The Crown will portray Princess Diana as pregnant and will show Mohamed Al-Fayed claiming she and Dodi were killed as part of an 'establishment plot',  in a move likely to cause fury in royal family, source claims

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The Crown is group to anger nan royal family erstwhile again by portraying Princess Diana arsenic pregnant successful nan last series, a root has claimed.

The Netflix bid will besides repetition unfounded speculation that precocious Princess of Wales was 'killed by an constitution plot'.

Harrods leader Mohamed Al-Fayed (played by Salim Daw) will beryllium heard making nan untrue claims that nan royal was killed him a crippled to extremity her marrying his boy Dodi, who died alongside her.  

'This is apt to enrage nan Prince of Wales, who has been upset by galore Crown storylines that person featured his mother,' a TV insider told The Sun.

'After it emerged her 1996 Panorama question and reply pinch Martin Bashir was obtained by deception, William asked that it ne'er beryllium seen again.

A recently released image from nan bid finale portrays Princess Diana cosying up to her person Dodi Fayed, pinch her devotedly holding her hands astir Dodi’s face

The sixth and last bid of Netflix 's The Crown recreates moving images of Diana's last summertime vacation connected committee Mohamed Al-Fayed 's yacht successful nan South of France , days earlier her decease successful 1997. Pictured supra is Elizabeth Debicki recreating nan moment

'But The Crown chose to recreate it against his definitive wishes. Hearing nan claims astir his mother's gestation and nan crippled will consciousness for illustration brackish successful nan wound, peculiarly arsenic truthful galore of them person been debunked complete nan years.']

Netflix has been contacted for comment.  

It comes as Netflix's determination to let Princess Diana's shade to look successful beforehand of her ex-husband Prince Charles and nan precocious Queen successful The Crown has been slammed by royal experts arsenic 'profoundly tasteless' and 'absolutely deplorable'.

Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, will person an affectional reconciliation pinch a grieving Charles, played by Dominic West, successful nan sixth and last bid of nan show.

She past appears successful phantom shape again to Queen Elizabeth II, played by Imelda Staunton, arsenic they talk ceremonial arrangements pinch Charles – pinch her quality seemingly reducing nan Queen to tears successful nan series, which will aerial from adjacent month.

But royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline that 'the thought that they person moreover contemplated Diana arsenic a shade seems perfectly weird', peculiarly considering nan arguable elements already swirling astir nan show.

He besides said Charles would enactment silent connected nan portrayal, but Princes William and Harry could speak out. Brand and civilization master Nick Ede added that nan brothers could beryllium 'appalled' by nan depiction of their precocious mother, and it would beryllium 'quite triggering'. 

Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana successful The Crown and is pictured successful bid 5 of nan show

Diana is played by Debicki, nan Queen by Imelda Staunton and Charles by Dominic West

Dominic West arsenic Charles and Elizabeth Debicki arsenic Diana successful bid 5 of Netflix's The Crown

Mr Fitzwilliams said: 'It is going to beryllium a arguable bid immoderate ways pinch what they are already showing - nan Panorama documentary, her decease and nan ceremonial - and successful my sentiment it should ne'er person made this last bid successful nan first place. 

'The full thought that (show creator) Peter Morgan has scripted ghostly appearances by Diana is utterly tasteless. It is pitiful that personification pinch his skills has reduced what is undoubtedly a calamity to thing that he knows perfectly good will beryllium controversial.

'The thought that he has scripted a ghostly fig of nan mother of Prince William and Harry is evidently tasteless and nan full concept, immoderate nan shade says aliases does, seems utterly bizarre.'

Mr Fitzwilliams said Charles will stay silent connected nan portrayal but his 2 sons Princes Harry and William whitethorn speak retired – aft some criticised nan BBC successful 2021 complete Martin Bashir's infamous Panorama question and reply pinch Diana successful 1995.

He added: 'We whitethorn good perceive what they deliberation of nan portrayal, but nan problem is if they do make a connection it will only adhd to nan hype surrounding The Crown and location you person a problem.

'If Prince William aliases Prince Harry were to remark connected this it would make headlines and moreover much group would watch it than they intended to.

'Whether they would watch specified a thing, I person nary thought of course. The King will make perfectly nary remark astatine all. I deliberation nan Royal Family decided agelong agone what they deliberation of The Crown - that it seems to person wholly forsaken taste.'

In addition, Mr Ede told MailOnline: 'The producers person said nan Diana shade portrays 'visualisations of innermost thoughts' but of people this will beryllium rather triggering and could origin distress.

'William and Harry I americium judge will besides find this difficult to admit arsenic they person nary thought what Diana was emotion and wherever her emotions were during that clip truthful this factional play becomes 1 of imagination and speculation which could appall nan brace arsenic it changes nan communicative of nan representation of their beloved mother.'

Mr Fitzwilliams went connected to slam nan accumulation arsenic a whole, claiming nan portrayal of Diana's phantom was thing much than a publicity stunt and that nan last series, which has already travel nether occurrence for recreating Diana's decease successful Paris, should ne'er person been made.

William and Harry get for Diana's statue unveiling astatine Kensington Palace successful London successful 2021

'It besides seems to beryllium an effort to get publicity and you get nan belief that location is thing they wouldn't do to get publicity,' he said.

'The Crown is arguable capable arsenic it is and I really judge location should not beryllium a last bid considering nan harm it's done already.

'What is truthful unusual is that this bid was already arguable and to put a shade connected apical of that is perfectly deplorable and tasteless.'

A Netflix root said nan quality of Debicki aft Diana's decease was meant to beryllium a 'visualisations of innermost thoughts' alternatively than intended to beryllium interpreted arsenic 'supernatural'.

MailOnline has contacted Netflix for an charismatic statement. 

The Mail antecedently revealed that nan Royal Family are bracing themselves for 'painful' scenes showing Diana appearing arsenic a ghost.

Diana besides appears to nan precocious Queen arsenic she discusses plans for a authorities ceremonial pinch Prince Charles – and nan 2 women moreover clasp hands.

Buckingham Palace has refused to remark connected nan series, which has attracted some commercialized occurrence but besides disapproval for its humanities inaccuracies and fictional liberties.

However, royal insiders suggested nan latest instalment will apt beryllium considered successful mediocre taste, peculiarly arsenic 'deeply achy memories for members of nan family are reduced to sensationalism'.

One root told nan Mail it seemed nan makers had 'jumped nan shark', nan explanation of a imaginative activity which has exhausted itself and is reduced to seizing connected gimmicks.

Another likened it to nan 'Bobby Ewing ablution scene' wherever nan celebrated prima of nan 1980s soap Dallas was killed off, only for his woman to realise it was a dream erstwhile he walked retired of nan ablution astatine nan extremity of nan series.

The imagined segment involving King Charles – past Prince of Wales – has a ghostly Diana telling him: 'Thank you for really you were successful nan hospital. So raw, surgery – and handsome. I'll return that pinch me.

Diana is pictured pinch her sons William and Harry erstwhile they were children. She died successful 1997 

'You cognize I loved you truthful much. So deeply, truthful painfully too. That's complete now... It will beryllium easier for everyone pinch maine gone.'

Diana besides reduces nan Queen to what looks for illustration tears, pinch nan precocious monarch telling Diana she has started a 'revolution' pinch nan nationalist mourning her successful nan streets.

The princess tells her: 'I cognize it must beryllium terrifying... As agelong arsenic anyone tin retrieve you've taught america what it intends to beryllium British. Maybe it's clip to show you're fresh to study too.'

The section suggests this is why nan Queen changed her mind astir travelling from Balmoral to London and famously addressing nan nation. 

The play will aerial successful 2 parts, pinch 4 episodes up to Diana's ceremonial streaming from November 16.

The 2nd part, consisting of nan last six shows and concluding pinch nan wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles, will watercourse from December 14.

Over nan past year, arsenic nan show began filming nan past bid which moves towards nan existent era, it has been deed pinch an array of criticisms from charges of fictionalisation to reinterpretation of events.

Former premier curate Sir John Major slammed nan bid past twelvemonth aft it portrayed that King Charles - past Prince of Wales - had encouraged Sir John to person nan Queen she should abdicate.

Sir John said nan scenes 'will beryllium profoundly hurtful to a family who are still grieving for nan very personification connected whose life nan full play was founded'.

Former Labour premier curate Tony Blair besides slammed nan storyline arsenic 'complete and utter rubbish'.

Princess Diana pinch Queen Elizabeth II astatine nan Queen Mother's 87th Birthday successful London successful 1987

Meanwhile it received further backlash arsenic it recreated Diana's car mishap successful Paris connected August 31, 1997, erstwhile she was travelling successful a car pinch Dodi Fayed, nan boy of precocious Harrods leader Mohammed Al-Fayed.

The infinitesimal of nan fatal clang successful a Paris passageway was not shown though pictures taken during filming showed a replica of nan mangled Mercedes.

Friends of Diana said nan show's makers could look accusations of 'insensitivity' and slammed Netflix for 'raking complete nan bones' of nan fatal crash.

Debbie Frank, who was Diana's astrologer, antecedently told nan Mail that it would beryllium 'terrible' for William and Harry to spot a recreation of nan moments starring up to their mother's death.

'It's evidently unspeakable for Diana's children to person to spot that again. It's insensitive,' she said.

She added: 'I consciousness Diana's decease and nan clang was nan biggest daze our generation. It had specified a immense effect crossed nan nationalist psyche.

'I conjecture nan makers of The Crown consciousness they are entitled to show a re-enactment of scenes starring up to her decease and that it has melodramatic impact. But relatives would deliberation otherwise.'

The family and champion friend of Diana's chauffeur Henri Paul were among those infuriated by nan re-enactment.

Alain Paul, nan driver's only surviving brother, and Claude Garrec, Henri Paul's champion friend, condemned nan filmmakers for exploiting nan clang victims and 'throwing him to nan wolves'.

Princes William, Harry and Charles connected nan time of Princess Diana's ceremonial successful London successful 1997

Speaking from his location successful Lorient, France, Mr Paul told MailOnline earlier this year: 'I don't want to person to spot nan wreckage of a car that my relative died successful complete and complete again. It's inhumane.

'This Netflix dramatization of my brother's decease is sadistic to maine and my family. They did not pass maine they were going to bring this calamity backmost into nan spotlight again.

'Yet again group are trying to profit from nan decease of my relative and of Princess Diana.'

Executives insisted astatine nan Edinburgh TV show successful August this twelvemonth that nan depiction of Diana's decease had been done pinch nan utmost sensitivity.

Producer Suzanne Mackie said: 'The show mightiness beryllium large and noisy, but we're not. We're thoughtful group and we're delicate people. There were very careful, agelong conversations astir really we were going to do it.

'The assemblage will judge it, successful nan end. But I deliberation it's been delicately, thoughtfully recreated. 

'Elizabeth Debicki is an bonzer character and she was truthful thoughtful and considerate. She loved Diana. There's a immense magnitude of respect from america all. I dream that's evident.'

Last autumn Netflix bowed to unit and started to preface nan show pinch a disclaimer saying: 'Inspired by existent events, this fictional dramatisation tells nan communicative of Queen Elizabeth II and nan governmental and individual events that shaped her reign.'

In an earlier interview, creator Peter Morgan admitted to 'unavoidable accuracy blips' but said: 'I'm perfectly fastidious astir location being an underlying truth.'

Mr Morgan is understood to beryllium considering ideas for a prequel bid aliases movie bid which would statesman pinch nan decease of Queen Victoria successful 1901.

The Crown bid six will beryllium disposable for streaming connected Netflix from November 16 

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