The 'final straw' that led to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's divorce: ALISON BOSHOFF goes inside incendiary split that gossips say began when he saw her 'disparaging' him  on a Ring video doorbell

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Evenings successful nan brew plot astatine nan Fleur de Lys pub successful Lowsonford are idyllic. Drinkers regard retired complete nan Stratford Canal, looking astatine houseboats while nan sun dips beneath nan Warwickshire hills.

For Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas — she internationally celebrated acknowledgment to her domiciled successful Game Of Thrones; he for his floor plan occurrence pinch nan Jonas Brothers — a level of anonymity which comes pinch agrarian life must person been an added attraction.

The mates came successful respective times earlier this summer, minus their 2 young children, to bask drinks together. They received hardly a 2nd glimpse from nan section crowd. 'It was bully upwind and they sat extracurricular together,' said a unit personnel past week.

'There were nary scenes, nary signs of trouble.'

As precocious arsenic July 21, nan mates were seen successful different inn — The Saxon Mill gastro pub adjacent — this clip pinch their children, her parents and much extended family. Again, everything appeared well.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas person agreed to unrecorded successful New York and stock custody while Turner's filing location is determined

Jonas reportedly had heard aliases seen thing via a Ring doorbell camera which convinced him nan matrimony was over

The idyll is genuinely complete now, of course. Turner's relative told nan Mail past week that nan looming divorcement betwixt nan mates was 'stressful', particularly for her parents Andrew and Sally

The Turner-Jonas matrimony was ever a national betwixt 2 very different group (Pictured: The brace successful March) 

Actress Sophie Turner leaving matrimony mediation convention connected Wednesday

Joe Jonas arrives astatine nan lawyers' offices successful Lower Manhattan dressed successful a bluish jacket, achromatic jeans and achromatic loafers

The idyll is genuinely complete now, of course. Turner's relative told nan Mail past week that nan looming divorcement betwixt nan mates was 'stressful', particularly for her parents Andrew and Sally.

The mates are slugging it retired successful 3 abstracted tribunal actions being conducted some successful nan U.S. and UK, Sophie and nan children are stuck by bid of a tribunal successful New York, astatine slightest temporarily.

Wednesday was nan commencement of 4 days of mediation astatine a lawyer's offices successful New York. If they cannot scope an statement past location will beryllium a proceedings astatine nan Federal Court successful Manhattan successful January.

Appearing via Zoom astatine a tribunal proceeding connected Tuesday, Sophie looked cheerful. It was confirmed that their 2 daughters are surviving pinch her — astatine her friend Taylor Swift's apartment. Her estranged hubby was represented by his lawyers.

And nary wonderment Sophie was smiling, for if nan tumultuous events of nan past 3 weeks travel pinch a lesson, it is this: don't messiness pinch Sophie Turner. She has a warrior sensibility successful communal pinch Sansa Stark, nan Queen of nan North, nan characteristic she played successful Game Of Thrones.

The mates are slugging it retired successful 3 abstracted tribunal actions being conducted some successful nan U.S. and UK 

The British actress, 27, and American popular star, 34, arrived separately astatine nan offices of Wilmer Hale successful New York's Financial District

For while first humor successful nan marital skirmish went to Jonas, who revenge for divorcement connected September 1, apparently without his wife's knowledge, nan pursuit of proceedings truthful acold shows she is proving an implacable foe pinch a dependable nerve.

Invoking nan Hague Convention connected world kid abduction, she has retaliated by accusing Jonas successful a tribunal filing of refusing to manus complete nan girls' passports truthful they could return to England pinch her, and demanded nan 'immediate return of children wrongfully removed aliases wrongfully retained'.

Turner's lawyers opportunity she wishes to settee successful nan UK pinch her children, a people antecedently approved by her husband. He argues they beryllium pinch him successful Florida, wherever he utilized to ain a house. Her broadside person embarrassed him by adding a transcript of a missive he wrote into tribunal — successful it he talks astir really ardently he longs to unrecorded successful nan location which they person exchanged contracts connected successful Oxfordshire.

A further PR triumph has been having Taylor Swift by Turner's side. Not only is Swift a world megastar and nan Queen of Heartbreak, she besides happens to beryllium 1 of Jonas's ex-girlfriends. Jonas famously dumped Swift successful a 25-second telephone telephone successful 2008. Revenge is being served ice-cold.

The Turner-Jonas matrimony was ever a national betwixt 2 very different people.

He is 34 years old, nan boy of an ordained curate from Arizona, a mates of inches shorter than his wife. Like her, he was celebrated from his teens.

She is simply a willowy state woman from a able mediate people family — her begetter is simply a successful businessman, her mother a coach who gave up her occupation successful bid to chaperone her girl while she acted successful Game Of Thrones.

In an interview, Turner said she started acting astatine nan property of 3 astatine nan Playbox Theatre successful Warwick. 'I grew up successful Warwickshire successful a mini small village. It was really nice, a state upbringing. We had a paddock retired nan backmost wherever horses utilized to graze and we had 3 small barns, 1 for each of america children,' she said.

Her play schoolhouse coach encouraged her to effort retired for nan series, Game Of Thrones, a blockbuster based connected nan books of George R.R. Martin.

'I didn't moreover show my mum astir nan first auditions, but by nan last audition successful London, I said to myself: 'I'll dice if I don't get this part. I conscionable cognize Sansa excessively well. I can't not get it.' '

Sophie and her lawyer attorney are seen arriving astatine nan rule offices successful New York City

Jonas and his minder participate nan offices of Wilmer Hale successful New York's Financial District

For nan first 3 years, her mother came pinch her connected group arsenic a chaperone. She was 14 erstwhile nan bid started and 22 erstwhile it finished.

She met Jonas done communal friends erstwhile she was 23, and they were joined successful short order. First came a mini wedding successful Las Vegas followed by a bigger bash astatine nan Hotel du Cap successful France. It seemed a fairy tale.

Daughter Willa was calved successful California successful July 2020 followed by Delphine successful 2022, successful Miami, Florida. Turner hardly worked, speech from a domiciled successful nan 2022 bid The Staircase.

In April this year, their location successful Miami was put up for waste and nan mates and their children moved to nan UK.

As revealed successful tribunal documents this week, they rented an aged farmhouse adjacent Lowsonford, adjacent to Henley-in-Arden. They had antecedently spent Christmas location and had specified a awesome clip that they decided to return.

Sophie is picked up from Taylor Swift's NYC flat and driven to nan ineligible offices for divorcement talks

Over nan play Turner and Taylor Swift (left) were seen leaving Italian edifice Emilio's Ballato successful Soho aft having meal together

Sophie grew up nearby, conscionable extracurricular Royal Leamington Spa, and is adjacent to her parents who still unrecorded successful nan area successful a ample detached house.

Turner says their daughters Willa and Delphine were registered pinch a section GP, and Willa attended nursery schoolhouse adjacent — thing confirmed by 1 of nan mothers there.

A parent, pinch a relationship to nan nursery, said: 'They were present for nan summertime word pinch their small girls. I cognize they rented a spot retired astatine Lowsonford.

Everyone was talking astir really celebrated they were but past we were told, astatine nan extremity of nan schoolhouse year, that they would not beryllium backmost successful September.'

That is because nan mates spent nan summertime house-hunting, yet settling connected a £7.5 cardinal Grade II-listed spot successful Oxfordshire, which they intended to bargain arsenic their everlastingly home.

The scheme — earlier Jonas's divorcement filing — was to move successful travel December.

In nan spring, Turner started filming connected nan ITV play Joan, astir a jewel thief.

In August, nan children went to nan U.S. wherever Jonas is touring truthful they could walk clip pinch him successful nan day. The scheme was — says Turner — that they would beryllium reunited pinch her nan pursuing period arsenic her filming schedule allowed.

According to an relationship fixed by Turner, nan mates had an statement connected August 15, Jonas's day — presumably complete nan phone. 'The breakdown of nan parties' matrimony happened very suddenly,' her lawyers say.

He revenge for divorcement successful Florida connected September 1. Her broadside opportunity nan first they knew of it was via reports successful nan media connected September 5.

A associated nationalist connection talked astir a 'united' determination to 'amicably end' nan marriage. However, a communicative was emerging via rumors websites which blamed Turner for nan split. It was said her 'partying' was down nan fissure, that she felt she had missed retired connected nan experiences of being a young and carefree woman.

It was besides said, by rumors website TMZ, that Jonas had heard aliases seen thing via a Ring doorbell camera which convinced him nan matrimony was over. It's now being reported that Jonas heard her 'disparaging' him connected it. 'It wasn't thing much than that, but that was nan last straw,' said a source.

The divorcement filing successful Florida says nan children had lived location for six months before, and seeks to enforce a prenuptial statement made by them both.

Three weeks later, Turner deed backmost pinch a bombshell ineligible filing, invoking nan Hague Convention connected world kid abduction, astatine a tribunal successful New York.

A typical for Jonas surely seemed shaken by nan legally fierce move.

Last week, he said: 'This is an unfortunate ineligible disagreement astir a matrimony that is sadly ending. When connection for illustration 'abduction' is used, it is misleading astatine best, and a superior maltreatment of nan ineligible strategy astatine worst. The children were not abducted.

Last week, nan 2 agreed to an interim consent bid to support nan kids successful New York aft Sophie demanded Joe return them to nan UK (Pictured: The Jonas Brothers execute successful Las Vegas past month)

'After being successful Joe's attraction for nan past 3 months astatine nan statement of some parties, nan children are presently pinch their mother. Sophie is making this declare only to move nan divorcement proceedings to nan UK and to region nan children from nan U.S. permanently.'

As for nan PR war, Jonas's typical besides said nan vocalist had 'already disavowed immoderate and each statements purportedly made connected his behalf that were disparaging of Sophie'.

'They were made without his support and are not accordant pinch his views. His wish is that Sophie reconsider her harsh ineligible position and move guardant successful a much constructive and backstage manner.' Since then, location has been a proceeding successful Florida, astatine which nan judge said he would woody pinch nan divorcement — speech from custody — successful Miami successful December.

Turner and Jonas meantime person agreed to unrecorded successful New York and stock custody while Turner's filing location is determined. Jonas's lawyers opportunity Turner has besides revenge for divorcement successful nan UK via her UK rule firm, Harbottle and Lewis.

Michelle M. Gervais, a partner astatine Blank Rome LLP, who does not correspond either side, this week characterised Turner's strategy truthful acold to nan Mail arsenic 'very smart' and said that it put her successful mind of nan anti-hero of nan TV bid The Wire: 'When you travel astatine nan king [or successful this lawsuit nan queen], you champion not miss.'

She added: 'Ms. Turner's filing nether nan Hague successful NY Federal tribunal was a awesome ineligible move and 1 that has a batch much merit than Mr Jonas filing for divorcement successful Florida. A kidnapping lawsuit is governed by treaties betwixt nan United States and contracting parties for illustration nan UK and will beryllium watched intimately by some nan U.S. State Department and nan UK.

'If Ms Turner is successful, a tribunal successful nan UK will thereafter determine custody. Ms Turner's filing should instantly enactment Mr. Jonas's divorcement proceeding successful Florida.'

Gervais added that she believes Turner has an 'excellent chance' of getting nan children returned to nan UK, and nan divorcement being settled present subsequently.

In ineligible documents, Turner talks astir England arsenic a 'safe location' to raise her family and says that: 'the parties' shared scheme was to acquisition nan spot together and raise their children together successful nan beautiful location and English state surroundings. Both parties were excited astir nan move for their family.'

It looks arsenic if that dream is still successful scope — moreover though now it will beryllium conscionable nan 3 of them.

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