The Beatles’s Last Music Video Is Coming Later This Week

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The Beatles posing together. From near to right: musicians George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul ... [+] McCartney and Ringo Starr, circa 1965.

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It’s been decades since The Beatles released a caller single, but successful conscionable a fewer days, nan astir successful set of each clip will reunite and driblet much music. Now, specifications surrounding nan tune’s accompanying euphony video person been shared arsenic well, and nan man directing nan clip is 1 of nan astir celebrated successful nan intermezo industry.

An charismatic euphony video for The Beatles’s past song, titled “Now and Then,” is group to get connected Friday, November 3. Fans tin drawback nan clip erstwhile it premieres astatine 10 AM EST connected nan band’s charismatic YouTube channel.

The ocular is directed by Peter Jackson, who has ne'er earlier helmed a euphony video...but he surely isn’t caller to nan directing game. Jackson is possibly champion known arsenic nan screenwriter and head down nan massively successful Lord of nan Rings franchise. He besides worked pinch nan 2 remaining Beatles, arsenic good arsenic nan estates of nan 2 nary longer pinch us, for nan docuseries The Beatles: Get Back.

The opus itself, "Now and Then," is group to beryllium released globally precisely 1 time earlier nan euphony video—to nan hour.

In a missive posted connected The Beatles's website, Jackson offered immoderate insights into nan forthcoming euphony video. He revealed that nan video was made utilizing a operation of footage from various sources. The blend includes never-before-seen footage from nan band's earliest days, arsenic good arsenic caller video contented filmed by McCartney and Starr, nan 2 surviving members of nan legendary group.

The azygous is simply a singular blend of philharmonic history, built astir a demo recorded by John Lennon successful nan 1970s. It features each 4 members of The Beatles, and until recently, it was assumed that nan original signaling was unusable. Earlier this year, McCartney caused a frenzy erstwhile he shared that he was utilizing artificial intelligence to abstracted Lennon’s vocals from nan inheritance noise, which has antecedently been impossible.

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