheduled to conflict American rival Deontay Wilder successful Saudi excessively earlier a changing of hands successful nan country's boxing guidance intends that match-up is connected nan rocks for now.

Saudi has already played big to Joshua vs Andy Ruiz successful 2019 and besides staged Joshua's conclusion to Usyk past year. 


Dana White's promotion has ne'er put connected an arena successful Saudi Arabia, having only ever put connected conflict nights successful nan United Arab Emirates - but it is group to jump connected nan Saudi bandwagon successful 2024.

The UFC announced its first ever UFC arena - UFC Fight Night 236 - would return spot successful Saudi connected March 2, 2024. 

The paper will specifically return nan 'Fight Night' shape alternatively than a awesome pay-per-view arena and will beryllium successful business pinch nan Saudi General Entertainment Authority during Riyadh's Season festival. 

The UFC has agreed to shape its first ever arena successful Saudi Arabia adjacent twelvemonth nether nan 'Fight Night' promotion

Conor McGregor was among nan names to respond to nan news - calling it 'incredible' arsenic he targets his return to nan sport.

'Huge congratulations to nan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and nan UFC connected nan awesome announcement! Incredible news! I americium honored! Bravo, Turki Alalshikh.' 

It comes aft UFC's merger pinch nan WWE, which has staged galore shows successful Saudi Arabia since 2014 aft penning a lucrative woody pinch nan Kingdom.


Saudi Arabia were confirmed arsenic Club World Cup hosts backmost successful February - and now it turns retired that will beryllium a dress rehearsal for nan overmuch bigger measurement up of hosting nan biggest world sides for nan 2034 World Cup.   

Manchester City will beryllium looking for their first ever Club World Cup title opening connected December 12 aft winning nan Champions League against Inter Milan past twelvemonth arsenic they hole for nan seven-team format held successful Jeddah. 

Alongside Pep Guardiola's men will beryllium Japanese outfit Urawa Red Diamonds, who won nan Asian Champions League, Egyptian broadside Al Ahly - winners of nan African Champions League - Mexican squad Leon, CONCACAF Champions League champions, and New Zealand's Auckland City. They won nan Oceania Champions League. 

Champions League winners Manchester City are group to descend connected Jeddah erstwhile nan Club World Cup originates successful December

They will beryllium joined by nan victor of nan South American tourney Copa Libertadores - either Boca Juniors aliases Fluminense - and Saudi outfit Al-Ittihad, nan winners of nan 2023 Saudi Pro League who will beryllium nan big team.

Saudi will besides big nan 2027 Asian Cup for nan first time, having been unveiled arsenic hosts successful February.

Saudi Arabia's shot squad person won nan title connected 3 occasions and will dream it continues to emergence of Asian shot astir nan world.

The country's curate of athletics Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al-Faisal said: 'It is an honour to person been chosen arsenic hosts for nan AFC Asian Cup 2027 and this is simply a historical and breathtaking infinitesimal for shot successful Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia will besides shape nan 2027 Asian Cup. The tourney was past won by Qatar successful 2019

'We judge nan champion days of Asian shot are yet to travel and we spot this tourney arsenic an opportunity to showcase each that's awesome astir nan crippled here. Our acquisition successful hosting awesome sporting and intermezo events intends that we are fresh to present and fresh to warmly invited fans from crossed Asia and astir nan world.

'This will beryllium an unthinkable AFC Asian Cup, made moreover much typical by nan passion of nan Saudi fans. I would for illustration to convey nan AFC and each nan Member Associations that person been progressive successful this process.'


First up successful tennis will beryllium nan Next Gen Finals for Under 21s men's players successful Jeddah from 2023-2027, pinch nan ATP making its first task into events successful nan Gulf State.

The hardcourt title has chiefly been played successful Milan since its inception successful 2017 earlier nan ATP began a bidding process to find a caller host. 

The organisation yet opted for Saudi Arabia, pinch nan tournament's prize money group to summation to £1.6m - up from nan regular £1.1m. 

This twelvemonth nan arena will beryllium staged successful nan King Abdullah Sport City installation from November 28 until December 2. 

Tennis' Next Gen Finals for Under 21s players will beryllium staged successful Saudi Arabia from 2023-2027

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi said having nan tourney successful Jeddah would thief bring caller audiences to nan sport. 

'The ATP Tour is genuinely world and exploring caller markets is cardinal to increasing nan game. Bringing nan Next Gen ATP Finals to Jeddah is our chance to animate caller fans, successful a region pinch a immense young population, and merge audiences astir tennis,' ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi said successful a statement.

'Our congratulations spell to Jeddah and nan Saudi Tennis Federation. We look guardant to building connected nan event's unthinkable occurrence together.'


A 'Champions League' of cycling is reportedly successful nan offing, pinch Saudi Arabia starring nan complaint to backmost it successful 2026, which would efficaciously reshape nan world circuit - according to Global Cycling Network (GCN).

The Saudis person already dipped their feet into nan play world by securing an world shattering merger betwixt LIV Golf and nan PGA Tour, and now they are said to beryllium eyeing up a akin groundbreaking move for nan cycling sphere. 

According to nan Observer, nan Public Investment Fund would beryllium nan group starring nan complaint for a restructuring of nan cycling almanac - but claimed that nan Tour de France organisation was a staunch force of specified a move. 

Saudi Arabia are said to beryllium eyeing a caller cycling convention that would restructure nan sport

The connection would spot a season-long convention of apical cycling events and is being driven by Richard Plugge - nan head of nan Jumbo-Visma team. 

Plugge said: 'The world is changing astir america and our competitors are not nan different teams; our competitors are football, rugby, NFL, Formula One. We request to make judge we are future-ready arsenic a sport. We person to make judge that successful 5 years' clip this athletics is bigger than it is today. Everybody will use from that.' 


Saudi Arabia will big nan inaugural Esports World Cup successful summertime 2024 - transforming an already existing tourney called Gamers8. 

Gamers8 reportedly collected an wide prize excavation of complete £37m past twelvemonth and that is only expected to summation pinch nan revamped tournament. 

The Kingdom is group to big nan Esports World Cup successful summertime 2024, transforming an already successful gaming title to bring successful caller audiences

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said nan caller Esports World Cup would 'push nan boundaries of nan industry'. 

'The Esports World Cup is nan earthy adjacent measurement successful Saudi Arabia's travel to go nan premier world hub for gaming and esports, offering an unmatched esports acquisition that pushes nan boundaries of nan industry,' he said. 

'The title will heighten our advancement towards realizing nan Vision 2030 nonsubjective of diversifying nan economy, increasing nan tourism sector, creating caller jobs successful various industries, and providing world-class intermezo for citizens, residents, and visitors alike.' 


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