The Crown's Kate Middleton, Meg Bellamy, pips Meghan to be a new face of Dior... And just like the Princess, she's a Berkshire private school girl who loves hockey and tennis

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She has enviable brunette hair, was calved and brought up successful Berkshire, and has a superior passion for squad sports lacrosse, hockey, tennis and netball.

These facts unsocial make character Meg Bellamy a thoroughly fitting prime to play Kate Middleton successful nan forthcoming bid of The Crown.

The highly-anticipated last play of nan Netflix play had its premiere connected Tuesday nighttime and each eyes were connected Meg and her co-stars arsenic they made their reddish carpet debut successful Los Angeles.

Dazzling Meg arrived successful a achromatic silk, bejewelled Stella McCartney dress while Ed McVey, who plays Prince William, opted for Valentino. Luther Ford – nan young character who plays Prince Harry – went for a much edgy look successful a ruched vest, wide-legged trousers and an earring.

The trio, who posed astatine nan Westwood Regency Village Theatre on pinch Elizabeth Debicki, nan character who portrays Princess Diana, are now connected nan verge of superstardom – and everything that comes pinch it.

Star: British character Meg Bellamy arrives astatine nan Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'The Crown' Season 6 

Co-stars: Dazzling Meg arrived successful a achromatic silk, bejewelled Stella McCartney dress while Ed McVey (right), who plays Prince William, opted for Valentino

But we tin uncover that, successful a lawsuit of life genuinely imitating art, Meg has thing other successful communal pinch nan Princess of Wales. Before she has moreover been seen connected screen, 21-year-old Meg has go a patient favourite of nan manner world. She has already pulled disconnected a woody that would beryllium nan envy of Kate's nemesis Meghan Markle: becoming a look of French manner location Dior, pinch each nan perks that entails.

That's not all: Cartier, Valentino and Jaguar are each profoundly enamoured pinch Meg Bellamy. In further signs that her manner has go fresh for a princess, she's been a impermanent astatine immoderate of society's astir sparkling events. One Netflix insider tells me: 'They person been queuing up for Meg, she is playing nan astir celebrated female successful nan world successful a globally celebrated tv drama, truthful galore labels and brands want immoderate of that. She is simply a full unknown, but she is being treated for illustration Kate, an A-list princess.'

And it's not conscionable privately knowledgeable Meg who has been catapulted to personage earlier moreover hitting our screens. The actors who will play William and Harry alongside her – McVey, 22, and Ford, 21 – are being likewise garlanded pinch beforehand rows, reddish carpets and freebies galore. Indeed, nan trio person been attending high-profile parties together successful what appears to beryllium an effort to visually recreate nan erstwhile beardown enslaved betwixt their royal characters.

This is nary accident, I tin reveal. Sources show maine Netflix bosses person been devising what appears to beryllium a cautiously orchestrated glitzy run for their caller bid – an effort to package bid six arsenic nan Kate, Wills and Harry years, and deflect from nan arguable recreation of Diana's death.

So keen person they been to move nan attraction of nan sixth and last bid of nan royal play – which will show Princess Diana's decease successful Paris successful 1997 and extremity successful nan early 2000s erstwhile Kate and William started their romance – that executives astatine nan streaming elephantine person wished to raise nan floor plan of nan trio off-screen, too.

Talent: The actors are now connected nan verge of superstardom – and everything that comes pinch it

 A root adjacent to nan show said bosses are each excessively alert that nan days erstwhile William, Kate and Harry regularly joshed each different affectionately successful nationalist are beloved by fans of nan Royal Family – and truthful could beryllium lucrative catnip, not conscionable for The Crown's viewers, but for large brands.

The root said: 'It is simply a clip nan British nationalist loved to watch, nan 3 of them looked truthful adjacent and truthful happy. Kate shared specified a beautiful enslaved pinch Harry and they were seen arsenic nan early of nan royal family.

'And it isn't conscionable Netflix making nan astir of those happy and celebrated times, but nan manner world too.'

Because if you can't get nan existent Kate to exemplary for you, her doppelgänger from 1 of nan world's biggest TV shows is nan adjacent champion thing.

And truthful you person Meg Bellamy being fixed a prestigious spot connected nan beforehand statement of Dior's couture show successful July wherever she was treated by Dior executives arsenic if she really was royalty.

Her activity is apt to person already earned her hundreds of thousands of pounds. That nan 'fake Kate' has developed specified adjacent links to Dior is apt to beryllium galling for nan real-life Meghan, who was not signed up arsenic an ambassador for nan explanation early this year, contempt claims some sides wanted to activity together.

Meg – an chartless who won her domiciled aft sending a video audition portion into Netflix – has besides been lured by Cartier and regularly posts astir nan brand. Valentino besides wants to activity pinch her, and she has besides recovered herself moving pinch luxury car marque Jaguar. Add to this that she was dressed by Prada for a caller mag interview, while she wore Gucci for different promotional run – each documented connected her Instagram relationship – and you tin spot really striking her emergence to nan apical is.

Luther Ford (right) – nan young character who plays Prince Harry – went for a much edgy look successful a ruched vest, wide-legged trousers and an earring

Quite a feat for personification who, barroom a fewer play productions astatine her erstwhile £10,000-a-year St Crispin's School successful Wokingham, has nary acting training aliases experience.

Royal links are evident successful her socialising too: Vanity Fair mag asked her to beryllium their VIP impermanent astatine nan Chelsea Flower Show successful May. And Meg was a impermanent of honour astatine nan BAFTA awards – nan patron of which is nan Prince of Wales – earlier this year.

Meg, however, is humble astir nan perks she has been showered with, saying: 'I didn't moreover expect nan manner broadside of it. When I sewage this domiciled I thought it meant that I'd beryllium doing a batch of investigation and filming. I decidedly hadn't moreover considered that I'd activity pinch these astonishing brands.'

But those brands surely envisaged moving pinch her – and her antheral Crown co-stars. Dior, Valentino and Armani person been eagerly dressing McVey and Ford, and Hermes invited nan 2 of them to Paris Fashion Week.

Ford, meanwhile, has been lured by Peugeot cars and was past period wearing Dior arsenic he attended an arena for nan car marque and GQ magazine.

One insider said: 'Ed will beryllium a immense prima erstwhile The Crown gets going, though it is really nan first clip that actors for illustration this are fixed specified a floor plan by labels earlier they person moreover been seen connected nan telly.'

Indeed, nan societal media experts astatine these labels person undoubtedly recovered a successful strategy.

Meg and Ed each person astir 9,000 followers connected Instagram and Luther 1,400. When The Crown originates this Wednesday, that number is expected to summation dramatically, and nan liking successful nan threesome will mean that those manner labels will beryllium perchance seen by millions. Meg successful peculiar will undoubtedly go an overnight star.

Last twelvemonth she filmed scenes pinch Ed, showing really William and Kate's narration blossomed aft gathering astatine St Andrew's University.

There was plentifulness of akin youthful excitement erstwhile Meg, McVey and Ford were seen successful July, promoting nan high-end jewellery Cartier astatine nan Goodwood Festival for Speed. Meg captioned nan image connected her Instagram 'Old Chums' and McVey shared nan aforesaid image and wrote, 'More clip pinch these two,' and completed it pinch a reddish bosom emoji.

One root tells me: 'It hasn't gone unnoticed that nan 3 of them are retired and astir together and sharing their relationship connected societal media.

'It really is for illustration nan real-life communicative erstwhile Harry would bent retired pinch Kate and William, successful nan days earlier he met Meghan.' It's surely clever PR. With nan erstwhile tight-knit young Royals recreated by their photogenic lookalikes, nan Princess's decease won't beryllium nan only point nan show's viewers will beryllium talking about.

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