The Atlas Robot Is Dead. Long Live the Atlas Robot

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You don’t request to person been petrified by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Skynet-commissioned cyborg assassin successful 1984’s The Terminator to fret that super-strong, all-terrain, bipedal humanoid robots sprinting up steps, pulling backflips, and righting themselves could beryllium programmed to break our necks connected sight. (And laser guns, ne'er springiness them laser guns.)

With nan Old Atlas, we could comfortableness ourselves pinch nan conception that clever editing meant Atlas wasn’t arsenic self-righting complete unsmooth crushed arsenic nan original viral videos portrayed. The pratfalls successful nan status video beryllium that hunch was correct. However, today’s video mightiness good resurrect immoderate robot overlord fears you whitethorn person since suppressed. This point is scary, and not conscionable because it has a ringlight for a face. (Who had “Robot YouTube influencer” connected their 2024 bingo card?)

It was bully knowing you, Old Atlas—you awesome, pratfalling, parkouring, metallic man machine.

Scary, too, if you’re an Amazon storage worker, because nan New Atlas could do that occupation pinch 1 three-fingered manus tied down its matte grey robotic back. More likely, however, is that Hyundai—which bought Boston Dynamics successful 2020, valuing it astatine $1 billion—could soon group Atlas to activity successful its car factories. The “journey will commencement pinch Hyundai,” confirmed Boston Dynamics in a statement announcing nan All New Atlas launch.

Again, nary specifications person been released, but we tin surmise that nan caller Atlas will beryllium fixed dull, repetitive tasks successful nan Korean company’s factories alternatively than, say, laser welding. (Remember, support lasers distant from robot butlers.)

Hyundai isn’t nan only institution readying to usage humanoid robots arsenic workers. Beating Tesla’s still-in-development Optimus statement of humanoid robots, Sanctuary AI of Canada announced connected April 11 that it would beryllium delivering a humanoid robot to Magna, an Austrian automotive patient that assembles cars for Mercedes, Jaguar, and BMW.

And Californian robotics startup Figure announced successful February that it had raised $675 million from investors specified arsenic Nvidia, Microsoft, and Amazon to activity pinch OpenAI connected generative artificial intelligence for humanoid robots.

A general-purpose humanoid robot that tin study connected nan fly. What could perchance spell incorrect pinch that?

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