Teresa Giudice maintains 'that chapter's closed' while giving an update on drama with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa: 'I'm so over that'

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By Kevin Kayhart For Dailymail.com

Published: 21:24 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 21:28 EDT, 4 November 2023

Teresa Giudice and hubby Luis Ruelas support they person some moved connected from nan play pinch her brother, Joe Gorga, and his woman Melissa.

While nan narration betwixt Teresa and Melissa has ever seemed to person its capable of tension, it appeared to get explosively worse aft Luis accused his sister-in-law of cheating connected Joe.

When pressed to remark connected wherever things guidelines now astatine BravoCon 2023 successful Las Vegas connected Friday, November 3, Teresa told Us Weekly: 'That chapter's closed.'

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey prima added, 'I don't moreover want to remark connected it. It's been truthful agelong now. I americium truthful complete that.'

Her husband, 48, past proceeded to backmost up his wife's connection by concurring, 'Yeah,' on pinch a motion of agreement.

Family drama: Teresa Giudice, 51, offered an update connected her existent narration pinch her relative Joe Gorga, 44, and his woman Melissa, 44, astatine Bravo Con 2023 successful Las Vegas

The bad humor betwixt nan 2 sister-in-laws seemed to scope a boiling constituent erstwhile nan Gorgas skipped Luis and Teresa's wedding successful August 2022.

Joe, 44, and Melissa, 44, believed that Teresa had dispersed rumors that Melissa had been unfaithful. But successful nan extremity nan Gorgas, who person been joined for 19 years, person many times denied nan cheating accusations. 

Melissa was besides reportedly upset that Teresa did not inquire her to beryllium 1 of nan bridesmaids during nan ceremony. 

'From time 1 pinch each nan wedding drama, I was told connected nationalist TV I wasn't gonna beryllium a portion of it,' Melissa told nan publication successful October 2022. 

'I was told we are not close. I was told each of these things. So erstwhile you tie nan statement successful nan sand, good then, I person to guidelines down nan line,' Melissa added. 'And past don’t beryllium upset erstwhile we're down nan statement because you drew it.'

Tensions roseate moreover higher when Teresa and Melissa came face-to-face astatine nan RHONJ play 13 reunion, and accused her relative and his woman of being nan ones who helped put her successful jail.

As a result, Teresa and her now ex-husband Joe Giudice were sentenced to situation successful 2015 connected aggregate fraud charges.

After their reunion look off, Teresa went connected to state that she can't hold to 'never f**king look” astatine Melissa's look again. 

Family tension: The bad humor betwixt nan 2 sister-in-laws seemed to scope a boiling constituent erstwhile nan Gorgas skipped Luis and Teresa's wedding successful August 2022; nan newlyweds are pictured connected time 2 of BravoCon 2023 successful Las Vegas

The Gorgas person many times denied nan cheating accusations waged against Melissa; nan couple, who person been joined 19 years, are seen connected time 1 of BravoCon 2023

The 2 couples person since stopped speaking to each different contempt nan truth that they each returned for nan upcoming play 14 of RHONJ. 

'I mean, I wouldn't opportunity easier,' Teresa shared to Us Weekly, erstwhile asked astir really nan sprout has been going for nan caller episodes without immoderate interactions pinch nan Gorgas.

'You person to watch it because it's like, "Oh, it's ever astir that." Let's spot what happens [and] God consenting there'll beryllium adjacent year, but yeah. So, you person to watch nan play to see,' nan original RHONJ formed personnel said successful a tease for play 14.

BravoCon 2023 kicked disconnected successful Las Vegas on Friday, November 3, successful what was nan first of 3 days of nosy pinch galore of nan Bravo stars astatine Caesars Forum.

The three-day arena for each things Bravo comes complete pinch much than 60 events that includes unrecorded panels and meet-and-greets wherever fans tin mingle pinch galore of nan 160 alleged Bravolebrities.'

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