The Challenge star Nelson Thomas charged with DWI... months after being rescued from burning vehicle following car crash

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More than 7 months aft surviving a horrific mishap which near him pinch a superior limb injury, Nelson Thomas has been charged pinch a DWI.

Thomas, 34, was slapped pinch nan misdemeanor complaint successful precocious September successful Texas for nan incident occurring connected March 6, 2023, according to TMZ.

He was besides arrested and posed for a mugshot, according to Page Six.  

Officers claimed Nelson had 'bloodshot, glassy eyes' arsenic he described really different car had swerved successful beforehand of his ain conscionable earlier nan accident, according to TMZ.

Thomas claimed he had consumed '2-3 mixed alcoholic drinks', but officers alleged The Challenge prima had a 'strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath' during consequent curen astatine nan hospital. 

Legal woes: Six months aft surviving a horrific mishap which near him pinch superior injuries, Nelson Thomas has been charged pinch a DWI

Ordeal: Thomas revealed successful March he had survived a unspeakable car crash  

The results of a humor trial Thomas underwent astatine nan infirmary alleged he had a BAC of .178, according to Page Six. This is much than double nan ineligible limit of 0.08. His results elevated his complaint to a Class A misdemeanor, TMZ reports. 

Thomas mislaid power of his conveyance and struck a span successful Austin, Texas, according to Page Six. The conveyance was totaled and erupted into flames while Thomas was stuck inside. 

According to Page Six, Thomas grounded a section sobriety test, and he was arrested astatine nan hospital.

But Thomas ended up being 'released from custody erstwhile it was discovered nan curen for his injuries would return longer than expected,' according to documents obtained by Page Six.

On September 28, he was taken into custody again and a mugshot was taken. He paid a $5,000 enslaved and is group to look successful tribunal connected November 16.

In anterior tribunal documents, Thomas' lawyer said nan reality prima has been 'dealing pinch a superior aesculapian information successful which he does not person afloat mobility of 1 of his legs,' according to Page Six. 

Thomas revealed he had survived nan car mishap backmost successful March, posting photos of his gruesome injuries and hospitalization to his Instagram.

The station besides included harrowing video of his rescue from his burning vehicle. He gave a shout-out to NFL subordinate K.J. Osborn for being connected nan segment and filming his rescue. 

'I was progressive successful a car accident. I want to convey kJ: @kj_osborn_ @nfl @vikings for being connected nan segment and filming my rescue. I americium everlastingly grateful to Abdulmejied Hairedin: @_abdu6435, Rita: @Afri_qveen, and Arthur: @arthur_1er_,' he began successful nan caption. 

Harrowing: Thomas' rescue from his fiery video was captured by NFL subordinate KJ Osborn

Raising funds: A GoFundMe group up to raise costs for his aesculapian expenses and different related expenses has truthful acold made $58,673

'For pulling maine retired of a burning vehicle, risking their ain lives to prevention mine. Words can’t explicate really grateful I americium to beryllium alive. God is genuinely awesome and he has you successful his hands nary matter who you are.

'I’m successful precocious spirits and getting stronger. This will beryllium a agelong roadworthy to betterment but to my fans, friends and family please support maine successful your prayers.'

A GoFundMe group up to raise costs for his aesculapian expenses and different related expenses has truthful acold made $58,673.

'Just complete a week ago, our beloved friend, Nelson Thomas saw his life flash earlier his eyes successful a unspeakable car accident. He is truthful grateful for nan magnitude of emotion he’s already received successful specified a short time. From his Challenge buddies, to family, to awesome friends - he is emotion truthful overmuch love,' his GoFundMe read. 

MTV star: Thomas pictured backmost successful 2017 successful New York 

'This mishap has near him beautiful hit up on pinch a totaled vehicle. He has already had aggregate surgeries, including a reconstructive room connected his limb wherever he now has plates and screws. 

'We person had galore scope retired to spot successful what measurement they tin help, first and foremost - Prayer. He feels truthful blessed to beryllium live arsenic his religion successful Christ is truthful important to him. 

'So I cognize he is incredibly thankful for those praying for him and his recovery. Second, if you would for illustration to thief successful supporting financially, this will spell toward aesculapian bills and immoderate different necessities to assistance successful his recovery. This is going to beryllium a agelong roadworthy to recovery, but his spirits are high. Thank you each for your emotion and kindness. We each emotion you brother.'

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