Texas dad David Barnes, 66, is jailed for 21 years in Moscow after court there finds him guilty of abusing his two sons after his Russian ex-wife accused him of child sex abuse even though US police found no basis to charge him

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A Texas begetter of 2 was sentenced to 21 years successful situation successful Moscow connected Tuesday aft a tribunal recovered him blameworthy of abusing his 2 sons while successful nan US.

David Barnes, 66, was first arrested successful January 2022 soon aft he arrived successful Russia to sojourn his children and their mother, his ex-wife, Svetlana Koptyaeva. At nan time, Barnes was applying for visitation rights.

Koptyaeva was accused of taking nan children from their location successful nan US unlawfully, prompting an Interpol alert for nan 2 boys. The mates had an acrimonious divorcement successful which she accused him of sexually abusing their childrne. 

His proceedings started successful nan autumn of 2022 but was not held consecutively. It yet concluded this week. During proceedings, Barnes testified connected his ain behalf, reports ABC News. 

In response, his lawyer, Gleb Glinka, told nan web that she was 'horrified' by nan sentence. 'There was almost nary grounds that nan tribunal could guidelines that verdict on.' 

Following nan verdict, Koptyaeva rejected claims that she kidnapped her children. 'I didn't bargain anyone. I was conscionable protecting my kids,' she said. 

David Barnes was arrested successful Moscow successful January 2022 soon aft he arrived successful nan Russian capital 

During divorcement proceedings, Svetlana Koptyaeva accused her hubby of sexually abusing their children

Barnes learned his destiny Tuesday, he will walk 21 years successful a Russian situation connected kid maltreatment charges 

The children were calved successful 2010 and 2014, according to Russian media reports. The mates divided successful 2017.  

A warrant for interfering pinch kid custody proceedings is still progressive for Kopytaeva successful Texas. As a result, successful nan US, Barnes is nan children's ineligible guardian. 

She was expected to springiness nan boys' passports to her lawyer to clasp during custody proceedings.

The FBI believes that Koptyaeva flew pinch nan children from Houston to Istanbul. 

Barnes was investigated by nan Texas Department of Family and Protective Services successful 2018 complete nan maltreatment allegations but it was quickly squashed. In 2023, officials said that Barnes had not committed immoderate crimes successful nan region that require him to beryllium held down bars. 

At trial, Koptyaeva testified that she told constabulary astir nan allegations against Barnes soon aft she arrived successful Moscow. 

Speaking to ABC News, Koptyaeva said that Barnes caused her children 'suffering and pain' and that her actions were motivated by a desire to protect her children. 

'He is simply a man that loves his children much than anything. I don’t moreover person immoderate joyousness successful life, because conscionable knowing what he’s surviving successful and nan conditions and what mightiness travel down nan pike aft nan proceedings scares nan hellhole retired of me,' his sister, Carol, told NBC Houston in September 2022. 

Carol said that erstwhile her relative arrived successful Russia, he recovered an flat successful nan aforesaid building arsenic his ex-wife and intended to prosecute a custody arrangement. When his ex-wife saw him there, she notified nan police. 

'It’s conscionable thing that you deliberation astir each day, and you’re devastated for him. It’s just, it’s heartbreaking,' his different sister Margaret Aaron told nan station. 

A crowdfunding page for Barnes' ineligible costs has been group up. 

His friend, Chris Schiller, backed up Barnes' sister's sentiment of him. 

'He was nan type of dada that you would ne'er spot nan kids conscionable sitting successful beforehand of a machine aliases a tablet. His kids were his world,' Schiller told ABC Houston in 2022. 

Unlike nan cases of different precocious floor plan Americans successful Russia, specified arsenic Paul Whelan, Gershkovich and Brittney Griner, Barnes' hearings were kept backstage to nan grade that a typical from nan US Embassy was not moreover successful attendance. 

In nan aftermath of his conviction, Barnes' relatives told ABC News that they dream he is portion of a captive exchange, thing that Vladimir Putin alluded to during his softball interview  with Tucker Carlson past week. 

For his pre proceedings detention, Barnes was held successful Moscow's Detention Center 5, nan aforesaid spot were chap American Trevor Reed was held.

Reed was released successful April 2022 successful speech for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian aviator convicted of supplier smuggling