Thanksgiving Shopping: Here Are The Grocery Items To Save On—And The Prices To Watch For

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With little than a period to go, Americans are loading their shopping carts successful mentation for Thanksgiving, and while ostentation has slowed since this clip past year, immoderate items—like canned cranberries and ham—have accrued successful value arsenic nan costs of turkeys is expected to spell down nan person it gets to Thanksgiving, a caller study by nan Wells Fargo Agri-Food Institute suggested up of nan autumn holiday.

Turkey prices are expected to get cheaper arsenic nan vacation approaches.

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Key Facts

The main staple of astir Thanksgiving spreads, turkey, will costs consumers 9% little this twelvemonth than past twelvemonth and is expected to get moreover cheaper arsenic Thanksgiving time approaches, according to Michael Swanson, Wells Fargo’s main cultivation economist and writer of nan report.

That alteration successful turkey costs is simply a consequence of turkey producers anticipating nan system would beryllium beardown by nan clip Thanksgiving rolled astir and preparing much turkeys complete nan summertime to meet nan anticipated need, Swanson said.

While turkey prices are down, nan somewhat little celebrated centerpiece, ham, is nearing an all-time precocious pinch prices astir $4.56 per pound, up 5.2% from nan erstwhile year, according to nan report.

When it comes to different Thanksgiving classics for illustration cranberries, Swanson recommended group bargain caller cranberries alternatively than canned arsenic caller cranberries are 20% cheaper than they were this clip past twelvemonth and canned cranberries are up almost 60% from this clip past year.

Fresh nutrient going down successful value and canned equipment going up is simply a inclination up of Thanksgiving, Swanson said, noting that canned greenish beans are up 9% from this clip past year.

Big Number

84%. Of turkeys sold passim nan year, that’s nan percent that are purchased successful nan period of November, Swanson said.


Russet potatoes, commonly utilized for mashed potatoes, person reached an all-time precocious astatine $1.17 per pound, up from $1.08 this clip past year, an 8% increase, according to nan report. That summation successful value is nan consequence of past year’s drought, which affected nan proviso and subsequently nan value of nan murphy proviso successful nan Pacific Northwest, Swanson said. But, not each potatoes are equal. Sweet potatoes, which are almost exclusively originated from North Carolina, person not knowledgeable a ample summation successful price. Since North Carolina did not look nan aforesaid upwind conditions arsenic nan Pacific Northwest, location has been a much unchangeable and predictable proviso of saccharine potatoes this twelvemonth and nan summation is smaller, up 4% from this clip past year, Swanson said.

Surprising Fact

Beer prices proceed to summation arsenic nan costs of labour and packaging increases, nan study found. While nan complaint of nan summation has slowed down from wherever it was past year, prices are wide still up. In September of past twelvemonth nan unit value for a pint of brew was $1.66, and is up 5.4% this September for a value of $1.74 a pint, Swanson said. That summation led Swanson to urge consumers take vino complete brew for their thanksgiving celebrations. A liter of vino past twelvemonth costs consumers $13.50 connected mean and this twelvemonth a liter of vino is $13.68.

Key Background

Inflation had been connected a dependable diminution until August erstwhile ostentation came successful astatine 3.7% and past September erstwhile halfway ostentation rose to 4.1%—the highest it had been since May. Despite those increases, ostentation has remained good beneath nan 9% people wherever it peaked during nan summertime of 2022. The prices elaborate successful nan Wells Fargo study show that nan world has been capable to rebalance since nan Russian penetration of Ukraine, which had a ample effect connected nutrient prices astir nan world, Swanson said. While immoderate foods, specified arsenic baked goods, are still up importantly from a twelvemonth ago, galore nutrient prices person stabilized.

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