Terrifying moment at Sydney's Tamarama beach as a surfer is pummelled by huge waves before Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy jumps in to help him

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  • Surfer was pummelled successful chaotic surf
  • Bondi Rescue's Luke Faddy bravely came to his aid  
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By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:11 EDT, 2 November 2023 | Updated: 23:12 EDT, 2 November 2023

Terrifying footage has emerged of a surfer being pummelled by immense waves during chaotic upwind conditions astatine a celebrated formation earlier 1 of nan stars of Bondi Rescue came to his aid. 

The surfer was seen successful nan h2o astatine Tamarama Beach successful Sydney's eastbound battling chaotic surf adjacent nan rocks successful video posted this week to societal media by Bill Morris. 

The footage shows nan unit of nan h2o pushing nan man to nan separator of 2 monolithic vertical rocks known arsenic 'The Twins'. 

In nan footage posted to Instagram nan man is seen struggling to enactment supra nan h2o and aquatics distant from danger

The footage past cuts to nan man being pounded by ample waves arsenic he struggles to enactment supra nan h2o and aquatics distant from danger. 

Moments earlier Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy, who saw nan man battling successful nan achromatic water, is seen calling retired to different bystander to cheque connected nan surfer's condition. 

He bravely dives into nan h2o and originates to aquatics toward nan surfer pinch thing but his flippers and a rescue conduit slung complete his shoulder. 

The personification filming is heard telling Mr Faddy 'he's alright' arsenic nan lifeguard continues to aquatics toward nan surfer's direction.

The surfer is later seen riding his surfboard complete milder waves arsenic he originates to make his measurement backmost to statement to get to information adjacent Bronte Beach. 

Mr Faddy besides returned to statement safely. 

Mr Morris captioned nan video of nan incident recounting really different man was besides pinch nan surfer astatine nan clip earlier they some sewage caught up successful nan waves. 

'In an expanding swell 2 surfers were cleaned up by a ample set, 1 breaking his limb statement earlier getting caught successful nan rocks adjacent nan Twins,' Mr Morris wrote. 

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy (pictured) rushed to nan surfer's assistance arsenic he saw nan man struggling adjacent nan rocks, earlier he leapt into nan h2o pinch thing but his flippers and a rescue conduit slung complete his shoulder

Head of Waverly Council Lifeguards Bruce Hopkins praised Mr Faddy's efforts successful rushing to nan surfer's aid. 

Mr Hopkins told Yahoo that beachgoers should not aquatics done nan existent during these situations. 

'The champion point to do is actively float wherever you're treading water,' Mr Hopkins said. 

'Don't effort and aquatics backmost to nan beach.' 

'You're amended disconnected conscionable floating and past you'll cognize which measurement nan waters taking you and spell pinch nan travel of that water.' 

Mr Hopkins said nan waves are very beardown astatine Tamarama and surfers are often swept retired by nan powerfulness of nan water. 

Tamarama formation is considered 1 of nan astir vulnerable beaches successful NSW owed to its heavy h2o and immense swells that nutrient powerful rips. 

Several group person died astatine nan celebrated spot including good known patient Matthew Richell, who sewage swept onto nan rocks while he was surfing successful 2014. 

Surfers pulled his assemblage from nan waters but he couldn't beryllium revived. 

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