Tennis world No 3 Daniil Medvedev gives 'stupid' booing crowd the middle finger after losing at the Paris Open... but blames it on 'looking at my nail' while he sarcastically hails 'beautiful Parisien audience'

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  • Daniil Medvedev was defeated 6-3 6-7 7-6 by Bulgarian prima Grigor Dimitrov
  • The Russian was fixed a dispute reception by nan crowd and reacted aft losing
  • He appeared to springiness nan Paris spectators nan mediate digit arsenic he near nan court

By Mike Dickson for MailOnline

Published: 10:39 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 10:40 EDT, 1 November 2023

Russia’s world No 3 Daniil Medvedev appeared to springiness a mediate digit to nan stands erstwhile leaving nan tribunal pursuing a stormy conclusion astatine nan Paris Masters.

Once again nan Parisian crowds – besides criticised for their predominant booing during nan French Open earlier this twelvemonth – showed they are nan astir dispute successful tennis arsenic they turned connected Medvedev, who astatine 1 constituent successful nan 2nd group was refusing to play connected against Grigor Dimitrov.

Ultimately he was to prevention 7 lucifer points earlier losing his 2nd information 6-3 6-7 7-6 to nan celebrated Bulgarian.

Medvedev had stopped playing astatine 5-5 successful nan 2nd group while he had a furious statement pinch umpire Renaud Liechtenstein, who gave him an charismatic clip informing to promote him to play on.

The Russian, who erstwhile gave nan mediate digit to nan crowds astatine Flushing Meadows, later criticised nan tourney and made a joking non-denial astir repeating nan aforesaid motion while stepping off.

Daniil Medvedev appeared to springiness a mediate digit to nan stands erstwhile leaving nan tribunal successful Paris

Daniil Medvedev was asked if he was giving nan mediate digit to nan crowd:

“Middle finger? No. I was looking astatine my nail. Why would I do that to this beautiful Parisian crowd?” 😂

— The Tennis Letter (@TheTennisLetter) November 1, 2023

The world No 3 was beaten 6-3 6-7 7-6 by celebrated Bulgarian tennis prima Grigor Dimitrov (above)

‘I conscionable checked my nails, for illustration this, it's thing much than that. Why would I do that to this beautiful crowd successful Paris Bercy?’ he asked.

He expanded connected nan hiatus successful nan lucifer which resulted from him throwing his racket successful frustration: ‘ I get booed. I didn't spot why, truthful I didn't want to play. Then I was, like, okay. ‘until they (stop), I'm not going to play.’

‘But nan Bercy crowd doesn't extremity booing. When I sewage a codification (violation), I was, like, do I really want to get disqualified and decorativeness nan lucifer connected this note? No. So I went connected to play.’

Many players complained astir nan measurement nan crowd reacted to them astatine Roland Garros backmost successful May, and nan aforesaid wont seems to person carried connected crossed nan metropolis successful Bercy.

The unusual facet is that Medvedev is simply a agelong clip French resident and speaks nan connection fluently, which usually goes down well.

The Russian sarcastically referred to nan spectators arsenic 'this beautiful crowd successful Paris' erstwhile asked whether he deliberately gave fans nan mediate digit pursuing his 2nd information defeat

He stopped playing successful nan 2nd group during a furious statement pinch umpire Renaud Liechtenstein

‘It benignant of doesn't really person to do thing pinch France aliases not France,’ he said. ‘ I deliberation it conscionable depends nan tournament, nan measurement I act, nan measurement nan crowd acts. In general, I person a batch of French friends, and they don't look to for illustration very overmuch this tournament. Maybe location is simply a reason.

‘Not everyone likes to play present successful Paris for this reason. I played successful Bercy overmuch amended erstwhile location was nary crowd astatine each successful attendance (during nan pandemic). 

'There are immoderate tournaments to which I for illustration to travel back, and here, well, I person problems pinch nan crowd. It happens. Maybe successful 2 years we won't play here.’

Asked if Bercy was nan worst crowd successful tennis he responded: ‘I don't want to opportunity nan worst. Well, we person 60 players. 30 of them will emotion it; 10 players will deliberation that it's not relevant.’

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