The Amazon effect? House prices in Northern Virginia soared after mega retailer set up its second HQ there in 2018 - bringing with it thousands of high-paid workers - but new report says the trend was short-lived!

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When Amazon announced successful 2018 that it would build a 2nd office successful Arlington, Virginia, to big 25,000 white-collar tech workers, fears erupted that section location prices would skyrocket, displacing lower-income residents.

Now, 5 years later, a report by existent property information institution Bright MLS has investigated really that site, branded 'HQ2' by Amazon, whitethorn person impacted nan surrounding lodging market.

It recovered that successful 2018 aft it was announced that HQ2 would beryllium located successful Arlington, location prices soared faster successful that region than successful neighboring areas, specified arsenic Washington, DC, Maryland and nan remainder of Northern Virginia. 

But that first uptick was not a nonstop consequence of those labor buying up and renting homes, nan study found. Instead, it was driven by speculation and moves by existent property agents who utilized nan forthcoming Amazon improvement to boost demand.

Amazon's HQ2 is successful Arlington, by the Potomac River and crossed from DC. The location was first announced successful November 2018, causing location prices to temporarily emergence successful response, studies person found

A rendering of Amazon’s projected creation for its 2nd office field successful Arlington. Pictured is 'The Helix', which is portion of nan company's Phase 2, and presently connected hold

The study besides noted that while nan original uptick was linked to Amazon, nan company's effects whitethorn person only been short-lived. The Covid-19 pandemic successful 2020 past muddied nan waters, making it harder to place clear trends.

Over nan past decade, location prices roseate astatine a complaint of astir 4.5 percent annually successful nan DC area, according to nan report. And since 2019, nan gait of location value appreciation escalated, rising astatine astir 7.0 percent annually betwixt 2019 and 2023.


September 2017 - Amazon originates entreaty to communities astir nan state for taxation breaks successful speech for its caller headquarters

November 2018 - Locations are whittled down to NYC and Arlington

February 2019 - NYC connection is withdrawn

June 2019 - Handful of labor move into rented abstraction successful Arlington

January 2020 - Construction originates connected 'Phase One' buildings (Met Park)

June 2023 - Over respective weeks, astir 8,000 labor move into nan Met Park site 

A abstracted analysis by soon aft nan announcement successful 2018, recovered that nan median location value successful Arlington roseate 17 percent to $750,000 successful April 2019, up from $640,000 successful November 2018. 

That was importantly higher than nan nationalist average. 

'It's a small spot for illustration a chickenhearted and an egg,' said Lisa Sturtevant, nan writer of nan paper.

'Amazon came to Arlington because Arlington was attractive, Arlington was charismatic truthful group wanted to beryllium location and location prices and rents were rising. And past Amazon came successful and location prices and rents proceed to rise.'

She noted successful nan study that nan contiguous effect was not caused straight by Amazon labor buying homes - since they were not to move successful for respective years - but by speculation astir really HQ2 mightiness yet person an impact.

'I deliberation it was sparked by nan announcement and not by immoderate caller Amazon workers moving to nan area,' she said. 

'There was an anticipation that this caller economical improvement that was going to bring 25,000, very precocious costs workers to nan region and that would tie accrued request for housing,' she added.

The caller field successful Virginia is intended to yet accommodate astir 25,000 unit members who will person a median net of $150,000, according to Amazon.

So far, Amazon has hired 8,000 labor astatine HQ2. They mostly arrived complete nan people of respective weeks successful June.

Immediate increases successful location prices aft Amazon announced it would find HQ2 successful Arlington were astir pronounced among much costly and older detached housing

Another phenomenon Sturtevant noted was that aft nan announcement successful 2018, section existent property agents started utilizing Amazon to thrust up hype and liking successful nan area.

'Real property agents began utilizing Amazon HQ2 arsenic a trading tool. Two retired of 5 single-family detached homes listed successful 2019 successful nan 22202 zip codification - nan area that includes nan Amazon HQ2 office - explicitly mentioned HQ2 successful nan spot description,' publication nan report. 

'It was decidedly a trading instrumentality for existent property agents and brokers, arsenic they would usage proximity to nan subway, aliases your proximity to a business district,' she said.

HQ2 was surgery up into what Amazon has called Phase One and Two - pinch 14,000 and 11,000 caller jobs respectively. 

Since nan pandemic, Amazon has temporarily scaled backmost its improvement of nan 2nd headquarters, pausing Phase Two indefinitely.

Its first influx of labor came earlier successful June. And for nan clip being, Sturtevant predicted that nan caller labor were still improbable to straight effect nan market.

She referred to a 2018 study from George Mason University which estimated that conscionable 10 percent of nan caller labor were apt to really bargain location successful Arlington. 

The astir caller batch of labor moved into a tract referred to by Amazon arsenic Met Park - a 67,000-square-foot improvement by nan Potomac River and crossed from DC.

Traditional woody location successful Arlington adjacent DC successful 2018

Since nan pandemic, Amazon has temporarily scaled backmost its improvement of nan 2nd headquarters, pausing Phase Two indefinitely

'In June, we began welcoming nan 8,000 labor hired astatine HQ2 to Met Park, nan first shape of our 2nd headquarters,' Amazon spokesperson, Zach Goldsztejn told

'Our semipermanent volition and committedness remains unchanged, including our plans to bring 25,000 firm and tech jobs to HQ2.'

And that impermanent slowing down of Phase 2 has besides caused interest among existent property agents. 

'On nan flip side, we've heard from immoderate existent property agents that are worried, "Oh, my goodness, Amazon's pausing Phase Two, is that going to dampen nan lodging market?"' said

And Amazon has mostly chalked up location value increases to a deficiency of proviso and not its caller nationalist headquarters.

'It is clear that comparatively precocious location prices successful Arlington and successful nan greater Washington, DC, region are being driven by beardown request and debased supply, and not nan activity of high-wage employment to nan area,' said Goldsztejn.

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