Terrifying footage shows fire spreading through Minneapolis homeless encampment as startled residents scatter to save their belongings and escape raging flames

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  • Two group were injured and 2 homes sustained insignificant harm pursuing immense occurrence connected Thursday
  • Fire crews battled nan flames for 30 minutes aft nan blaze tore done the encampment
  • Dramatic aerial photos show nan campy razed to nan crushed and covered successful ash 

By Bethan Sexton For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:11 EST, 2 March 2024 | Updated: 11:43 EST, 2 March 2024

Terrifying footage shows nan infinitesimal a monolithic occurrence rips done a Minneapolis homeless encampment arsenic hopeless residents fly pinch their belongings. 

The blaze tore done nan colony connected Thursday, injuring 2 group and destroying dozens of tents.

Dramatic video captures nan infinitesimal flames engulfed nan encampment, which was location to astir 100 people. 

The footage shows residents desperately trying to stitchery their possessions arsenic they fly nan site.

Huge plumes of fume and occurrence tin beryllium seen swirling astir nan tents.

A occurrence has destroyed a bum encampment successful Minneapolis injuring 2 people 

The blaze tore done nan colony connected Thursday, injuring 2 group and destroying dozens of tents

Up to 100 group were surviving astatine nan encampment erstwhile nan blaze collapsed out

'Come connected everybody out,' John Gonzalez a journalist pinch Standing Bear Network, an indigenous media group, tin beryllium heard shouting. 'Check these yards, each assemblage out!'

Devastating photos show nan aftermath of nan fire, which wiped retired nan encampment.

'After we saw nan flames, things started to explode,' Gonzalez, told CBS. 

'They were propane canisters, location were occurrence extinguishers and things started to explode. Big shot of occurrence conscionable engulfing everywhere.'

Two group were treated for burns and fume inhalation astatine nan tract and 2 adjacent homes sustained insignificant damage.

'I grabbed my canine and ran retired nan beforehand door,' section resident Ashley Jensen told nan outlet, adding that conscionable days earlier she had been successful interaction pinch metropolis officials astir uncovering needles successful her backyard.

'The astir sad point was each these group mislaid their location arsenic overmuch arsenic it was difficult to person them arsenic neighbors,' she added.

Fire crews were called to nan segment astatine astir midday and managed to put retired nan blaze wrong 30 minutes.

But they warned nan business could person been overmuch worse if location was immoderate wind.

Fire crews were called to nan segment astatine astir midday and managed to put retired nan blaze wrong 30 minutes

Footage shows residents desperately trying to stitchery their belongings arsenic they fly nan site

Crime Watch exclusive video of nan Minneapolis encampment occurrence astatine E 28th St and 11th Ave S.

The campy was leveled coming (Feb. 29) pursuing a occurrence that engulfed nan full camp. Propane tanks were heard exploding, and adjacent neighbors were evacuated. At slightest 1 location adjacent was… pic.twitter.com/gamr20SBTn

— CrimeWatchMpls (@CrimeWatchMpls) February 29, 2024

'It is simply a very vulnerable business whenever you person that galore flammable materials adjacent to unfastened flames, adjacent to propane tanks,' Fire Chief Brian Tyner said. 

Mayor Jacob Frey reiterated nan imaginable dangers of encampments and his desire to spot residents relocated into imperishable homes.

'Homeless encampments of this important size are not safe,' Frey said. 'They're not safe for nan group surviving astatine nan bum encampment. They're not safe for nan surrounding neighbors.'

But conscionable hours later, a caller campy had sprung up according to WCCO.

The campy had been closed 3 times earlier it burnt down. 

On Friday, workers were seen dumping actual connected nan tract of nan fire. 

Minneapolis is struggling pinch a surge successful homelessness, pinch rates up by 24 percent successful December 2023 aft a play of dependable declines according to nan Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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